Sherman County eNews #264


  1. Sherman County Photography Club Meeting, Oct. 28

  2. Sign up for Veterans’ Day Parade by Nov. 8

  3. Turkey BINGO/Dinner/Veterans Appreciation, Nov. 11

  4. Letter to the Editor: Oregon Funeral Laws

  5. Sherman County Health District Seeking Candidates for Board Vacancy

  6. Sherman County School Hall of Honor

  7. Energy and Enthusiasm

  8. History Tidbits: Grant Personals in The Observer, 1903

1. Sherman County Photography Club Meeting, Oct. 28

Sherman County Photography Club meets this Monday, October 28 at the OSU Extension Building at 6pm. The club will work as a group on retouching straight out of the camera photos. Everyone is always invited to join the meeting.

2. Sign up for Veterans’ Day Parade by Nov. 8

Entry forms for the Veterans Day Parade are available at The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce, VSO office and the Columbia Gorge Veterans Museum located at 205 E 2nd Street, The Dalles, Oregon. Entry forms need to be returned by November 8, the Friday before the parade. The parade takes place Monday Nov. 11, 2019, beginning at 11a.m. There is no entry fee. Patriotic decorations are welcome. A community Potluck will follow the parade at the Oregon Veterans’ Home. Bring your favorite Potluck food and deserts to share with all. This will be hosted by the VFW Post and Auxiliary 2471. To kick off the parade starting at 11 a.m., the Parade Committee asks that the Churches and Public Buildings with bells, sirens, chimes etc., sound them showing honor and respect to our men and women who have put on the United States Military Uniform in service to this Nation. This Veterans’ Day our intent is to honor all Veterans in The Dalles, OR, and all Veterans from surrounding areas in the Columbia River Gorge. PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDARS AND ELECTRONIC DEVICES.   ~Mid Columbia Veterans’ Memorial Committee

3. Turkey BINGO/Dinner/Veterans Appreciation, Nov. 11

American flag2Join us Monday, November 11 at Wasco School Events Center for BINGO and dinner. A pulled pork dinner with all the trimmings will be served beginning at 5 p.m. Cost is $6 per person ($5 with a donation of a non-perishable item to the Food Bank, canned veggies & soups preferred), $3 for 6 and under, and a family for $20. In honor of Veterans Day, all veterans eat free. Beginning at 6 p.m., we will begin turkey BINGO. Ten games, ten frozen turkeys given as prizes — just in time for Thanksgiving! Kids BINGO will be held in the library and is free. Thank you to our sponsors: Tribeca Transport for providing the frozen turkeys, and Jeff Baunach from Bob’s Texas T-Bone for donations to the dinner. ~Wasco School Events Center.

4. Letter to the Editor: Oregon Funeral Laws

pencil.sharpI live in Wasco County, on Bakeoven Road. Since the death of my son Max in February 2018, I’ve become involved in advocacy work to inform all Oregonians of their right to care for their own dead. Working with several other women we’ve created a website I want to share this important information with my neighbors since I don’t know who will want to exercise their rights.  You can find my story here –

Keelia Carver

Bakeoven Road, Wasco County, Oregon

5. Sherman County Health District Seeking Candidates for Board Vacancy

Sherman County Health District is accepting applications to fill one open position on its board of directors. The appointee will serve the remainder of the current term, which expires June 2023.

The Sherman County Health District Board of Directors is comprised of 5 board members. Each member is elected by the registered voters of the district to serve a 4-year term. Applicants for the vacant position must be registered voters who reside within the district’s boundaries.

Interested candidates can request an information packet, which includes information about the district, position, and application/selection process, from the district office by contacting Caitlin at 541-565-0536 or by email at You may also visit our office located at 110 Main Street, Moro, OR 97039 during regular business hours (Monday -Thursday 8am-5pm, Friday 8-12:30).

This position is open until filled.

About Sherman County Health District: Sherman County Health District operates Sherman County Medical Clinic. The purpose of the Sherman County Health District and the Sherman County Medical Clinic is to provide responsive, preventative, high quality primary health care services to people without regard to social or economic status.

The Sherman County Medical Clinic is a Rural Health Clinic committed to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Sherman County and Eastern Oregon. We seek to serve the needs of the rural community by providing affordable, comprehensive and accessible medical services in a safe, professional, and caring environment. We believe that by putting the needs of the people first, we will gain trust, respect and compassion for each other. We will work to improve the health of our patients by promoting collaboration and education. For more information, please visit our website at

6. Editorial. Sherman County School Hall of Honor

pencil.spiralIt was a splendid evening with Sherman County School District’s 2019 Hall of Honor inductees Deron Kaseberg, Mike S. Macnab, Ron Townsend, the 1989 OSAA State Football Champions and, posthumously, Grace (May) Zevely, and their families and friends! Old friends, new friends, memories, stories and information!

The Sherman Booster Club fundraiser, a tri-tip dinner, was served by FFA members. The Sherman County School Concert Band entertained under the direction of John Gronberg. Superintendent Wes Owens welcomed a large crowd in the event center (gym) and made introductions. Jeremy Lanthorn took photographs.

The designated speakers on behalf of the inductees were Jean (Zevely) Anderson, Kyle Blagg, Kevin Coelsch, Joe Justesen, Brett Kaseberg, Twila Kaseberg, Linda Krafsic, Bill Macnab, Nancy McCoy and Ron Townsend. Gary Shelton read the plaques that were presented by Wes Owens. We all learned a thing or two!

Equally important is the graphic timeline and presentation made by Janet Pinkerton and Nancy Henrichs Simpson, “From One-Room Schools to One-Campus / 150 Years of Education in Sherman County.” They described their valuable research on the 150 years of county education and outlined changes and challenges, decade by decade, recognizing school board members and county school superintendents. Their important research is presented in information graph form on a wonderful large wall installation.

The newly-formed Sherman County Education Foundation introduced information at their display table, the result of their vision, mission and thoughtful planning. It’s off to a running start and worthy of our support.

That said, we are mindful that a special occasion such as this requires a great deal of planning and attention to detail, hard work, inspiration and many volunteers! Yes, it was a delightful evening, and even more — it was a gift to all of us… the inspiration and wisdom that comes from knowing what others achieve, over time, individually and as members of teams and boards of directors.

Thank you, Sherman County School District, Booster Club, FFA, Janet Pinkerton and Nancy Henrichs Simpson and volunteers for this impressive annual event! First class! Well done! Congratulations!

7. Energy and Enthusiasm

A couple of questions for this week: First, what do you absolutely love to do? And secondly, how well do you do it?

Now, whatever your answer to the first question may be, the answer to the second question will be somewhere between, “very well” and “superbly.” Because, if you love doing something, you are probably good at it.

Do you know anyone who has achieved tremendous success by doing something he or she hates? Most likely, no. Mark Twain once said, “The secret of success is making your vocation your vacation,” and that is exactly what successful people seem to do.

Workaholics who dislike their work tend to get ulcers, and spend the weekend resting up so they can go “do battle” again on Monday. But, workaholics who love their work get ahead. It makes their lives richer and more satisfying, and they have tremendous energy for what they do.

Neuroscientists have determined that when you do something with enthusiasm it only takes one-tenth the energy that it takes to do the same thing with reluctance. When we don’t want to do something, we expend a lot of time and energy mentally running down paths that have nothing to do with what needs to be accomplished. (Formally, this is called procrastination, and some of us are experts at it.)

Let’s face it, some jobs are easier to love than others. The key for you is to work toward getting those jobs that you love. And if you can find creative ways to do what you are doing now, it will make the climb toward your goal of “love-the-work” faster and easier. People in charge will notice your skill, and especially your attitude.

So, bring the same energy and enthusiasm to your work as you do to your play, and watch what happens! ~The Pacific Institute

8. History Tidbits: Rufus & Grant Personals in The Observer, 1903

newspaper-arrowNotes, not quotes unless so indicated, from The Observer town columns for Rufus and our long-gone town of Grant on the Columbia River…

Rufus 8 May 1903:

  • C. Wallis to build new porch on hotel
  • John Coates hauling lumber for addition to his house

Rufus 29 May 1903:

  • R. Fowler struck water on wheat farm, putting up windmill
  • Baseball – Rufus 7- Wasco 5
  • Joe Morris planted 4,000 strawberry plants

Rufus 5 June 1903:

  • Tom Striker purchased Wm. Oehman’s interest in the threshing machine
  • Ben Hailey’s 1500# 4 year old colt killed by train
  • & Mrs. Joe Morris, T. Smith, Wm. Oehman, R.C. Wallis & wife and Ben Hailey fishing on the Deschutes
  • Frank Medler hauling wood from Goldendale
  • Grandma White very ill.

Rufus 12 June 1903:

  • Columbia River still rising
  • Calves have black leg

Rufus 26 June 1903:

  • Wheat looks good since rains
  • Rufus school election… directors John Sinknecht & J.P. Linderman, clerk Chas. Hoggard.
  • 4th of July ice cream picnic at Murray Springs
  • Immense lot of drift ice in the river
  • Grant surrounded by water
  • Shay, section boss at Grant, using sand bags to keep river from washing out the grade, 6 men filling sacks
  • “Trainload of Japs” sidetracked at Rufus working on keeping waves from washing out the grade.

Grant 27 November 1903:

  • Miss Ethel Blackburne returned from California visit.
  • “The Grant Japs have returned from Bingham Springs.”
  • Grant Ferry Co. has a new steamer enroute from Portland to replace the NELLIE which burned last Tuesday.
  • Steamer COLUMBIA making regular trips from upriver to Grants loaded with wheat to be shipped below.
  • Dingle is repairing and papering his home on the Graham place intending to move his family there.