Sherman County eNews #242


  1. Sherman County Court, Oct. 2

  2. Letter to the Editor: Thank You for Sewing Quilts for Cops

  3. Letter to the Editor: Parents in Defense of the Truth

  4. Editorial Note: Siletz Valley Fire District Facebook: New Fire Chief

  5. It’s Fun and Safe! It’s Trunk or Treat, Oct. 25

  6. The If Only Syndrome

  7. Sherman County History Tidbits: Weather 1889

  8. Good Character

  9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Notice. Sherman County Court, Oct. 2

The Sherman County Court session scheduled for Wednesday, October 2nd, at 9:00 a.m.  will be held in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039. The agenda, including updates, will be posted on the Sherman County website at

2. Letter to the Editor: Thank You for Sewing Quilts for Cops

pencil.sharpThank you to the group of ladies who came to Wasco Events Center last Saturday, September 21, for the Quilts for Cops workshop… and Hope, Gayle, Jean and Bobby who came from Montana.  We had about 30 sewers making quilt tops which will be taken back to Sherwood to be assembled into quilts which are given to policemen, firemen and EMS personnel injured in the line of duty. In the 3 weeks I was advertising this event 25 policemen were shot and 7 firemen injured so there is a huge need. Thank you to the businesses and individuals who donated cash. It costs $20 to mail each quilt to the recipients.    Donations are gladly accepted. Write checks and mail to Quilts for Cops, 20656 SW Odessa Ave Sherwood, OR 97140. Tax deductible receipts will be returned to you. Thanks to everyone involved in this worthy cause.

Carol MacKenzie.

Wasco, Oregon

3. Letter to the Editor: Parents in Defense of the Truth

pencil.sharpI want to apologize in advance for the tone of this letter, It is not in my nature to publish something like this, however under the circumstances I feel fully justified in doing so.

It appears a certain individual, desperately grasping for successful achievements in his life has deemed it necessary to claim to have raised our daughter as his own.

Let me be VERY CLEAR… my wife and I raised our daughter ourselves. We did so without help from the government or anyone outside our family, and are proud of our success; she is a very bright, intelligent, warm, loving person. I sincerely doubt anyone in this community will dispute this fact.

If said individual feels he was the one to raise her, he might also point out he successfully convinced her to work under him with promises of grandeur rather than complete a fully funded college education. He also did a great job of training her in his personal ethics – questionable at best, and lets not leave out the fact he took advantage of her kind nature manipulating her to the point she defends his behavior no matter the consequences. The list goes on; for brevity sake I will stop here. Most people have heard of all the improper behavior already.

These points cannot be disputed as they are based on statements made by individuals directly involved.

We raised our daughter the best we could; now as an adult she is responsible for her decisions, whether or not influenced by others.

I sincerely hope said individual finds satisfaction in his new endeavors as he has burnt all his bridges here and irreparably tarnished the reputation of our daughter. I suggest in the future he not rely on false statements about others to bolster his own self-esteem; they will ultimately come back to haunt him.

As for my intentions, I have nothing to prove or hide. My past 45 years are public record and speak for themselves; I am simply writing this to set the facts straight.

I invite you to read his version of events at the Facebook post below. -the -siletz-valley-fire-district-will-have-a-new-/3031265003610483/

Meinrad Kuettel 9/22/19

Grass Valley, Oregon

4. Editorial Note: Siletz Valley Fire District Facebook: New Fire Chief

From the Siletz Valley Fire District Facebook:

“September 19 at 7:00 AM ·

“We are excited to announce that the Siletz Valley Fire District will have a new Fire Chief on November 1st. Welcome Chief Glenn Fluhr!

“Chief Fluhr comes to us from Grass Valley, Oregon and South Sherman Fire & Rescue. He has 35 years of public service, including 20 years as a firefighter and eight years as Fire Chief. Chief Fluhr said “I’m excited to start a new adventure, working with the District’s personnel and serving the Siletz community.”

“Chief Fluhr will bring his children and parents with him to Siletz. His oldest son Zack, 20, is a firefighter and EMT. Amber, who he has raised as a daughter and 23, is a firefighter, EMT and is working towards her Advanced EMT certification. He has two school-aged sons as well, Aaron, 12, and Scott,10. Zack and Amber will join our Siletz Valley Fire District team as volunteers.

“His three children are enrolled with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and they are looking forward to living in a Native community with a strong cultural presence.

“The Siletz Valley Fire District is excited to welcome our new Chief and his family to our community in November. In the meantime, he will be visiting periodically to get to know our volunteers and operations, explore the Siletz Valley Fire District, and search for a permanent residence. If you see him around town, be sure to say hello!

“Edited to correct: Amber is not an enrolled member of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.”

5. It’s Fun and Safe! It’s Trunk or Treat, Oct. 25

HalloweenCat2Join us for Trunk or Treat!

Trick or Treating for the whole family

in a fun & safe environment!

Where: Sherman County Senior Center Parking Lot

When: Friday, October 25, 6pm-7pm, set-up begins at 5:30

*Please register your car, truck, or tractor by October 18th. Sign-up forms will be available at your local post office; return to Jen Berry in the Elementary School Office.

Questions? Contact Kelsi Phillips.*

Sponsored by Sherman County School Parent Teacher Organization.

6. The If Only Syndrome

There is an interesting phenomenon known as the “if only” syndrome. Some people think of “if only” as “Worry, Part 2.” Unfortunately, there is no pill we can take, and no inoculation to prevent it. However, once we understand what it is, we can take steps to avoid contracting it in the first place.

You might know someone with the “if only” syndrome. Maybe you have a touch of it yourself. People with this syndrome tend to blame others for their disappointments and failures. They blame their families (“Nobody could succeed with the parents I have”); their friends (“If only my so-called friends would come through for me, once in a while”); their circumstances (“It’s obvious that the deck is stacked against me”). Their complaints frequently start with the words “if only.” “If only I had more money.” “If only I had paid more attention in school.” “If only I was better looking, a different gender, a different age,” blah, blah, blah and so on.

These folks stumble through life feeling anxious or depressed, dreaming of unlikely events that will transform them – magically – through little or no effort of their own. And because at their very core they envy the success of others, it’s hard for them to feel any genuine pleasure in anyone else’s successes.

To avoid coming down with the “if only” syndrome, we want to take responsibility for our own life, once and for all. Give up the blame game and learn to hope. Give up faultfinding and learn to set achievable goals. Give up thinking about what you would do “if only” you could win the lottery and figure out what you can do with the 50 dollars you have, the skills and talents you possess, and the relationships that enrich your life, instead.

When we take responsibility for our lives, it becomes much easier to learn from the mistakes we inevitably make, and we get the added benefit of taking control of our successes. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Good Character

Character is accurately reflected in one’s mental attitude. Without a strong foundation built on positive character traits, success will not long endure. It is virtually impossible to fake good character. Phonies are quickly spotted because they haven’t the substance and determination to maintain the charade. Developing good character begins with a positive attitude. Your desire to be a good, decent, honest, considerate person must first take place in your mind. When you make the decision to become a person of character, you will also find that you are much more willing to do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do. ~The Napoleon Hill Foundation

8. Sherman County History Tidbits: Weather 1889

The Wasco Observer, 1889: WEATHER REPORT

A daily report of the weather for the week ending Thursday, Sept. 12, with the temperature at 12 M each day.

Friday 13, clear and calm temp. 72.

Saturday 14, same as Friday.

Sunday 15, clear with light west wind, temp. 80

Monday 16, clear with southeast wind, temp 86

Tuesday 17, same as Sunday.

Wednesday 18, calm and smoky temp. 88.

Thursday 19, same as 18th.

9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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