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Love, The More Excellent Way

church.family1In 1 Corinthians chapter 12 the apostle Paul wrote about how the Holy Spirit supernaturally gifts believers above and beyond whatever skills and talents they might have to accomplish the common good in the church. These gifts are coordinated with ministries overseen by Jesus Christ as Lord in order to accomplish the intended outcomes of the Father. We also see in this chapter the church as a body of diverse members of which none are the same who are to function according to their own abilities for the welfare of the body.

The chapter ends with “…And I show you a still more excellent way.” Then comes chapter 13 which is all about love. It contains a great statement on the value of love, descriptions of love and not love and how love functions. Included are two great statements on what love is–patient and kind. Patience is the putting up with things that might otherwise push our buttons having the meaning of being long-tempered. Kindness has the meaning of showing active goodwill even when the other person is by our standard not deserving. These are love in action, and the framework for this is remembering just how much God has loved us when we were strangers and aliens, living in active disobedience and yet He sent His Son to pay the price required to satisfied the wrath of God and secure our forgiveness.

The greatest gift we can know from God is His great love for us and the best way that we can walk with one another is by demonstrating that love. Everything else will pass away when the Christian steps into eternity, but love endures forever. We read at the end of chapter 13, “But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

Joe Burgess

Pastor, Kent Baptist Church

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Kudos to Chris and Carrie Kaseberg and their entire crew … Gail Macnab, Jonathan and Kalie Rolfe and the Sherman County Historical Society sponsors for the fundraising gala on the 14th. They thought of everything to provide a memorable afternoon and evening. It is wonderful to see the younger generation volunteering and interested in keeping our museum funded. Thank you, everyone! ~Dorothy Benson, Moro

THANK YOU! The Sherman County Historical Society would like to send out a BIG thank you to all the individuals and businesses that supported “A Night at the Museum” on Saturday, Sept. 14. We could not have asked for a better evening, as the weather was perfect, the food was excellent, the beer and wine were tasty and the venues were great! Thank you also to everyone who donated to the silent and oral auctions and to those who bid on the amazing items. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the continual upkeep of the museum. Again, thank you from the fundraiser committee and the Sherman County Historical Society.

Appreciation can make a day – even change a life. Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. ~Margaret Cousins




VOLUNTEER FOR QUILTS FOR COPS WORKSHOP. 8 more “Quilts for Cops” needed. 6 officers in Philadelphia and 2 in Oregon. Consider joining us for the Quilts for Cops” workshop here in Wasco on September 21. 9-4:30. $35.00 includes kit/pattern and food. Please pre-register so they know how many kits to bring or send a donation to me, just write check to Quilts for Cops. It costs about $20-25 to send each quilt to the recipient. Carol MacKenzie. PO Box 85 Wasco, Or 97065. 9/20 


CHILD CARE PROVIDERS. ABC Huskies Child Care currently has available two (2) full-time and two (2) part-time Assistant Provider positions. Applicants must be able to work flexible hours and experience is preferred but will train. For an application and further details, you may contact Mika at 541-442-5024 or email Employment application is available on our website at  If you love children, this is a great opportunity to work with professional child care providers in a home-like environment!  9/20 






BOOK. Now available at The Sherman County Museum Store, Jane Kirkpatrick’s brand new book, “One More River to Cross.” $15.99 | Sherman County Historical Museum | Open 10-5 May through October | 541 565 3232. 10/18

LAWN MOWER. Husqvarna 23hp riding lawn mower with 48″ mower deck, only 47 hours and new battery. $1,000 or OBO. Contact: (541) 980-3406. 9/27





OREGON TRAVEL GUIDES. Sherman County Visitor Center at Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro. State and local visitor information. 



YOUR STORIES. Sherman County: For The Record Calls for Stories: AFS Exchange Students! Editor Gladys Wesley is working on the next issue of Sherman County: For The Record and needs your stories. She would like to receive stories from AFS exchange students about where they were from, their time in Sherman County, life after Sherman County and what they are doing now. She has one from Penny which was on FB and is a good example of what she is looking for. Please send the stories to Gladys at the email address with subject line FTR Story. ~Sherman County Historical Society

 SHERMAN COUNTY ARTISTS & CRAFTERS! It is not too late sign on as an artist/vendor for the “Wasco School Events Center Presents: An Afternoon of Sherman County Talent.” This fundraiser will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 20th, and will feature local talents sharing their works. We would love to hear from a few more of the talented folks of Sherman County who would like to be a part of this event to show off their works, make contacts with potential customers and even make some sales that day! Contact Melissa Kirkpatrick at WSEC, (541-442-5778) for more information.

3. CALENDAR (new or corrected)



20 Football – Condon/Sherman vs. Wheeler/Mitchell Spray @ Spray. 1pm

21 Museum Day: find an Oregon museum to visit for free

21 Sherman High School Class of ‘64 Reunion 6 Sherman School

21 Quilts for Cops Workshop 9-4:30 Wasco School Events Center

23 Hans the Produce Guy 4:30-6 Rufus Market

23 Sherman County Photography Club 6 OSU Extension Bldg Moro

24 Hans the Produce Guy 8-9:30 Wasco Market

24 Hans the Produce Guy 9:45-11:05 Sage Mountain Primitives, Moro

24 Hans the Produce Guy 11:30-12:20 Grass Valley Market

24 Hans the Produce Guy 1-2 Shaniko Wagon Barn

24 Sherman County School Dental Screening

24 Mid-Columbia Community Action Council Meeting 5:30 The Dalles

25 North Central Livestock Association 6 Clock Tower Ales, The Dalles

25-26 Eastern Oregon Nonprofit Conference, Ontario

26 Association of Oregon Counties District 3 Meeting 10-2 Boardman

27 Mid-Columbia Economic Development District Board Meeting 2

27-29 Tygh Valley Bluegrass Jamboree 


1 Moro City Council 7

2 Sherman County Court 9

2 All County Prayer Meeting Wasco Church of Christ social 6:30, prayer 7:00-8:30

3 Sherman County Fair Board Meeting 7

5 Farmers Market 10-4 Moro

5 Car is King at Maryhill Museum 10-4

7 Lower John Day Area Commission on Transportation Meeting 10-12

7 Grass Valley City Council 7 City Hall

8 Tri-County Mental Health Board Meeting 11-2

9 Sherman County Senior & Community Center Advisory Board 12:30

9 Rufus City Council 7

9 Sherman County Scholarship Association 5:30 Library

11 Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) Board Meeting 10-1


14 Sherman County School Board Meeting 7

15 Frontier Regional 911 Board Meeting 1:30 Condon

15 Tri-County Community Corrections Board Meeting 3:30 Gilliam County

15 Wasco City Council 7

16 Sherman County Court 9

19 Sherman County School District Hall of Honor Celebration

20 Afternoon of Sherman County Talent (art show, silent auction) 2-5 Wasco School Events Center

23 Tri-County Court Meeting 10-2 Fossil




4 Grass Valley City Council 7


5 Moro City Council 7

6 All County Prayer Meeting Kent Baptist Church social 6:30, prayer 7:00-8:30

7 Sherman County Fair Board 7

8 Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) Board Meeting 10-1


12 Tri-County Mental Health Board of Directors Meeting 11-2 The Dalles

12 North Central Public Health District Board of Directors Meeting 3 The Dalles

13 Rufus City Council

19-21 Association of Oregon Counties Annual Conference

20 Sherman County Court 9



Sherman County eNews #239


  1. Sherman County Photography Club Program, Sept. 23

  2. South Sherman Fire & Rescue Seeks Board Director

  3. Letter to the Editor: Sherman County Historical Society

  4. Think of the Possibilities

  5. Thank you

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

Live each day as if it were your last, and you’ll develop a keen respect for opportunity. If you had only one more day on this earth, how much sharper your senses would be. The beauty of nature, the simple pleasures of life, would be indescribably wonderful, and every moment would present an opportunity to spend quality time with your family and strengthen relationships with friends, acquaintances, and business associates. Every thought would be laser-sharp in that highly focused state. Well, today is the last day on earth for today’s opportunities. Don’t let them pass you by. ~The Napoleon Hill Foundation

1. Sherman County Photography Club Program, Sept. 23

Here’s what’s happening at the Sherman County Photography Club meeting this Monday, September 23.

Hear Serge Ramelli views on retouching photos in his video “Is Retouching Cheating??” and watch “Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Lightroom.” Then join in on a group RAW photo processing and retouching project.

Join us at 6 pm at the Extension Office in Moro, refreshments served. Everyone welcome.

2. Notice. South Sherman Fire & Rescue Seeks Board Director

South Sherman Fire & Rescue is seeking a qualified individual to serve as a board director. South Sherman Fire & Rescue consists of 387sq miles of Southern Sherman County and is based out of Grass Valley. Candidate must be a full time resident of the District and be a registered voter within the District. Candidates must submit a letter of interest stating why they wish to become a board member, and what makes them the ideal board member for the district. Letters must be turned in by October 8, 2019 at 5pm. Letters can be hand delivered to the administrative office 412 N Mill St or mailed to PO Box 116 Grass Valley Oregon 97029 or emailed to  Letters will be opened by the board during executive session on Oct.9, 2019 at which time the board may choice a candidate or may not.

3. Letter to the Editor: Sherman County Historical Society

pencil.sharpThe Sherman County Historical Society would like to send out a BIG thank you to all the individuals and businesses that supported “A Night at the Museum” on Saturday, Sept. 14. We could not have asked for a better evening, as the weather was perfect, the food was excellent, the beer and wine were tasty and the venues were great! Thank you also to everyone who donated to the silent and oral auctions and to those who bid on the amazing items. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards the continual upkeep of the museum.

Again, thank you!

~The Sherman County Historical Society and Fundraising Event Committee.

4. Think of the Possibilities

What is the difference between mediocrity and greatness? Possibly not as much as we think.

You know, it really takes very little to make a big difference in our lives and in the world. In professional baseball for example, most batters hit for an average of about .250, which means that they get one hit for every four times at bat. Anyone who hits .300, three hits out of ten, is considered a star. By the end of the season, there are only about a dozen players out of hundreds in the leagues who have maintained a .300 average, and these are the ones who get the big contracts, the acclaim, and the TV commercials.

In other words, the difference between the great players and the ordinary players is only one hit out of twenty! This slim margin of greatness in baseball symbolizes the dynamics of greatness in life, because when we use just a tiny bit more of our potential, we grow, we add to the sum and total of humanity, and we become outstanding human beings.

Now, the purpose of being outstanding is not to win acclaim or glory, but to be more of what we can be, to not ignore those talents and skills lying asleep inside of each of us. If you accept the idea that most of your present limitations are not based on any unchangeable reality, but are rather the result of the beliefs you hold about your reality, then the next step is to deliberately and systematically change those beliefs.

Change the way we think, and we change the way we run our lives, our work, our interactions with others, and we change the way we interact with the world. If you doubt this, how many lives do you touch in a single day – whether you are in the room or not? What difference could you make in their lives, by making one little change in your own? Just think of the possibilities.

This is a flexible mindset. Thinking in possibilities is a skill we can learn quite easily. In fact, we have probably done it before. When was that, and what effect did it have? ~The Pacific Institute

5. Thank you

Thank you for

  • Being in our world
  • Making a difference
  • Your wisdom
  • Being so thoughtful
  • Being there
  • Seeing the silver lining
  • Caring
  • Sharing your thoughts
  • Listening
  • Your inspiration
  • Your faith
  • Your talent
  • Your wonderful work
  • Your leadership
  • Your character
  • Your spirit
  • Your principles
  • Your warmth
  • Showing the way
  • Your kindness
  • Your encouragement
  • Your honesty
  • Your helping hand
  • Your reaching out
  • Your touch
  • Your support
  • Hanging in there
  • Staying in touch
  • Giving
  • Your example
  • Spreading joy
  • Your big heart
  • All you’ve done
  • Being you
  • The memories.

~Gratitude, a book by Dan Zadra

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

bird.owl.limbLake Billy Chinook: where to camp, hike, fish and swim at famed Central Oregon reservoir

Heritage Foundation: It’s been 25 years since Congress last followed each step of the budget process. In that time, the federal debt held by the public has increased nearly fivefold. Clearly, lawmakers need to revive the budget process and reduce spending.

Biennial Budget Won’t Avert Looming Debt Crisis

US approves releasing non-native insect to control thistle

Cattle Are Being Mutilated And Killed In Eastern Oregon

Oregon Governor Will Not Call Special Session To Adjust Death Penalty Law