Sherman County eNews #219


  1. Buy Squares for Chicken Poop Bingo in the Sherman County Fair Poultry Barn

  2. Oregon’s 2nd District Rep. Greg Walden Announces August Town Halls

  3. Sherman County Court August 7 Approved Minutes Now Online

  4. Restore Oregon’s 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop, Sept. 14 in Bend

  5. The Meaning and Quality of Life

  6. Oregon State Capital Insider Index: This week by the numbers

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“Men of energy of character must have enemies; because there are two sides to every question, and taking one with decision, and acting on it with effect, those who take the other will of course be hostile in proportion as they feel that effect.”           —Thomas Jefferson (1817)

1. Buy Squares for Chicken Poop Bingo in the Sherman County Fair Poultry Barn

chicken.henchicken.familyMake sure to swing by the Poultry Barn and buy some squares for Chicken Poop Bingo. Winner gets 1/2 the pot. The rest goes to the Chicken Tenders 4H club.


2. Oregon’s 2nd District Rep. Greg Walden Announces August Town Halls

American flag2Continuing a series of town hall meetings across Oregon’s Second District, Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) announced today he will hold town halls in Sherman, Gilliam, Morrow, Harney, and Wasco counties beginning next week. Details on the meetings are included below.

“I’m looking forward to hearing from people throughout the Second District at these five town halls. These meetings provide just another opportunity to hear from Oregonians and provide an update on the issues I’m working on back in Congress. In addition to the over 74,000 letters, emails, and phone calls I have responded to over the past year, these town halls help me stay updated on the issues people are facing in our communities. This is a top priority for me,” said Walden.

These five meetings will bring Walden’s town hall total to 40 in 2019. He has held more town halls this year than most lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives according to Town Hall Project.

Walden’s upcoming town halls will bring his overall total to 188 since 2012. For a complete list of Walden’s previously held and upcoming town hall meetings for 2019, please click here.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

WHAT: Sherman County Town Hall
WHEN: 9:00 a.m. PT
WHERE: Bob’s Texas T-Bone, 101 1st Street, Rufus, OR 97050

WHAT: Gilliam County Town Hall
WHEN: 11:15 a.m. PT
WHERE: Arlington Fire Hall, 1500 Railroad Avenue, Arlington, OR 97812
WHAT: Morrow County Town Hall
WHEN: 2:15 p.m. PT
WHERE: Heppner City Hall, 111 N. Main Street, Heppner, OR 97836

Thursday, August 29, 2019

WHAT: Harney County Town Hall
WHEN: 11:00 a.m. PT
WHERE: Harney County Chamber of Commerce, Conference Room, 484 N. Broadway Avenue, Burns, OR 97720

Friday, August 30, 2019

WHAT: Wasco County Town Hall
WHEN: 9:30 a.m. PT
WHERE: Tygh School Community Center, 57594 Havens Avenue, Tygh Valley, 97063

3. Sherman County Court August 7 Approved Minutes Now Online

Approved minutes of the August 7, 2019 Sherman County Court’s Regular Session, are now available in the Archive of County Court Meeting Minutes

4. Restore Oregon’s 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop, Sept. 14 in Bend

barnOn Saturday, September 14, Restore Oregon will host their annual 2019 Heritage Barn Workshop where barn owners will learn practical solutions from experts on how to maintain, rehabilitate, and adapt old barns for today’s needs. Attendees will learn about the history and construction of barns as well as maintenance, stabilization, funding opportunities, and preservation. The workshop will also highlight the crucial steps toward transitioning the family farm to future generations. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience live hand-hewing demonstrations by David Rogers, founder and operator of Logs & Timbers, LLC, who has over 40 years experience in log building restoration.

Heritage barns are an iconic symbol of Oregon’s agricultural and rural heritage. With the rapid changes in farming and ranching, diminishing resources, and loss of skilled craftspeople with knowledge of barn preservation and restoration, there is a special urgency for preservationists to partner with the agricultural community. Restore Oregon, through its Heritage Barns Task Force formed in 2011, has made it a priority to bring together the state’s most well-versed experts to share their experiences and skills. We are honored to offer this opportunity to support Oregon ranchers, farmers, barn owners, barn enthusiasts, and their allies in sharing their passion for our agricultural heritage and their ability to retain and enhance its usefulness into the future.

The annual Heritage Barn Workshop will be held in Bend at the Bend Park and Recreation District’s historic Hollinshead Barn. Restore Oregon has partnered with the Deschutes County Historic Landmarks Commission to provide this exceptional educational opportunity. Space is limited, purchase your tickets today at<>.

Event Details:

When: Saturday, September 14 from 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Cost: $40 per ticket, includes snacks, lunch with choice of sandwich and side, and beverages

Location: Hollinshead Barn in Bend, Oregon, 1235 NE Jones Rd, Bend, OR 97701

For more information, please call 503-243-1923.

5. The Meaning and Quality of Life

Do you believe that having a purpose in life is important? Having a purpose contributes a great deal to our sense of well-being. Not surprisingly, having a purpose can actually prolong your life.

Several years ago, a study done by Judith Roden of Harvard followed two groups of patients in a convalescent home. Members of one group were asked to care for a potted plant during that time. Members of the other group had no such purpose. Those who were plant caretakers lived, on average, twice as long as the others did. You see, a sense of purpose fosters hope, self-motivation and positive feelings about oneself and others. Purpose gives us a sense of being needed.

Viktor Frankl, in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” found this same result during his time in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Purpose, meaning, or goals if you will, provided the will to live. It could be said that the need to be needed is vital to our quality of life.

How many examples can we see, when purpose is absent or taken away, that life ceases. Veteran broadcaster Andy Rooney passed away one month after leaving CBS’ “60 Minutes” program. Bear Bryant, iconic coach of Alabama’s football team for 24 years, passed a mere 28 days after retiring. Retiring from something and not to something may have been the catalyst.

Now it is important to remember that, if it’s going to be truly meaningful, your life’s purpose must be something that is chosen freely by you, not something that is chosen for you. And it may have nothing whatever to do with what you do for a living, although, if it does that would be ideal. The whole point is getting outside of ourselves, and doing something beyond our own personal gain.

Have you thought about what your purpose is? Have you tried to put it into words? If not, take the time to do so, and then use that purpose as a compass to guide your activities. You will be surprised at how much energy you’ll have and clarity you’ll feel.

One more thing: chronological age has nothing to do with finding purpose in your life. If you are wondering when you can start – well, today will do just fine! ~The Pacific Institute

6. Oregon State Capital Insider Index: This week by the numbers

Oregon.Flat.pole22 August 2019 | Written by Oregon Capital Insider

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week’s big, and small, Oregon news stories.

  • $3,371: Amount an aide to Portland Mayor Ted Wheelerspent on three nights of lodging while attending South by Southwest, according to The Oregonian.
  • 60:Percent of state income taxes that are collected from people in the Portland metro area, according to Willamette Week.
  • 5,000:Classified employees at Oregon’s seven public universities. Those workers, represented by SEIU Local 503, could go on strike next month if they don’t reach an agreement they find satisfactory with university management.
  • $36,000:Median salary for those workers.
  • $717,500:Base salary for Rob Mullens, the athletic director at the University of Oregon, according to Willamette Week, reporting on a recent Washington Post column criticizing college coaches’ stay at a Ritz resort in Southern California for a committee conference.
  • 31:People on death row in Oregon, according to The Oregonian.
  • $9 million:Amount Oregon will spend toward refurbishing the Interstate 5 bridge across the Columbia River, according to The Oregonian.
  • 8:Oregon state troopers per 100,000 residents, one of the lowest ratios in the country, according to KMTR.
  • $80 million:Amount the legislature approved for 100 new troopers by 2021, KMTR reports.
  • $120,000:Amount Gov. Kate Brown — who cannot run for reelection in 2022 — has fundraised from business donors, according to OPB.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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