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  1. Car Seat Technician serves Sherman County for installs, education, & car seats

  2. Dear 4-Her. I saw you today…

  3. Pacific Northwest Plein Air Artists’ Reception at Maryhill Museum, Aug. 3

  4. Enjoy the Magic of Maryhill Museum with Sister Krista, Sept. 7

  5. Visualizing Options

  6. Greg Walden Statement on Trump Administration’s Commitment to Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Car Seat Technician serves Sherman County for installs, education, & car seats

Sherman County Victim Assistance Program, located in the District Attorney’s Office, has a trained Car Seat Technician. The services that this Technician can provide include but is not limited to car seat installations, child safety educational materials, car seats at a first come first serve basis for families in need, and answer car seat questions. Please contact the office during business hours at (541) 565-5030.

2. Dear 4-Her. I saw you today…

4-H clover1By Carol LaFaver Waters  July 25, 2017

Dear 4-Her,

I saw you today.

You didn’t see me. But I saw you. I was one of the many faces around the show ring you were in. It was hot, everyone was tired, and it had been a long day. But I saw you.

You went into the ring with a heifer or a steer (sorry, I wasn’t paying that close of attention) and you did something hard for the first time. You were competing against some other kids that had grown up showing cattle, and were probably in one of the toughest classes there. You showed up. Your animal showed up with you. You both did well. But you didn’t win.

I could tell that you had put in the time with your animal. You hadn’t just bought a show steer. You had spent the time–feeding, walking, washing, brushing–and it showed. I know the hours that takes. The dedication. And the love for the animal.

I saw you when the judge pulled you and another, had a chat with you, and sent you out of the ring while others stayed. I know that feeling. It’s hard. You feel like you’ve let people down, probably your parents. I saw you try to hold the tears, and fail. It’s okay. People who care so much sometimes cry when it doesn’t happen the way you want it to. What I remember is that you had listened to the judge, had learned that you were holding the halter incorrectly, and would do it differently the next time. Even through the tears, you learned and wanted to do better next time.

I also saw you hold your head high as you walked back to the barn. I saw you congratulate the winner. That’s so important. Probably more important than winning. I was proud of you being a 4-H member in one of my counties. I was proud that you set a good example for young members. I was standing by your Mom, she was proud that you had done so well today, even though it was your first time ever showing.

So if you were sitting in front of me, right now, I would tell you that today, you were a champion in my eyes. You have an amazing future in front of you. Your family is proud. Your organization is proud of you.

Someone who saw you today

3. Pacific Northwest Plein Air Artists’ Reception at Maryhill Museum, Aug. 3 

OPENING RECEPTION: 2019 Pacific Northwest Plein Air in the Columbia River Gorge
Saturday, August 3 | 5 to 7 p.m.

Forty-four artists from the Northwest and across the country spent four days in a plein air paint-out in the Columbia River Gorge, capturing the incredible light and landscape, from snowcapped Mount Hood and surrounding orchards, to wineries, high plateaus and waterfalls. Join us for the opening reception as we unveil the paintings created in plein air, meet the artists, and enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Paintings are on view and available for purchase in the museum’s M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Education Center August 4 to 24, with a percentage of the sales benefitting Maryhill Museum of Art. As work is sold and removed, other work created during the paint-out will replace it. 

4. Enjoy the Magic of Maryhill Museum with Sister Krista, Sept. 7

Come One, Come All!

Enjoy and Participate in

the Magic of Maryhill Museum!

On September 7th 2019, a Wine Tasting, Fine Beer and Dinner Auction complete with a Full Bar-B-Que Supper prepared by Sherman County’s own Paradise Rose Chuckwagon and Exemplary Desserts at Maryhill Museum. \

You are invited to attend, participate in the fun!  There is a Silent Auction, a Ring Toss for fine bottles of wine and other games taking place.

Sister Krista von Borstel will be on hand to greet you and catch up on memories.

A highlight of the evening will be a Historic Figure and Speaker for your enjoyment.

Maryhill Museum invites all of Sherman County to come and be part of the evening.  It is the Museum’s chance to raise funds to support their children’s and educational programs that Maryhill hosts each year.

The Museum needs and deserves our support.

Please make every effort to attend.

Reserve Your Place Today.  Call 509-773-3733 X 20

Reservation Code CAS.

5. Visualizing Options

What if there were two little words that could help you unlock your imagination, allowing you to create the kind of future you would most like to have? What if these two words could boost your creativity, improve your decision-making power, and move you steadily toward a future that will give you what you want in life? What if you could put these two little words to work for you today?

And here is a little hint: You’ve already seen these two words not once, not twice, but three times in the past few seconds. Those two words are “what if,” and they are every bit as powerful as has been suggested.

If you have children, get into the habit of playing the “What If” game with them while they are still very young. Ask them questions like, “What if you decided to show your teacher how smart and hard-working you really are?” or “What if you wanted to make tomorrow a super-special day?” You will be helping them learn to evaluate possibilities, and make wise choices by entering into conversation with themselves while exploring many alternatives.

While you are at it, why not play the game yourself? What if you decided to go back to school? What if you asked for a raise, or quit your job? What if you wanted to have the best marriage you could possibly have? And what if you decided to treat yourself like the loving, and lovable, person you are in every circumstance?

What if you, as a leader, decided to be open and engaging with your teams, and played the game to help solve an organizational challenge? What would happen to each individual’s self-worth if the boss sincerely wanted to know their take on the challenge? Nurturing “what if” in your team benefits the entire organization.

You get the idea. The “What If” game is an easy way to help you visualize your options, and focus on those that you really want to pursue; but you need to keep those options positive. You can “what if” yourself to the point that you scare yourself away from the possibilities of a new, positive future.

So, what are you waiting for? Start playing the “What If” game today! ~The Pacific Institute

6. Greg Walden Statement on Trump Administration’s Commitment to Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

American flag2WASHINGTON, D.C.  — Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) released the following statement after the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced their new action plan for the safe importation of certain prescription drugs:

“When it comes to lowering drug prices, I’ve never seen a president more engaged than President Trump. I appreciate the Administration’s continued focus on lowering drug prices — from the White House, to Secretary Alex Azar, to Acting FDA Commissioner, Dr. Ned Sharpless. The U.S. drug supply chain is the gold standard and the FDA is charged with ensuring drug safety to protect the public health. I look forward to continuing to work with HHS and FDA as we explore these paths to lower drug prices for American consumers, while ensuring Americans can remain confident that the drugs they take are safe and effective,” said Walden.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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