Sherman County eNews #192


  1. Sherman County Fair Sponsorship Opportunity

  2. ODOT Region 4 Weekly Construction Update, Week of July 22

  3. Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on Hwy. 97 in Sherman County

  4. Wasco County Historical Society Presentations, Aug. 3 & 24

  5. Worth the Same Consideration

  6. Sherman County Court News, June 5

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County Fair Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsorship opportunity: We are looking for some sponsors to help the Sherman County Fair Board provide bounce houses for the youth at Sherman County Fair.  The cost of the houses is $125/ hour.  We were hoping to be able to provide free entertainment for youngsters and bring families to the Sherman County Fair to support our 4-H and FFA.

Please contact Kristie Coelsch @ 541-980-9883 or email at to let us know how much you are willing to sponsor.  We will be announcing sponsors throughout fair week!

We thank the sponsors who have already donated and thank you for your consideration to support the Sherman County Fair. ~Kristie Coelsch

2. ODOT Region 4 Weekly Construction Update, Week of July 22

Oregon.Flat.poleThe Oregon Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, efficient transportation system. ODOT invests in Oregon’s future through roadway improvement projects. The following projects are located in ODOT’s Region 4 encompassing Central Oregon from The Dalles to Klamath Falls on the east side of the Cascades. All work is dependent on weather conditions and schedules are subject to change. Where traffic is routed through or around a work zone, pedestrians, including those with disabilities, will also be provided alternate routes through the work zone.

Sherman County

US 97: Spanish Hollow Creek & Trout Creek Bridges

  • US 97 at MP 0.4 – MP 3.1 & MP 3.2 – MP 7.0 – Stellar J Corporation is completing the second stage of bridge construction. Expect intermittent single lane closures both day and night for the next week to complete bridge deck work. Expect minimal delays at night.
  • US 97 at MP 74.9 – MP 75.18 – Stellar J Corporation has completed this work.

US 97: Shaniko to Trout Creek (Sherman Highway; MP 56.72 – MP 74.9) – The contractor will be performing pavement marking and shoulder work nightly Sunday through Friday morning between the hours of 7pm and 7am. One lane of traffic will be closed using flaggers. Traffic should expect delays of up to 20 minutes.

  • Culvert Removal (MP 57 – 75) –  The contractor will use single lane closures to perform shoulder rock placement Monday – Friday, expect minimal delays.

Wasco County

I-84: Traffic Barrier Upgrade Project (Columbia River Highway; MP 64 – MP 151.5) – All work on this project has been completed until August 1st and at that time the contractor will return and install bridge screening at the required locations. All traffic control devices and equipment have been removed from the roadway.

I-84: Swanson Canyon – Arlington (Columbia River Highway; MP 125.5 – MP 137.78) – I-84 will have single lane closures eastbound and westbound between milepost 125.50 and milepost 138 to perform work Monday – Saturday.


Region 4 ITS (Various) – The contractor will be installing electrical conduit and illumination foundations on the shoulders of the on-ramps and off-ramps at the Brewery Grade Interchange at MP 85.00 on 1-84. The contractor will be closing one ramp at a time nightly from Sunday night through Friday morning between the hours of 7pm to 7am. Traffic should expect ramp closures and lane shifts.

3. Motorcyclist Dies in Crash on Hwy. 97 in Sherman County

~Oregon State Police, Posted on FlashAlert: July 21st, 2019 6:03 PM

On Sunday, July 21, 2019, at approximately 11:33 AM, Oregon State Troopers and emergency personnel responded to the report of a single vehicle crash, involving a motorcycle, on Hwy. 97 near mile post 15, approximately two miles north of Moro, Oregon.

Preliminary investigation revealed that a 2005 Kawasaki motorcycle, operated by Vanesa Gunther (55) of Junction City, Oregon, was traveling southbound on Hwy. 97 when a wild turkey collided with her after flying into a northbound commercial motor vehicle. After being struck by the turkey, Gunther traveled across the northbound lane and collided with a guardrail. Gunther sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The northbound lane of Hwy. 97 was closed for several hours following the crash. OSP was assisted by the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office, North Sherman Fire, Moro Fire and Rescue, and ODOT.

4. Wasco County Historical Society Presentations, Aug. 3 & 24

The public is invited to the11:00 a.m., Saturday Aug. 3rd, Wasco County Historical Society free presentation on “Remembering Eck & May Rorick” by long-time neighbor Carolyn Blume at the Moody/Rorick House located at 300 W. 13th St. in The Dalles. As the presentation will be held in the backyard, personal lawn chairs are welcome. Refreshments.

The public is invited to the 11:00 a.m., Saturday Aug. 24th, Wasco County Historical Society free presentation on Fairbanks, a 1905 Great Southern Railroad Station which was located between Petersburg and the Celilo Village. The presentation will be by Bill Johnson and Phil Kaser in the backyard of the Moody/Rorick House, 300 W. 13th St., The Dalles. Personal lawn chairs are welcome.

5. Worth the Same Consideration

It has been said that people can get used to almost anything. This seems to be true, especially if it happens gradually over time. When you get used to things being a certain way, you develop what we call a “comfort zone,” which is pretty much just what it sounds like. Adaptability can be a good thing, but not always.

If you are used to cleaning up your house every day because you like things neat and tidy, you will be uncomfortable when the sink is full of dishes. You will experience tension until you restore order.

On the other hand, if you are used to a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, it won’t bother you at all – unless, of course, you are expecting company. Then, the things you have gotten used to and comfortable with may suddenly become very un-comfortable. “That’s OK for me,” you may think, “but I don’t want my company to see it like that!”

People, who go on crash diets before the school reunion, or clean out their car before they pick up the boss, are doing the same sort of thing. But think about it – aren’t you worth the same considerations as your visiting friends or the boss? Don’t you deserve to live by the same high standards that you adopt to impress others?

Take a look at your life. What have you gotten used to over time that you never really meant to have happen? If you want to change your comfort zone for the better and raise your internal standards to include yourself, correct use of affirmations and imagery can be a great help. What do you want your world to look like? Why do you want it to look that way? And before you even ask the question, the answer is “Yes!” you are worth the same consideration!

If you need a little help and support, tell the people close to you what you are trying to do, and stick with it. (By the way, giving a shout-out to the positive changes you see in yourself can only help you. That internal “fist pump” mini-movie in your head does wonders to reinforce your progress and self-worth.)  ~The Pacific Institute

6. Sherman County Court News, June 5

By Kristi Brown 541-565-3416

The Dalles Disposal Annual Rate Review, Supplemental Budget Hearing, Public Hearing: SHIFT Festival Mass Gathering Permit Application, Cybersecurity Policy, Executive Session in Accordance with ORS 192.660 2 (i) Personnel, Public Hearing, and Emergency Procurement for Finnegan Creek Bridge, were the main items on the agenda during the June 5th session of Sherman County Court in Moro.

Jim Winterbottom, The Dalles Disposal, requested an annual rate review on trash services for 2019-2020. The 3.3% rate increase was based off of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), using the Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area Benchmark. Court motioned to approve a 3.30% increase in The Dalles Disposal fees for annual operational costs to be effective July 1, 2019.

Budget Hearing Opened at 9:15 a.m. Debbie Hayden, Finance Director, presented the 2019-2020 budget to be approved as recommended by the Budget Committee. Court motioned to adopt the budget approved by the Budget Committee for the 2019-2020 fiscal year in the total sum of $57,490,220, and imposing the taxes provided for in the adopted budget at the rate of $8.7141 per $1,000 of assessed value for operations, and that these taxes are hereby imposed and categorized for tax year 2019-2020 upon the assessed value of all taxable property within the County of Sherman as of 1:00 a.m., July 1, 2019. Additionally to approve appropriations as recommended by the Finance Director, and authorized County Court to sign. Budget Hearing Closed at 9:19 a.m.

Supplemental Budget Hearing Opened at 9:30 a.m. Debbie Hayden, Finance Director, presented the Resolution Summary of Proposed Budget Changes due to funds needed that were unknown during budget time. Court motioned to approve the resolution summary of proposed budget changes appropriating fund totals of $8,544,720 to the County General Fund, $146,100 to the Ambulance Fund, and $2,591,343 to the General Road Fund, $162,375 to the County Fair Fund, $1,140,000 to the Courthouse Facility Fund, and $120,000 to the Sheriff Vehicle Reserve Fund, for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2018, and authorize County Court to sign. Supplemental Budget Hearing Closed at 9:46 a.m.

Public Hearing Opened at 10:00 a.m. Court motioned to adopt the decision and order in the matter of the appeal to the denial of a conditional use permit for a mass gathering in the exclusive farm use zone on behalf of Tectonic LLC, with the 2 added conditions in the event of an emergency, the Sherman County Sheriff has the authority shut down the event, and ticket sales limited to 800 people. Also including the other conditions of approval made by the Planning Commission.

Georgia Macnab, Sherman County Planner, explained the purpose of the hearing, and stated there were no additions to the staff report; all plans had been received. She noted that insurance confirmation had yet to be submitted. Josh Monafi, Tectonic LLC, responded that insurance was currently pending. Commissioner Bird, inquired as to whether the noise level requirements had been met. Monafi responded they did not intend to exceed the noise limits specified within the conditions.

Event representatives spoke. Monafi acknowledged and accepted the conditions set forth within the staff report, and the additions from the previous hearing. He thanked the County for the appeal hearing, and Macnab for her help in the permit process. Commissioner Bird questioned the use of camp stoves, generators, and the storage of gas cans; and whether Glenn Fluhr, South Sherman Fire & Rescue Chief, was aware of their usage. Monafi replied, Fluhr was, and noted these items were addressed in the Fire Plan.

No proponents spoke.

Opponents spoke next. Erik Glover, Sherman County Planning Commission, mentioned that the use of fire trenches, importing sand, and the removal of land from the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), were not compatible with the provisions ORS 433.763, and asked the court to consider these issues in their decision.

Rebuttals by proponents followed. Monafi responded to Erik’s concerns, that no trenches were dug; a strip of land was trimmed down and then tilled to create a fire barrier. Talik Eichinger, added the land was tilled no differently than during normal farming practices, and the sand was brought in to an already rocky beach. Fred Justesen, noted CRP is a contracted agreement, and could be entered into and ended at any time.

Court motioned to approve the Mass Gathering Application submitted by Tectonic LLC, to hold the SHIFT Festival during the dates of July 18-22, 2019, located at Justesen Ranch Recreation, pending insurance approval, and authorize Judge Dabulskis to sign. Public Hearing Closed at 10:30 a.m.

Jenine McDermid, Clerk, stated the insurance renewal process was almost complete with the exception that City/County Insurance Services (CIS) now required Cyber Liability policy holders to implement a Cyber Security Policy. CIS provided a policy template; McDermid, Ron McDermid and Debbie Hayden will be adapting to the County’s needs. The new policy will need to be adopted by the middle of June.

Court motioned to enter into Executive Session in Accordance with ORS 192.660 (2) (i) Personnel. Entered Executive Session at 11:20 a.m. Discussion held on employee time accrual. Exited Executive Session at 11:33 a.m. County Court agreed to table the discussion until the next Court session.

Entered Public Hearing at 11:33 a.m. Jeff Wallace, County Counsel, requested to adopt findings in support of an emergency status and emergency procurement, and to approve an expedited emergency status procurement process for the purchase of precast bridge slabs and abutments. He provided exhibits giving reason for the procurement, and noted Knife River was the only company who has the ability to fabricate all of the needed components. Aaron Geisler, Project Engineer and Bridge Inspector, stated his concerns with the current conditions of the bridge. The procurement process would speed up the time frame with construction finishing this year. Without the procurement, the project would be delayed until 2020. Court motioned to approve resolution 01-06-2019 in the matter of adopting findings in support of emergency status and emergency procurements and approving an expedited emergency procurement process for the purchase of precast bridge slabs, and precast concrete abutments for the Finnegan Creek Bridge, and to include exhibit A, B, and C. Court motioned to approve Judge Dabulskis to sign the Knife River contracts for the emergency procurements for the Finnegan Creek Bridge. Exited Public Hearing at11:45 a.m.

Actions taken by the Court included:

  • Approved to appoint Daryl G. Ingebo as Sherman County Surveyor.
  • Approved to appoint Sheri Carlson for a four-year term, to expires July 1, 2023, and Arla Melzer to complete the remainder of Larry Hoctor’s term that expires July 1, 2020, to the Library Board as recommended by the Sherman County Public/School Library Board.
  • Approved the Office Emergency Management Grant Cover Sheet FY19 EMPG with a total project fund amount of $129,594, split 50/50 between Federal funds and match funds, as recommended by the Emergency Services Department, and authorize Judge Dabluksis to sign.
  • Approved the Intergovernmental Agreement between Oregon Department of Revenue and Sherman County, for $60 per hour, with a total of 66.66 hours per year, for Oregon Department of Revenue to perform map maintenance and cartographic activities, and authorize County Court to sign.
  • Approved Early Childhood Education funding for 2019-2020 fiscal year as follows: Little Wheats $26,667; Sherman County Child Care Foundation (ABC Huskies Child Care) $26,667; Sherman County Preschool $26,667.
  • Approved the Rail and Public Transit Division/Oregon Department of Transportation STF Agreement #33499, between Sherman County and the State of Oregon, in the amount of $135,400, ending June 30, 2021 and authorize County Court to sign.
  • Approved Paula King’s sealed bid for the 2008 PT Cruiser for $3,501
  • Approved Sherman County withdrawing as Fiscal Agent for the Four Rivers Early Learning and Parenting Education Hub once a new entity has assumed the Fiscal Agent role.
  • Approved minutes for April 17, 2019, as presented
  • Approved minutes for May 1, 2019, as presented
  • Approved minutes for May 15, 2019, as presented
  • Approved the Claims for the month of May 2019, as presented
  • Approved the Treasurer’s Report for the month of April 2019, as presented.

Topics of discussion were Senior Center Dishwasher Replacement, County Representative Change Request for the Eastern Oregon Healthy Living Alliance (EOHLA), Building Codes, and Commissioner Reports.

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