Sherman County eNews #134


  1. National Prevention Week: PREVENTING SUICIDE

  2. May is National Heritage Preservation Month: Sherman County Sites

  3. Historical Program to Entertain at Sweetheart Bake Shop, June 1

  4. Find farm stands & u-picks with Oregon’s Bounty

  5. Focused Attention

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

The oldest, shortest words – Yes and No – are those which require the most thought. ~Pythagoras

1. National Prevention Week: PREVENTING SUICIDE

MYTH: Talking about suicide will lead to and encourage suicide.

TRUTH: There is a widespread stigma associated with suicide and as a result, many people are afraid to speak about it. Talking about suicide not only reduces the stigma, but also allows individuals to seek help, rethink their opinions and share their story with others. We all need to talk more about suicide. 


Myth: It’s dangerous to ask a depressed person whether they’re considering suicide.

TRUTH: You may be afraid of raising the subject of suicide with a vulnerable person, for fear that even mentioning it could inspire them to harm themselves. But the reality is that those struggling with depression may be relieved to have the opportunity to share their disturbing thoughts, including the ones about suicide, with someone else. 

*By Alice Gomstyn, 7 Suicide Myths Debunked

2. May is National Heritage Preservation Month: Sherman County Sites

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the Nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. Authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places is part of a national program to coordinate and support public and private efforts to identify, evaluate, and protect America’s historic and archaeological resources.

Sherman County sites on the National Register of Historic Places are the Columbia Southern Railroad Passenger Station and Freight Warehouse, DeMoss Springs Park, Mack Canyon Archaeological Site (federal), John and Helen Moore House (private) and Sherman County Courthouse. See the official list here:

The Oregon Encyclopedia includes stories about three of these sites. See the Sherman County Courthouse here:

3. Historical Program to Entertain at Sweetheart Bake Shop, June 1

Wasco County Historical Society invites the public to the Sweetheart Bake Shop, 515 Liberty St., The Dalles on Saturday, June 1st, for a 11:00 talk on the history of the building.  Formerly the Edward French House, originally dating from circa 1865, acquired by the French Family in 1892, it was renovated by the family in the Italianate style in circa 1900. The presentation will be by current owner, Jason Blevens, and former owner, historian Cal McDermid.  Please RSVP to 541-478-3429 by May 28th as seating space is limited. Refreshments will be available for purchase.

4. Find farm stands & u-picks with Oregon’s Bounty

food.peasUse a smartphone to easily find farm stands, u-pick fields, on-farm events with Oregon’s Bounty at

Strawberries, asparagus, rhubarb, mushrooms, salad greens — along with bedding plants, flowering baskets, and fresh-cut flowers — are just a few favorites of Oregon’s agricultural bounty in spring.

But outside of the local farmers market, where can you buy these things directly from a farm or ranch?

“Everyone knows where their local farmers market is. But what about roadside farm stands, u-pick fields, and on-farm events out in rural areas? That’s where Oregon’s Bounty comes in,” said Anne Marie Moss, Oregon Farm Bureau communications director.

Oregon’s Bounty at is a searchable directory of nearly 300 family farms and ranches that sell food and foliage directly to the public.

Oregon’s Bounty allows visitors to do keyword searches for specific agriculture products — such as blueberries, cucumbers, honey, or eggs — and/or search for farms within a specific region of the state. Visitors can also do a keyword search for “u-pick” or “events” to find farms that offer those activities.

“Oregonians love farm-fresh food. Thanks to the diversity of agriculture in this great state, we can buy an enormous variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers, foliage, meat, and nuts directly from the families who grew it,” said Moss.

“Each of the farms listed in Oregon’s Bounty are owned and operated by Farm Bureau members who are proud to share what they’ve raised with the public,” said Moss. “Spring is a great time to take a trip into the beautiful countryside and experience Oregon agriculture firsthand.”

5. Focused Attention

Do you think happy people are blind to reality? Or, do you think they see things that the rest of us miss?

It is possible that the answer may include a little of both, but it is also possible, in the final analysis, that people are happy because they make up their minds to be. This comment needs a bit of explanation.

Most happy people aren’t blind to the pain in the world, but because they have chosen to be happy, they don’t focus their attention on the pain. They don’t let the cruelty and injustices that are undeniably present in the world rob them of the pleasures and beauty that are also undeniably here.

And, it’s entirely possible that happy people can see things that others don’t, because their power of paying attention is enormous. Your attention, when you really focus it, is a lot like a searchlight. When you focus on beauty, you’re simply going to see more beauty than other people do.

The same thing happens when you focus on a problem: you see it everywhere you look, even though people around you may need to have it pointed out to them. The challenge is using that laser-like focus to find solutions. Once we do focus our attention on finding solutions, we find possibilities everywhere.

Where is your attention focused these days? Do you see mostly problems or solutions? Are you surrounded by people you enjoy and appreciate or are you surrounded by people who give you nothing but trouble? Does life send you an unending cavalcade of pleasures or a litany of pain? And finally, how could changing what you focus your attention on change the results you are getting? ~The Pacific Institute

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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