Sherman County eNews #130



  2. Unit 20, Oregon Retired Educators’ Meeting, May 21

  3. Wasco’s Annual Memorial Day Celebration, May 26 & 27

  4. Sherman County 4-H News: Pans on Fire Outdoor Cooking Club

  5. Greg Walden leads House of Representatives in 2019 town halls

  6. Dealing with the Shoulds

  7. Sherman County History Tidbits: Courthouse Basement 1935

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish, therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.”  — John Adams


Myth: Adults drink, so kids should be able to drink too. (Popular youth mentality)

TRUTH: A young person’s brain and body are still growing. Drinking alcohol can cause learning problems or lead to adult alcoholism. People who begin drinking before age 15 are five times more likely to abuse or become dependent on alcohol than those who begin drinking after age 21.2 Young drivers who have been drinking are more likely to be involved in car crashes than older experienced drivers.

Bonus Myth Buster for all ages:

Myth: A drink before bed helps you sleep.

Truth: A nightcap can actually make you lose sleep. Research has shown that alcohol disrupts sleep and reduces your REM time, which is essential for a good night’s sleep.

Drinking and Driving IS NEVER ACCEPTABLE no matter the age or experience of the driver.

2. Unit 20, Oregon Retired Educators’ Meeting, May 21

Unit 20, Oregon Retired Educators, will meet noon, Tuesday the 21st, at the Imperial River Co. in Maupin.  The program will be provided by Sue & Phil Hukari on their last year’s European trip. To make your luncheon reservation, please contact Julie Carter at 541-705-0047.  Guests are welcome.

3. Wasco’s Annual Memorial Day Celebration, May 26 & 27

American flag2Celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the Railroad Depot Park at Clark and Fulton Streets in Wasco, Oregon, 20 miles east of The Dalles!

Sunday & Monday, May 26 & 27

  • Country Breakfast 7:30 am to 10:30 am at the North Sherman County fire station in Wasco at the corner of old Hwy. 97 and 411 Yates Street in Wasco benefits ABC Husky Day Care

Monday, May 27

  • Memorial Day Celebration 10 am to 3 pm
  • Air Force flyover between 10 am and 10:30 am
  • 10 am Tribute to the veterans with Pastor Joe Burgess as guest speaker plus special music
  • Parade at 11 am leading off with the Joe and Jeanne Dabulskis family and their huge flag – everyone is welcome to jump in and help carry this huge flag!!
  • pastry auction and raffle
  • Rod McGuire’s Paradise Rose Chuck Wagon BBQ—yummy!!!
  • Car Show in the RR park
  • Dandy Valley Nursery stock from Goldendale: annuals and perennials at great prices
  • Special music by Tyson Huckins
  • Childrens train rides
  • Bingo and ice cream at the Catholic Parish Hall at 907 Barnett Street next to Wasco School Events Center (old grade school)

Questions? Call event chair Cassie Hill 541-340-0392.

4. Sherman County 4-H News: Pans on Fire Outdoor Cooking Club

4-H clover1The Pans on Fire outdoor cooking club met on May 13 at 3:40pm at the Extension Office.  Attending were:  Zach, Emma S, Lexi, Coral, Bailey, Dalton, Ivan, Emma R, Anneliese, Savanna and Haley.  Pledge of Allegiance led by Lexi, 4-H Pledge by Coral.  What we did during the meeting:  We did the pledge and meeting things.  We talked about the previous meetings and reviewed.  We talked about safety and coals going out outside, and starting a fire.  Cooked then came back and put everything up.  Next meeting will be Monday May 20.  Meeting adjourned at 5pm.  Signed Emma Sampson, News Reporter

5. Greg Walden leads House of Representatives in 2019 town halls 

American flag2Town Hall Project says Walden’s 20 town halls in 2019 is the most of any other lawmaker in the U.S. House

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Representative Greg Walden (R-Hood River) has held more town hall meetings than any other lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2019, according to Town Hall Project. Town Hall Project yesterday confirmed that Walden’s 20 town halls in the first three months of this year leads the 435-member body.

“Town halls are just one way I hear from Oregonians across our district,” said Walden. “Along with the more than 70,000 letters, emails, and phone calls that I have responded to over the last 12 months, these meetings help me stay updated on the issues facing people on the ground in our communities. This is a top priority for me, and I look forward to continuing to hold these meetings throughout the Second District.”

Walden held town halls across eight counties in southern, central, and eastern Oregon in January and held town halls in Lake and Morrow counties in February. In early March, Walden held town hall meetings in Hood River, Wasco, and Umatilla counties, before holding meetings in Wallowa, Union, Baker, Grant, Wheeler, Gilliam, and Sherman counties at the end of March.

Walden has held 168 town hall meetings since 2012. For a complete list of Walden’s town hall meetings in 2019, please click here.

6. Dealing with ‘The Shoulds’

How many things are there in your life that you really should be doing? If you made a list of them, how long would it be? Let’s talk about the “shoulds” in your life.

If you made a list of all the things you think you should be doing, how long would your list be? It could look like, “I should lose weight. I should be nicer to my brother. I should find myself a better job. I should read a lot more. I should mow the lawn and pull weeds,” and on and on.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t you try making such a list? And when you’re done, for each item on the list, ask yourself the question, “Why should I?” The answers you come up with will tell you something very important about the beliefs you hold. You may have answers like, “Because everybody has to. Because so and so wouldn’t like it if I didn’t.” If you look at all of your “reasons,” you may find they sound more like excuses.

Now, what if you took every “should” on your list and changed the language to substitute the words, “If I really wanted to, I could . . .” For example, “I should lose weight” would change to, “If I really wanted to, I could lose weight.” Notice how when you do this, things suddenly start to seem much more possible.

You may find that you really don’t want to do some of them and you may need to confront your fears when it comes to doing others. Using “could” instead of “should” immediately takes the pressure off, too. It helps you take accountability and control. “Should” is a below-the-surface “have to” and we naturally push back against the “have to’s” in our lives.

Also, notice the subtle change when you add the words, “If I really wanted to…” When we “want to” do something, we pull together all the creativity and energy to accomplish whatever we have chosen. And, it also helps you avoid the subconscious rebellion that goes on whenever you hear the words, “I should.” ~The Pacific Institute

7. Sherman County History Tidbits: Courthouse

Office and Vault Going in Courthouse Basement: Work on the basement of the courthouse is just about finished as far as the excavation is concerned and the sewer ditch has been dug across the court house lot in addition to the hole under the building. The basement will be smaller than the court house as several feet of earth was left inside of the foundation walls on each side of the house.  A central heating plant will be installed soon using one of the chimneys now in the building and the front entrance will be changed so that a stairway to the basement can be put in.  It is probable that an office room will be put in the basement and perhaps another will be made in the hall which now leads to the back entrance.

~Source: Sherman County Journal, January 25, 1935