Sherman County eNews #112


  1. Notice. Sherman County STF & STIF Public Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting, April 29

  2. Sherman County 4-H News Reports: The Chicken Tenders

  3. P.S. eNews Friday Classifieds

  4. Local Teacher Receives Scholarship to Attend Summer Ag Institute

  5. Klindt’s Booksellers Hosts Local Author Sam Woolsey, April 27

  6. An A for Aging with Attitude

  7. Sherman County History Tidbits: Sherman County Firsts

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

  9. Oregon Health Authority Medical Countermeasures Exercise, Operation OX, May 1

“It is proper you should understand what I deem the essential principles of our government… Equal and exact justice to all men, of whatever persuasion, religious or political.” —Thomas Jefferson (1801)

1. Notice. Sherman County STF & STIF Public Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting, April 29


Marnene Benson-Wood, Transit Coordinator


Agenda for



1:00 P.M.


The Sherman County Senior Center

  1. Projects
  2. Project Priority
  3. Any Changes to current information
  4. Additions to current information
  • New Business:

These meetings are open to the public.  The Sherman County Public Transportation Advisory Committee welcomes and thanks citizens for suggestions.  The participation allows the Transportation to better serve our community.  Members of the public wishing to comment can indicate such by raising a hand.  The chairman of the committee will then call upon anyone wishing to make suggestions or comments.

2. Sherman County 4-H News Reports: The Chicken Tenders

4-H clover1The Chicken Tenders 4-H Club met on April 25, 2019 at 6:08pm at the Extension Office.  Attending were Dillian, Emersyn, Renan, Cohen, Damian and Claire.  Pledge of Allegiance led by Emersyn, 4-H Pledge by Damian.  We talked about a field trip to go to Gilliam Count to show their 4-H members how to show.  We talked about healthy or unhealthy poultry.  Our next meeting will be May 14.  Meeting adjourned at 7:02pm.  Signed Emersyn Stanfield, News Reporter

3. P.S. eNews Friday Classifieds

THANK YOU! Thank you so much to everyone who donated baked goods for the Easter Bake Sale at the Sherman County Senior Center! And thank you also to everyone who purchased baked goods in support of the fundraiser. We had numerous generous donations and many happy patrons. The senior center made $342 toward our fundraising foal for the year, so we wanted to send out a special thank you to everyone who helped! THANK YOU!! – Kari Silcox – The Sherman County Senior Center.

4. Klindt’s Booksellers Hosts Local Author Sam Woolsey, April 27

Join us Saturday, April 27th at 4 p.m. for a book signing featuring Sam Woolsey and his travel memoir, The Condor of Chavín: A Journey in the Peruvian Andes. Free and open to the public. We recommend you call ahead to reserve your books.

5. Local Teacher Receives Scholarship to Attend Summer Ag Institute

Carol Ritchie, a special education 6th-8th grade teacher at The Dalles Middle School, has been selected as the winner of a $600 scholarship to attend Oregon State University’s Summer Agricultural Institute (SAI).  She will be sponsored by the Columbia Gorge chapter of Oregon Women for Agriculture and the Wasco County Soil & Water Conservation District.

SAI is a week-long summer graduate level course offered for K-12 educators with little or no agricultural background, and helps educators use agriculture as a theme for teaching science, math, social studies, English, etc.  Educators receive hands-on instruction and materials on how to incorporate agriculture into their classroom curriculum.  These teachers will benefit from tours of agricultural processing plants, farms, vineyards, golf courses, nurseries and agribusiness operations.  Two sessions are available: Corvallis June 23-28 and LaGrande/Union July 14-19.

In her application for the scholarship, Ms. Ritchie stated that she is often surprised by the lack of agricultural knowledge among students—such as where does milk come from—or that students have never seen a cow milked.  In her experience, few students actually know what the major crops are in Wasco County, even with many having parents employed in the industry.  She wrote that “I want to learn some curriculum and lesson ideas…that teaches agriculture.  My students would benefit from high interest curriculum at their level of access.”

6. An A for Aging with Attitude

If you’re interested in living to a ripe old age, here is some information about aging and attitude that may surprise you.

Several studies that have been performed regarding people who are older, who have lived far beyond the norm in the United States, indicate that attitude seems to play an important role. There probably isn’t anything like a “longevity personality.” Living to the ripe old age of 100 seems to happen to selfish, cantankerous people as often as it does to those who are quiet and kind. But there does seem to be a common thread, and it is a sense of self-sufficiency.

The oldest of our senior citizens all seem to have a strong attachment to freedom and independence. They tend to dislike and avoid constraints and they value their autonomy highly. What’s more, most of these old-timers are also people who enjoy life. They have a high degree of realistic optimism, a definite sense of humor, and they respond to simple pleasures, seeing beauty where others only see ugliness. They are also extremely adaptable and resilient. Some of them had been hit hard by the Great Depression, but they recovered to build new futures. And while many of them cherished childhood memories, all of them preferred living in the present with its many changes.

In a nutshell, these studies found that attitude seemed to outweigh physical characteristics and what these folks thought and felt was more important than what they ate or how long their parents had lived. Ultimately, what they found was that these efficacious older folks got an A when it came with aging with a positive attitude.

So, if you want to live a long, happy life, consider keeping track of your attitude as well as counting your calories and monitoring your cholesterol. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Sherman County History Tidbits: Sherman County Firsts

These firsts were alleged, claimed, reported or stated:

MILITARY. 1st young men went off to Camp Lewis, WWI, 1916; 1st WWII draft registration, 1940; 1st per capita of all U.S. counties in E Bond purchases, 1942 & 1943, a record never beaten; christening of the ship William T. Sherman, by Mrs. Patrick O’Meara & Mrs. Alex Macnab, each with four sons in the service; christening of the ship Fon du Lac by Mesdames Pinckney, Dixon and French, 1944.

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

bird.owl.limbOregon Public Records Advocate: List of Proposed 2019 Public Records-Related Bills

Ag Census shows declining farmland in Oregon

Pacific Lamprey: Primitive Eel-like Fish

Western Concepts Have Drastically Shaped the History of Chinese Art… the Artworks Have Their Own Stories to Tell

9. Oregon Health Authority Medical Countermeasures Exercise, Operation OX, May 1

North Central Public Health District (NCPHD) is participating in Oregon Health Authority’s Statewide Medical Countermeasures (MCM) exercise, Operation OX 2019.

As part of our participation, we will be exercising an open Point of Dispensing (POD) on May 1, 2019, at Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue, and we invite you to join us between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for a drive-through POD simulation.

Exercising our ability to dispense medical countermeasures, through this exercise, will help NCPHD improve our plan to provide medications or vaccinations, when needed.

Medical Countermeasures are the medications (including vaccines, antiviral drugs, or antibiotics) needed to treat, protect or prophylax an identified population in accordance with public health guidelines and/or recommendations.

PODs are locations organized by the local public health department, where medication/vaccination will be given to people to prevent disease in response to a public health threat. For example, you may remember being invited to a POD for H1N1 vaccine in 2009, or Pertussis vaccine in 2015.

No medication/vaccination will be given at the exercise; instead the first 75 participants will receive a FREE mini first-aid kit!

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 1, 2019, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location: Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue (MCF&R) 1400 W 8th Street

Directions: Coming from Cherry Heights Road, turn onto W 8th Street, heading West toward MCF&R. Participants will be directed by onsite officials through the drive-through POD exercise. The first 75 participants will receive a mini free first-aid kit!

We encourage everyone to participate in an effort to help community members understand and prepare for public health emergencies.

(For more information, please contact North Central Public Health District at (541) 506-2600 or visit us on the web at or our Facebook Page at


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Be present in all things and thankful for all things. ~Maya Angelou

2. CLASSIFIEDS (new or corrected)


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THANK YOU! Wasco School Events Center would like to thank everyone who came out Monday April 22nd, to support us for French dip sandwiches and Bingo. And a special thanks to all our wonderful volunteers.

CONGRATULATIONS, Wasco County and Sherman County Soil & Water Districts for your exceptional work in 2018 to help NRCS implement Farm Bill financial assistance programs across the state and perform conservation education and outreach, and Chase Schultz of the Wheeler SWCD for the District Employee Partnership Award! ~The Editor

CONGRATULATIONS, Oregon State University Sherman County Extension and Sherman School’s Sherman Kids On the Road to Excellence (SKORE), recipients of the “Excellence in Afterschool Programming Award.” ~The Editor




Volunteer SmileYOUR TIME. One of the greatest gifts that you can give is your time. “I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another.” – Thomas Jefferson In small communities like ours, we rely on the kind hearts of volunteers in many capacities. We all work together to make our community the best it can be. One of the greatest gifts you can give to anyone is your time. Volunteers are not paid – not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless.  So before you complain, have you volunteered yet? By volunteering you are voting about the kind of community you wish to live in. We would like to take a moment to extend a special thank you to all of our volunteers in Sherman County who continue to generously donate their time to make our county the special place that it is.   Volunesia – that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to change lives because it’s changing yours. -Sherman County Community & Senior Center 

JUST ASK! Sherman County’s current activities require the equivalent of 290 volunteers –  part-time, one-time, once-yearly, once-monthly, as needed. Just ask! How can I help? The need is great. These come to mind… Your child’s activities. Your church. Sherman County Fair. Wasco Memorial Day Celebration. Sherman County Senior & Community Center. Sherman County Historical Museum. Sherman High School Booster Club. Wasco School Events Center. Grass Valley Pavilion. Cemetery clean-up days. Maryhill Museum. Food Banks. Respond to public notices of vacant local government positions, including EMT training. Lion’s Club. Or… if you can’t give of your time, give your support with your tax deductible dollars. ~The Editor. 



Job Title:               Community Corrections Specialist / CSW Coordinator

Reports To:           Community Corrections Program Director

Starting Salary:      $19.52 per hour

Work Hours:          16-20 hours per week, can be flexible

SUMMARY: The successful applicant will perform clerical duties of mixed complexity according to standard procedures for which typing; filing and telephone skills are required. Applicant must understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality regarding offender files and other criminal justice information.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen
  • Must possess a valid Oregon Driver’s License or immediate ability to obtain one
  • Must have a driving record free of any convictions that may indicate an inability to operate a public vehicle safely
  • Must have no criminal record and be able to pass a background investigation
  • A minimal requirement of a high school diploma, preferably supplemented by college or business school training and two years responsible office experience, or any satisfactory equivalent combination of experience and training.
  • Must be skilled in use of current computer and software technology, telephone, copy and fax machine, computers and other general office machines. Must be familiar with Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
  • Must be willing to travel as required to attend state trainings and meetings
  • Must acquire and maintain LEDS (Law Enforcement Data System) certification
  • Must acquire and maintain an Oregon Notary Public certification

TO APPLY: An application and a list of duties and responsibilities may be acquired by contacting Tina Potter at 541-565-0520 x1, by email at or at the Tri-County Community Corrections office located at 302 Scott Street in Moro OR. 5/3 

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, AG & CROPS. OSU Extension in Wasco and Sherman counties is looking for a Full-time Assistant Professor for Ag/Crops. Master’s degree required in Agriculture, Agricultural Education, Natural Resources, Soils, Crops or closely related field. Person will be based in Moro and serve both counties. Please see the following posting for more details! This position closes 05/15/2019.   5/12

COOK, GRASS VALLEY COUNTRY MARKET. We are willing to train kitchen staff, but you must be organized, reliable, and able to move quickly in a fast paced kitchen setting. Experience interacting with customers is a plus.  Please feel free to stop by or call with your contact information to setup an interview appointment (541) 993-8135.   5/3

HELP GILLIAM AND SHERMAN COUNTY STUDENTS SUCCEED. Do you know someone with time to spare, who loves to drive, and help others? Refer them to Mid Columbia Bus Company! Once the person you refer becomes certified and drives a full route for at least 30 days, we will donate $1000.00 to a school organization of your choice. What we offer: $13.30 an hour, Paid training, Flexible schedule, Dental, Vision, Medical Plan, 401 K … And more! Qualifications: Pass a criminal history check, Have a good driving record, Have a valid Oregon driver’s license, Ability to obtain Class B CDL with training. Contact Mid Columbia Bus Company and tell us where to make a donation today: ~Amberlena Shaffer, RecruiterOFFICE: (541) 567-0551CELL: (541) 303-5093Email:   4/26


LOCAL GENERAL CONTRACTOR, HANDYMAN & EQUIPMENT OPERATOR. Ready for spring projects, large and small, indoors or out. Please call Kevin at 541-993-4282 | KCK, Inc. | Licensed, bonded and insured. CCB #135768. References available. 5/17 






HANDCRAFTED INDOOR & OUTDOOR FURNITURE. Considerately handcrafted one-of-a-kind indoor and outdoor furniture and gifts created from re-purposed wine & whiskey barrels, old barn wood and other local reclaimed materials. Special orders accepted. ~The Wood Butcher | Wasco, Oregon | 541-993-4282 | | Facebook | 5/17







SEEKING INTERIOR COURTHOUSE PHOTOGRAPHS 1899-1930. In search of pictures taken inside of the original Sherman County Courthouse, during and shortly after construction, dating between 1899-1930. Any help locating pictures would be sincerely appreciated. Please contact Ross Turney at 541-565-3505 or at with any information. – Lee Langston, Community Member

HOST FAMILY. Host a Foreign Exchange Student. ASSE Student Exchange Programs is now looking for American families to host high school students from Asia. These personable and academically select exchange students speak English, are bright, curious, and eager to learn about this country through living as part of a family for an academic year and attending high school. Your support of these students reinforces the United States’ commitment to education and opportunity throughout the world.  ASSE is currently seeking host families for these well-qualified, bright, motivated and well-screened students coming from Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Mongolia, and South Korea. By living with local host families and attending local high schools, the students acquire an understanding of American values and build on leadership skills.  The exchange students arrive from their home country shortly before school begins and return at the end of the school year. Each ASSE student is fully insured, brings his or her own personal spending money and expects to bear his or her share of household responsibilities, as well as being included in normal family activities and lifestyles. At the same time the student will be teaching their newly adopted host family about their own culture and language.   If you are interested in opening your home and sharing your family life with a young person from abroad, please contact us today for more information, call (800) 733-2773, go online at or email  4/26

3. CALENDAR (new or corrected)



26 N. Central Livestock Assoc. Bull Tour to Gilliam County starts 9 Wasco School

26-28 Northwest Cherry Festival, The Dalles  

  • 26 Cherry Festival Open Air Market, Carnival, Lifestyle Show
  • 27 Cherry Festival Royalty, Run/Walk, Car Show, Teddy Bear Run, Parade 10,
  • Ag Job Fair, Safety Fair, Market, Carnival, Pie Eating Contest
  • 28 Ag Job Fair, Softball, Open Air Market, Sen. Cliff Bentz, Lifestyle Show, Entertainment

27 4-H Community Service Day 9 Cottonwood Canyon State Park

27 Learn to Crochet 2 Sherman County Public/School Library

27-28 Oregon Ag Fest, Salem

28 Open House Preview Party 1-4 Sherman County Historical Museum


1 Sherman County Court 9

1 Gilliam County Museum Complex Opens for the Season

1 Sherman County Historical Museum Opens for the Season 10-5 Daily

1 Mid-Columbia Economic Development District Exec. Board 4 The Dalles

2 North Central Education Service District Board 5 Condon

2 North Central Education Service District Budget Committee 6 Condon



2 Sherman County Fair Board 7

2 All County Prayer Meeting Kent Baptist Church, social 6:30, prayer 7:00-8:30

3 FREE Hazardous Waste (+ E-WASTE) Event for Households, Businesses & Ag Producers 10-2 Sherman County Road Department, Moro

3 The Woolery Spring Fest 4-7 Arlington

3-5 Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour

4 County-wide Clean-up Day

4 Farmers Market 10-4 Moro

4 Wasco County Pioneer Association Annual Meeting – Fort Dalles Readiness Center

4 Prineville Reservoir Star Party Activities, Stargazing 9 a.m.- 10 p.m.

4-5 72nd Annual Arlington Jackpot Rodeo 12:30 Arlington, Oregon

6 Grass Valley City Council 7

6-10 Sixth Grade Outdoor School

7-8-9 Spring Museum Week at Maryhill Museum of Art

8 Rufus City Council 7

8 Sherman County Senior Center Advisory Board 12:30

9 North Central Public Health District Budget Committee 1:30-4:30 Burnet Building

10 Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) Board Meeting 10-1

10-12 Equine Mania LLC Cows & More Clinic w/Mary Jane Brown (541) 980-7394

11 The Woolery Open 9 China Creek Golf Course, Arlington

11 Spring Plant Fair 9 The Dalles City Park


12 Mother’s Day at Maryhill Museum

13 Sherman County Planning Commission Public Hearing 5:30 Burnet Bldg.

13 Sherman County School District Board Meeting 7

14 Sherman County Watershed Council 8 TBA

14 Sherman County Soil & Water Conservation District Board 8:30 TBA

14 North Central Public Health District Board Meeting 3 The Dalles

14 Sherman County Public/School Library Board Meeting 6 Library

15 Sherman County Court Public Hearing 10 Courthouse

15-17 National Association of Counties, Western Interstate Region, Spokane

16 Sherman County Health District Budget Committee 5:30 Moro

17 Frontier TeleNet Board Meeting TBA


18 Maryhill Museum Members’ Appreciation Day

18 Drive the Historic Maryhill Loops Road 10-12


21 Wasco City Council 7

23 Frontier TeleNet Budget Committee Meeting 10 Condon

23 Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting 1 Condon

24 Sherman County Budget Hearing – Courthouse


30 Sherman County School Senior Scholarship Program 7

31-June 2 Junior Livestock Show, Tygh Valley

American flag1JUNE

1 Sherman County School Graduation 11

1 Farmers Market 10-4 Moro

1-2 Equine Mania LLC Wheatacres Ranch Trail & Cattle Challenge (541) 980-7394

3 Grass Valley City Council 7

4 Sherman County School Junior High Academic Awards 2:30

4 Wasco City Council 7

5 All County Prayer Meeting Wasco Methodist Church social 6:30, prayer 7:00-8:30

6 Sherman County Fair Board 7


8 Veterans’ Benefit Fair & Support Services, Earl Snell Park, Arlington

8-9 ’62 (gold) Days in Canyon City, Oregon

11 Pendleton Experiment Station Field Day

12 Moro Experiment Station Field Day

12 Sherman County Senior & Community Center Advisory Board 12:30

12 Rufus City Council 7


14 Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) Board Meeting 10-1


16 Father’s Day at Maryhill Museum

16-21 Cottonwood Crossing Summer Institute for High School Students

17 Sherman County School District Board 7

18 Caregiver Job Fair 10-6 DHS, The Dalles

19-21 Sherman County 4-H Camp for 4th-6th graders, Wamic

26-29 OSU 4-H Summer Conference for 7th-12th graders, Corvallis