Sherman County eNews #65


  1. You Probably Saw Days of Yore in The Times-Journal, March 7, 2019

  2. First Baptist Grass Valley Spring Fling Postponed

  3. Managing Your Mind

  4. Notice. Sherman County Court Minutes Online for Feb. 6

  5. Sherman County Court News, Feb. 6

  6. Sherman High School Baseball & Tennis Schedules

“I suppose, indeed, that in public life, a man whose political principles have any decided character and who has energy enough to give them effect must always expect to encounter political hostility from those of adverse principles.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)

 1. You Probably Saw Days of Yore in The Times-Journal, March 7, 2019

10 Years Ago

— Arlington Mayor Jeff Bufton is issued the oath of office, as are councilors Alice Courtney, Alcenia Byrd and Leslie Walborn.

— Big Sky basketball all-stars include Shelby von Borstel, Hayli Sharp, Karissa Mobley, Jessica Logan, Jenni Guzman, and Cole MacInnes, Russell Thompson, Josh Ball, Billy Jaeger, Ben Logan and James Stroud.

2. First Baptist Grass Valley Spring Fling Postponed

The Spring Fling with Joni Harms this Saturday, the 9th, has been postponed most likely until the early part of June. We are sorry for the late notice, and look forward to being able to get it back on the schedule. ~Pastor Burgess

3. Managing Your Mind

Most people who want to succeed in the world of business know that they have to be good managers. Actually, it’s probably important to be a good manager, no matter what your field is, if you want to be a success. 

Why do we say that? Well, here’s a laundry list of a few things you should be able to manage effectively if you want to lead a productive life: You will need to manage ideas, money, time, opportunities, other people, talent, training, energy, risk, decisions, challenges and your imagination. 

You see, failure is not the result of a lack of money, time, or connections. Google it: One can be a millionaire and lose everything if you don’t manage it – and yourself – wisely. And failure has little to do with problems, risks, frustrations, or difficulties, either. 

We don’t succeed in life because of what we have – we succeed because of who we are. If we are good managers, we control our resources so that we maximize our chances of achieving our goals. 

Now, chances are we never learned to do this in school, and most people don’t learn from their parents, either. The school of hard knocks may teach a few things, but in that school, the lessons are painful and sometimes, costly. But here’s the good news: It doesn’t have to be that way. The key, to successful management of most things, is knowing how to think effectively. 

Learn to manage your mind – your thoughts, habits and attitudes – and you will be well on your way to success! ~The Pacific Institute

4. Sherman County Court Minutes Online for Feb. 6

Approved minutes for the February 6, 2019 Regular Session is now available in the Archive of County Court Meeting Minutes

5. Sherman County Court News, Feb. 6

ShermanCoLogoBy Kayla von Borstel 541-565-3416

Quarterly Reports and Board of Commissioners Regional and County Board Designations were the main topics on the agenda during the February 6th session of Sherman County Court in Moro.

Dan Aldrich, County Maintenance, gave his quarterly report. He stated the shop remodel was well underway as planned. The building will also be heated for temperature sensitive documents. County Court stated they would like a tour of the building once completed.

Discussion was held on which boards each of the Commissioners, and the Judge, wanted to be appointed to. County Court motioned to appoint Commissioner McCoy  to: Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), Frontier TeleNet Alternate, Tri-County Mental Health – Center for Living, Northern Oregon Regional Corrections (NORCOR), Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) Alternate, Columbia Gorge Bi-State Renewable Energy Zone (CGBREZ) Alternate, Biggs Service District Board/Budget Committee, Public Contract Board of Review, Sherman County Budget Committee, Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA) Alternate, Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) Liaison, Sherman County Advisory Council (CAC), and Mid-Columbia Housing Authority (MCHA).

County Court motioned to appoint Judge Dabulskis to: Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), Eastern Oregon Rural Alliance, Lower John Day ACT, Frontier Regional 911, Frontier TeleNet, Tri-County Community Corrections, Association of Oregon Counties Policy & Legislative Committees, National Association of Counties (NACo) Steering Committees, Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA), Columbia Gorge Bi-State Renewable Energy Zone (CGBREZ), Energy Facility Siting Council (EFSEC), Regional Solutions Committee, Mid-Columbia Economic Development District (MCEDD) Loan Board, MCEDD Board, MCEDD Executive Board, Biggs Service District Board/Budget Committee, Public Contract Board of Review, Sherman County Budget Committee, Board of Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA), Sherman County Court Security/Courthouse, Sherman County Rural Road Advisory Committee Liaison, Sherman County School District liaison, Central & Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Council, and Sherman County Safety Committee, Ambulance Service Area Plan Advisory Committee.

 County Court motioned to appoint Commissioner Bird to: Association of Oregon Counties (AOC), Mid-Columbia Community Action Council – CAP, North Central Public Health District, Biggs Service District Board/Budget Committee, Public Contract Board of Review, Sherman County Budget Committee, Sherman County Prevention Coalition, Sherman County Public School Library, Sherman County Watershed Liaison, Soil & Water Conservation District Liaison, Sherman County Senior & Community Center Advisory Board, and Sherman County Fair Board Liaison.

In conducting the business of the County, the County Court:

  • approved the City of Rufus purchasing a flashing speed zone sign to be posted at 25 mph at Scott Canyon Road.
  • approved the Community Renewable Energy Association (CREA) SIP Payment 2019 in the amount of $19,500.
  • approved repairing the carts for the County rental tables and chairs.
  • appointed Joe Bibby, Pine Hollow/ Jackknife Watershed position, to the Sherman County Area Watersheds Council for a term of four years to expire December 31, 2022.
  • appointed Kari Silcox and Ree Ella von Borstel to the Special Transportation Committee for term of three years to expire December 31, 2021.
  • appointed Steve Kaseberg to the Northern Oregon Regional Correction (NORCOR) Budget Committee.
  • appointed Chris Patnode, Gilliam County Justice of the Peace, as pro tem Justice Court Judge for Sherman County for the 2019 calendar year.
  • approved the Justice of the Peace Continuing Legal Education Report and Summary for 2017 and 2018, submitted to the Oregon Justice of the Peace Association.
  • rescinded the previous motion to purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Cabinet in the amount of $199, and approve the purchase of a more suitable AED Cabinet for the Courthouse in the amount of $319, plus restocking and shipping fees.
  • approved the Joint Resolution between Gilliam, Wasco, and Sherman Counties in the matter of the designation of a Community Dispute Resolution Coordinator, and authorize Judge Dabulskis to sign.
  • approved the authorization of Rita Wilson to pay regular monthly County bills as presented to the Court.

Topics of discussion were Written Quarterly Reports, Oregon State University Ag Extension Agent Position Funding – Sherman Position, and Commissioner Reports.

6. Sherman High School Baseball & Tennis Schedules

Sherman/Arlington/Condon Baseball 2019

Updated 3-4-19


March 18 Mon. The Dalles (JV) Sherman   4:00 pm
March 22 Fri. Umatilla (DH) Umatilla   1:00 pm
March 26 Tues. Weston-McEwen Boardman   1:30 pm
March 26 Tues. Riverside Boardman   4:00 pm
March 27 Wed. Irrigon Irrigon   1:00 pm
April 2 Tue. Stanfield Sherman   4:00 pm
April 8 Mon. Umatilla (JV) Sherman   4:00 pm
April 13 Sat. Union (DH) Sherman   11:00 am
April 16 Tues. Dufur Dufur   4:00 pm
April 20 Sat. Pilot Rock (DH) Sherman   11:00 am
April 23 Tues. Stanfield Stanfield   4:00 pm
April 27 Sat. Grant Union (DH) John Day   11:00 am
May 4 Sat. Heppner (DH) Sherman   11:00 am
May 7 Tues. Dufur Sherman   4:00 pm
May 11 Sat. Weston-McEwen (DH) Weston   11:00 am

Head Coach:  Joe Justesen/Shawn Troutman

Asst. Coach:   James Stroud, Eliot Kaseberg  

Superintendents:  Wes Owens/Kevin Hunking/Michelle Geer

NOTICE: Schedules change frequently. For the most up-to-date baseball schedule please check the school website at

Sherman High School

2019 Tennis

Date Day Opponent Site Time Depart
March 12 Tue. Weston-McEwen Sherman 3:30  
March 15 Fri. Riverside Sherman 4:00  
March 19 Tue. White Salmon White Salmon 3:30  
March 21 Thur. Arlington/Condon Arlington 4:00  
April 5 Fri. Ione Sherman 4:00  
April 6 Sat. Stanfield/Helix Stanfield 10:00  
April 9 Tue. Stanfield Sherman 4:00  
April 12 Fri. Umatilla Umatilla 1:00  
April 13 Sat. Madras Tourney

(Girls Only)

Madras TBD  
April 15 Mon. Weston/McEwen Weston 3:30  
April 17 Wed. Arlington/Condon Sherman 4:00  
April 19 Fri. Riverside Boardman 4:00  
April 22 Mon. White Salmon Sherman 4:00  
April 25 Thurs. Umatilla Sherman 4:00  
April 26 Fri. Ione Ione 4:00  
April 27 Sat. Helix Invitational Kennewick

(Tri-Cities Court Club)

May 3-4 Fri./Sat. Sub-Districts Kennewick

(Tri-Cities Court Club)

May 10-11 Fri./Sat. Districts Kennewick

(Tri-Cities Court Club)


Head Coach:     Deidra von Borstel                            Asst:   Kalie Rolfe

Principal/AD:   Mike Somnis                                Supt.:  Wes Owens