Sherman County eNews #55


  1. History After Hours Gathering, March 1

  2. Before You Yell at the Referees Tonight, Let Me Tell You About My Daddy

  3. Notice. Frontier Telenet Board of Directors Regular Meeting, Feb. 26

  4. Notice. State & Federal Grant Fund Opportunity for Eligible Transportation Providers

  5. Notice. Sherman County Requests Public Comment for Community Transit Projects

  6. Regional History Forum Program: World War I Living History, March 2

  7. Sherman County Senior & Community Center March Meal Menu

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“Nothing is more certain than that a general profligacy and corruption of manners make a people ripe for destruction.” —John Witherspoon (1776)

1. History After Hours Gathering, March 1

History After Hours

The Wasco County Historical Society


Old St. Peter’s Landmark

invite you to an informal gathering

To celebrate the historical organizations in and around Wasco County.

We all have a common interest in the history of this area.

Let’s get to know each other and

share information with each other in an informal setting.

Friday, March 1st from 5 until 7 p.m.

St. Peter’s Landmark

405 Lincoln Street, The Dalles, Oregon, 97058\

Appetizers and drinks will be served and

we will have a cake to celebrate Oregon’s Birthday!

Each organization may share a brief update for their upcoming year.

Bring along brochures to exchange.

Let’s make connections and work together to keep the history of our area alive!

You are invited if you have an interest in the history of this area!

2. Before You Yell at the Referees Tonight, Let Me Tell You About My Daddy

sport-basketballBy Carolyn Moore

Most of the time, you probably don’t even notice he’s there.

But the official prowling the sidelines of your high school gymnasium isn’t just a zebra to shout angry words at from your spot in the stands—he’s my daddy.

And I’m counting on you to be kind.

For a few months every year, he’s gone most evenings blowing his whistle in gyms from down the street to halfway across the state. When he leaves for work in the mornings, he takes along a black suitcase with his striped shirt, Sansabelt pants, and a pocketful of rule books and Fox 40s—ready to head straight to another game once his 9-to-5 is done.

On many of those evenings, we follow him. My mom packs a bag with toys and snacks and cash for concessions; our “basketball bag” lives in the front hall, ready and waiting for Daddy’s next game.

We drive country highways to the “Home of the Braves/Lakers/Lions etc.” and settle into an inconspicuous corner of the bleachers to watch him work. More often than not, we don’t know anyone in the crowd, and when one of us kids asks which team we’re going for tonight, Mom always tells us, “We’re cheering for the refs.”

Because if there’s anything I’ve already learned from being in the crowd at youth sporting events, it’s that most people do exactly the opposite.

What so many fans forget is that the crew of officials that’s so easy to criticize is actually just a trio of average people. They’re teachers and pharmacists and mothers and bankers and car salesmen. They’re the people you bump into at the grocery store and sit behind in the pews on Sunday mornings at church. They’re your neighbors, your old classmates, the parents of your kids’ friends.

They also choose to work a mostly thankless side job as sports officials.

I promise you, they’re working harder than you realize to make the experience of playing and watching youth sports safe, fair, and fun.

I see how hard my daddy’s working out there—and I wish you did, too.

While everyone else is watching the ball swish through the hoop, my eyes are trained on the one standing on the sidelines with two arms in the air, signaling three points.

When fans are erupting over another fast break, I’m watching him match their speed step for thundering step.

When teams are huddled together hurriedly plotting last-possession strategy, I see him talking with the scorekeeper, game ball on his hip, calmly making sure he and his partners are prepared for whatever scenario plays out next.

And what you probably don’t realize is that when my daddy’s on the court, he’s doing a lot more than calling travels, administering free throws, and ignoring “over the backs” (fact check: not a thing).

He’s showing me what it means to work hard and better myself.

He’s teaching me about camaraderie and friendship.

He’s showing me the importance and joy of pursuing a hobby.

He’s modeling for me the value of patience and persistence.

He knows angry words, argumentative coaches, and constant criticism is all just part of the gig. (I think he even enjoys it sometimes.)

But what you should remember when you’re ready to berate him from the stands next time is this: he deserves your respect.

The fact is, he’s spending a lot of time away from our house to pursue something that’s become a passion. He’s logging countless hours running up and down gym floors, then icing his aching knee afterward. He’s watching tape of the game long after we’ve gone to bed, critiquing everything from the strength of his whistle to how much his left arm swings when he runs.

He takes pride in the work most people aren’t brave enough to do.

And you know what I know for sure? He does that work so well.

That’s my hero out there on the court, wearing the stripes.

And I’m counting on you to be kind.

3. Notice. Frontier Telenet Board of Directors Regular Meeting, Feb. 26

Frontier Telenet Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. PST

Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, OR

Teleconference Dial-in: (669) 900-6833; Meeting ID: 706204139

Agenda topics include: Review of previous meeting minutes, financial report; 2018-19FY Supplemental Budget Resolution; Budget Calendar; Budget Committee; Audit Report; Consider Inland Development Corp. offer to consolidate trunk line internet access service and reduce base monthly expenses by almost 50%; Consider offering Gorge Networks short-term data transport capacity from Grass Valley to Moro to allow Sherman Co. FTTH project to continue rollout pending negotiation of long-term arrangement for inter-city transport; NCESD/E-Rate Status Report; Administration & Professional Services; Daily Administrator March-June; IT Services (website maintenance, email integration, records consolidation); Legal Services.

  • With the exception of public hearings, the Frontier Board, in its sole discretion, may make changes to this agenda and/or address other matters it deems appropriate. In addition, the Frontier Board may at any time and without prior notice enter into executive session in accordance with ORS 192.660(2).
  • The meeting location is accessible to persons with disabilities. A request for an interpreter for the hearing impaired or for other accommodations for persons with disabilities should be made not less than 48 hours prior to the date/time the meeting is set to begin by contacting Judge N. Lynn Morley at 541-763-3460 or via email to

4. Notice. State & Federal Grant Fund Opportunity for Eligible Transportation Providers

ShermanCoLogoSherman County announces the opportunity for eligible transportation providers to apply for State Special Transportation Formula Funds (STF) & FTA 5310 (Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities) Small Urban and ODOT STP Estimated 19-21 Biennial Targets.  Funds are allocated to Sherman County by the Oregon Department of Transportation.  Grant applications are for the 2019-2021 Biennium.  Applications and instructions and eligibility guidelines are available at the Oregon Public Transit Division Web site:

The applications submitted for projects in Sherman County must be received in person or by mail, not later than March 1, 2019.  Applications may be submitted by mail to:  Sherman County, P.O. Box 365, Moro, OR  97039 or in person at 500 Court Street, Moro, OR  97039 not later than 4:00PM on March 1, 2019.  Contact Marnene Benson-Wood 541-565-3553 for more information.


  1. March 1, 2019        STF & 5310 Grant Applications Due to Sherman County
  2. March 4-5, 2019              Public Comment Period
  3. March 6, 2019        STF Committee to Review STF & 5310 Grant Applications                     to make Recommendations to the Sherman County Court
  4. March 6, 2019        Sherman County Court to Review Grant Applications

5. Notice. Sherman County Requests Public Comment for Community Transit Projects

ShermanCoLogoSherman County is requesting comments for the following projects proposed for the STF funding from the State of Oregon and the 5310 Public Transportation Discretionary Grant program offered by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Sherman County Community Transit – STF Funds for Operations $67,700 annually

Sherman County Community Transit – 5310 Funds for Preventive Maintenance for                                                         Vehicles & the Bus Barn $37,274  annually

Mobility Management $17,000 annually

Additional information is available from Marnene Benson-Wood, Sherman County Transportation Coordinator, P O Box 365, Moro, Oregon  97039, Phone: 541-565-3553.  Sherman County invites comments on the proposed applications, by sending a written response by March 5, 2019 to: Sherman County, P O Box 365, Moro, Oregon 97039.

6. Regional History Forum program: World War I Living History, March 2

Washington State Park Ranger Mark Harris gives his living history presentation Saturday, Mar. 2, at the Original Wasco County Courthouse. The program was rescheduled because of snow and ice early in February.  He will be joined by members of Cascade Singers offering music of WWI at the 1859 venue, 410 W. Second Place, The Dalles.  The program begins at 1:30 p.m.

Harris has family connections to WWI and began collecting items relating to the war.  His uniform is a faithful reproduction and his items a soldier would have carried into battle are both reproductions and genuine historic pieces.  He will take on the identity of a soldier and relate the soldier’s experiences in a first person “living history” dialogue with the audience.

The program was featured in the 2018 centennial of the armistice at Sam Hill’s Stonehenge, part of Maryhill State Park. The landmark above the Columbia at Maryhill is a memorial to those from Klickitat County who died in the war.  2019 marks the actual end of WWI with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.  Music of the war is also part of Saturday’s program.  A medley of WWI songs and poetry will be offered by members of Cascade Singers.

Admission is free but donations are welcome. There is a TV monitor on the ground floor of the 1859 courthouse to serve those unable to climb the stairs. Coffee and cookies will be served after the program.  Another program postponed due to weather will take place Saturday, Mar. 9.  It features Mayerdale historian Dave Wilson telling the story of Japanese families in the Mosier area prior to 1942.

7. Sherman County Senior & Community Center March Meal Menu

We serve lunch at 12:00, noon sharp.  First come, first served.

If you have a group of 2 or more, please let the Kitchen staff know at #565-3191, the day before to ensure that we make enough food to serve!

MEAL PRICING: Under 60 Yrs. Is $7.00 ~ 60 Yrs. & UP $4.00 suggested donation!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hot Ham & Cheese/Bun
Potato Wedges
Veggies, Salad & Dessert
4 5 6 7 8
Fish Turkey Tetrazzini Meatloaf Hot Turkey Sandwich Pizza loaded w. Meat
Hash Brown Casserole Salad Bar Baked Potato Mashed Potatoes/Gravy Salad Bar
Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Veggies & Dessert
11 12 13 14 15
Oriental Chicken Macaroni & Cheese Hamburger Gravy Pesto Chicken Beef Chili
Rice Pilaf Salad Bar over mashed potatoes Noodles Cornbread
Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert
18 19 20 21 22
Baked Ham Sweet & Sour Meatballs Chicken Fried Steak Beef Taco Bar Cheeseburgers
Au Gratin Potatoes Rice Pilaf Mashed potatoes & Gravy Beans, cheese, lettuce Potato Wedges
Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert
25 26 27 28 29
Chicken Broccoli Quiche Beef Stroganoff Spaghetti w. Meat Sauce Chicken Fried Rice Chicken & Noodles
Salad Bar Rotini Noodles Salad Bar Salad Bar Salad Bar
Veggies & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Veggies & Dessert Veggies & Fruit Veggies & Dessert

Menu subject to change due to availability

ATTENTION:  For those who have food allergies, be aware that a large variety of foods are prepared in the kitchen.  Therefore, meals may be prepared with ingredients and food service equipment may come in contact with ingredients to which you may have an allergic reaction, such as nuts.

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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