Sherman County eNews #40


  1. Notices of Snow Closures Submitted to eNews

  2. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

  3. Man-made Products that Include or Require Petroleum

  4. Sherman County History Tidbits: Middle Oregon Baptist Academy

1. Notices of Snow Closures Submitted to eNews

  • Hwy 206 between Condon and Wasco has been closed due to inclement weather by Oregon Department of Transportation untll further notice. ~Frontier Regional Alert serving Gilliam, Jefferson, Sherman, and Wheeler Counties
  • Sherman County School ~Superintendent Wes Owens
  • Sherman County Public/School Library
  • North Central Public Health District
  • Cottonwood Canyon State Park

2. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

bird.owl.limbBarley, Wheat & Potatoes. Why Do We Need to Keep Breeding New Crop Varieties?

Oregon’s Cap-and-Trade Program: An Economic Assessment

Video. Carbon Pricing, Explained With Chickens 

Oregon State Sen. Bentz: Principles for New Revenue for Schools

Prager University: Our videos make it easy to get smarter five minutes at a time.

Prager University: America Wants Legal Immigrants

The Heartland Institute: Freedom Rising

Heartland Institute wastes real scientists’ time – yet again

Watch Your Language: Language Filled with Laughter

Green New Deal Splits Central Oregon’s Representatives

Editorial: Madras High teaches the state a lesson

The Federalist

116th Congress. A Resolution Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create a Green New Deal.

3. Man-made Products that Include or Require Petroleum

“Pretty much everything produced by man either includes or requires petroleum products. Even if you go out of your way to avoid petrochemicals that are included in products directly, there’s still manufacturing machinery lubricants, plastic packaging, transport fuels, chemical fertilizers, asphalt on roads, and a hundred other things you would never think of but can hardly live without.

“Even organic food requires 5-10 units of fossil fuels for every 1 unit of food produced.

“You know the old trope about how hunter/gatherer societies “used every part of the animal,” and relied on that one critical source of raw materials? Bone for tools, sinew for thread, leather for clothing. That’s how the developed world is about oil — we use every part of the barrel, and have built our existence around its availability. Light gases for heating, middle distillates for fuels, and so on. Even the sludge at the bottom of the barrel is used to build our roads.

“Many of these uses can be substituted with non-petroleum alternatives, but there’s a serious problem of scale. Oil is the only source of liquid energy and low-weight carbon compounds that is big and cheap enough to sustain billions of people at a modern level of existence. Outside of extremely primitive subsistence agriculture, almost all human activity relies on petroleum in some significant way.” ~ Ryan Carlyle, Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering

See Petroleum Products

You might be surprised at the everyday items that are made with petroleum products. For example: Detergent, Fertilizer, Synthetic Fibers, Vitamins, Plastic, CDs/DVDs, Wax Candles & Band-Aids… and more…

4. Sherman County History Tidbits: Middle Oregon Baptist Academy

Sponsored by the Eastern Oregon Baptist Society, the Middle Oregon Baptist Academy in Grass Valley began operating in October 1895. The school offered three courses of study: classical, normal/teaching, or business. It drew students from a wide area in the region. Founded by the Middle Oregon Baptist Association, the building was 48’ x 48’, two stories with a basement. It closed in 1904 and the deed quit claimed to Alexander Scott a few years after. Excerpted from the History of the Middle Oregon Baptist Academy: “The Middle Oregon Baptist Association was organized in 1883 at the home of Bro. Thomas Badger, near the present village of DeMoss Springs, in Sherman County, Oregon, October 31st. It had three churches, three ordained ministers and 58 members. Elder S. B. Phillips was Moderator; J. B. Wheat, Clerk… (it was believed that) Friendship Baptist Church of Moro, Kingsley Baptist Church of Kingsley, and Shutler Flat Baptist Church were the three churches, all of which have long been extinct, but they did their part in their time.” ~Matoon’s Baptist Annals of Oregon, vol. 1, page 317; History of the Middle Oregon Baptist Academy: