Sherman County eNews #306


  1. Notice. Biggs Service District Public Meeting, Dec. 5

  2. Notice. Sherman County Court Session, Dec. 5

  3. Condon’s Holiday Light Festival and Parade, Dec. 1

  4. Keep Sherman County Moving: Community Transit

  5. Notice. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, Nov. 28

  6. Judicial Watch: The Caravan Crisis, November 21, 2018

  7. Starting on the Inside

  8. Sherman County Senior & Community Center December Meal Menu

1. Notice. Biggs Service District Public Meeting, Dec. 5

The Biggs Service District will hold a public meeting on December 5, 2018 at 8:30 am in the Commissioners Meeting room at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street in Moro, Oregon 97039 to discuss items relating to the Biggs Water System Project, and to the District.

2. Notice. Sherman County Court Session, Dec. 5

ShermanCoLogoThe Sherman County Court will be in session, December 5, 2018, beginning at 9 a.m. in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039. The agenda, including updates, will be posted on the Sherman County Website at

Topics on the agenda include Four Rivers Early Learning Hub report by Amber DeGrange & Christa Rude; ODOT/WSDOT Mobility Management Match & Quarterly Report by Marnene Benson, Sherman County Transit; Fair Board Quarterly Report by Beth McCurdy; Sheriff’s Department Report by James Burgett; Sheriff’s Office Surplus; Association of Oregon Counties Request for Additional Payment; National Association of Counties Dues; Courthouse Reunification Center; County Employee Active Shooter Training; Discussion Items: Golden Hills SIP & Commissioners’ Reports; Consent Agenda.

3. Condon’s Holiday Light Festival and Parade, Dec. 1


  • Matinee at the Liberty Theatre – The Polar Express – 4 pm
  • Christmas Caroling at Sage & Stone Spa – 5pm
  • Holiday Lighted Parade Sponsored by Columbia Basin Electric – 5:30 pm
  • Photos with Santa and community gathering at the Condon Elks Lodge following the parade.

Share in the joy of the holiday season!

4. Keep Sherman County Moving: Community Transit

ShermanCoLogoSherman County Community Transit, also known as Sherman Transit or Community Transit, provides public bus transportation service throughout Sherman County and to The Dalles, Portland, and other cities for shopping, medical appointments, and special events.

Check out the Sherman County website: or call Sherman County Community Transit at 541-565-3553 for more information.

Good News for Public Transportation in Oregon: With the passage last year of HB 2017, Keep Oregon Moving, the Oregon Legislature made a significant investment in transportation to help further the things that Oregonians value—a vibrant economy with good jobs, strong communities with a good quality of life, a clean environment, and safe, healthy people. This is a historic investment in Oregon’s transportation system that will pay dividends for decades to come.

Section 122 of Keep Oregon Moving (Oregon House Bill 2017) established a new dedicated source of funding for expanding public transportation service in Oregon. This new funding source is called the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund, or STIF.

90 percent of STIF funds will be distributed to qualified entities based on taxes paid within their geographic area, with a minimum amount of $100,000 per year to each qualified entity. Sherman County is a qualified entity that is eligible to receive the minimum amount of $100,000 each year. These funds will be used to support projects that expand the public transportation services here in Sherman County.

Get involved: Sherman County Community Transit is looking for more community members to participate on the new STIF Advisory Committee. The STIF Advisory Committee is a volunteer committee, meets at least twice a year and will help Sherman County Community Transit to review and prioritize proposed projects. Do you take the bus for medical trips or do you ride our twice a week shopping bus? We welcome your participation to help us improve our public transportation service.

Additional Shopping Bus Day: We need your feedback! Sherman County Community Transit is reviewing the possibility of adding a third shopping bus day to our regular schedule. The schedule would be designed to allow more flexibility and comfort for seniors. Please call us: 541-565-3553 or email us: (CLICK HERE) with your thoughts about this third shopping bus. What day of the week would you prefer? What would the schedule look like? Which stores should be on the schedule? Would you like a stop for lunch?

We average 163 persons riding per month.  Of the riders 67% are 60 and over and 67% of the rides are for medical reasons and 33% are for shopping.

5. Notice. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting Agenda, Nov. 28

Frontier TeleNet

Board of Directors Meeting

November 28th 10:00 AM

Jeanne Burch Building, 401 Fourth St. Fossil, OR

Agenda topics include Minutes & Financial Review & Approval; IT & System Updates & Progress Report; Business & Marketing Report; E-Rate Update & Discussion; FTN Future Funding; Bylaws Update; Public Input/Comment.

The Frontier TeleNet board reserves the right at its sole discretion to enter into Executive Session under ORS 192.660 (a), (g), (j), (n),(D). For those requesting a call in number or other accommodations, please contact Mike Smith at 541-306-1202 or

6. Judicial Watch: The Caravan Crisis, November 21, 2018

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell joins filmmaker Ami Horowitz to discuss his recent trip to Mexico investigating the migrant caravan.

On Watch: Exposing Mainstream Media Lies About the Illegal Alien Invasion

7. Starting on the Inside

In our work around the world, The Pacific Institute employs a series of guiding principles to help individuals and organizations understand the inner workings of the human mind. Working with high performers from industry to sports, one of the things we want to make certain of is that everyone understands one very specific principle before any change process can work.

It is simply this: All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and then works its way out. Change imposed from the outside seldom, if ever, succeeds – in the short-term or the long-term. It all has to do with the way human beings have learned how to think. You see, we think ourselves into behaving. Our thoughts create our beliefs, and our beliefs cause our behaviors.

If you don’t change the picture in your head before you start to change anything else about yourself, you will have a tendency to slip back to the old picture, the old you. That’s what happens, for example, if you force yourself to lose weight without first changing your inner picture. If you continue to see yourself as overweight in your mind’s eye, you’ll start to gain the weight back as soon as you take it off.

It is also why, if your dominant picture of yourself is as a smoker, and you try to quit, you’ll have a strong tendency to relapse once you relax the intense control it takes to stop in the first place. This same lack of a new, dominant picture is why most, if not all, New Year’s “Resolutions” are doomed to failure.

Human beings are picture-oriented. It’s a simple fact and becomes an effective tool when we go to make changes in our behaviors. Affirmations and visualizations, journaling and meditation, are excellent ways to change your internal pictures and make sure that new behavior lasts. They help you create your reality from the inside out, which is the most consistent, reliable, and effective way to make change happen – for an individual, team, department or organization – even a nation. ~The Pacific Institute

8, Sherman County Senior & Community Center December Meal Menu  

We serve lunch at 12:00, noon sharp.  First come, first served.

If you have a group of 2 or more, please let the Kitchen staff know at #565-3191, the day before to ensure that we make enough food to serve!

MEAL PRICING: Under 60 Yrs. Is $7.00 ~ 60 Yrs. & UP $4.00 suggested donation!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
3 4 5 6 7
Sloppy Joes/Bun
Potato Wedges
Salad & Dessert
Baked Potato Bar
Broccoli, Ham & Cheese
Salad & Fruit
Meatloaf Chicken Enchiladas Mac & Cheese w/ Bacon
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Mexican Rice & Veggies Veggies
Veggies, Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
10 11 12 13 14
Beef & Bean Burritos Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce Oven Fried Chicken Pork & Noodles Chili
Mexican Rice & Veggies Garlic Bread & Veggies Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Veggies Cornbread
Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
17 18 19 Christmas Lunch 20 21
Swedish Meatballs Sweet & Sassy Chicken Baked Ham Pizza loaded w/ Meat Chicken Alfredo
Rotini Noodles & Veggies Rice Pilaf & Veggies Rolls & Cheesy Potatoes Veggies Veggies
Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Veggies, Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
24 25 26 27 28
CLOSED CLOSED Chicken Fried Steak Cheeseburgers Navy Bean & Ham Soup
FOR FOR Mashed Potatoes & Gravy Tater Tots Cornbread
CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS Veggies, Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
31 MENU SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO AVAILABILITY — ATTENTION:  For those who have food allergies, be aware that a large variety of food is prepared in the kitchen.  Therefore, meals may be prepared with ingredients and food service equipment may come in contact with ingredients to which you may have an allergic reaction, such as nuts.