Sherman County eNews #304


  1. Wasco School Events Center Community Dinner & Bingo, Nov. 26

  2. Foster Youth Holiday Gift Drive

  3. North Central Education Service District: Gilliam, Sherman & Wheeler

  4. North Central ESD Board Meeting Minutes, Nov. 1

  5. Gala of Trees to Benefit Sherman County Preschool, Nov. 26-Dec. 6

  6. Redirecting the Energy Drain

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: the more you have and are grateful for, the more will be given you.” — Sarah Ban Breathnach

1. Wasco School Events Center Community Dinner & Bingo, Nov. 26

food.soup.bowlThe Wasco School Events Center will be hosting a Community Dinner & Bingo on Monday, November 26th at 5:30 pm at the Events Center. The menu will include homemade soups and breads. Cost is $6 per person or $20 for family of 4.  We will also be playing 3 rounds of BINGO at $1 per card. Please join us for dinner and BINGO!

2. Foster Youth Holiday Gift Drive

children.cartoonThis year over 120 children in the Gorge will be spending their holidays in foster care. Help make them a little brighter by donating a holiday gift! 

Avenue Properties, Columbia Gorge CASA and Mid-Columbia Health Foundation have joined forces to create a Foster Youth Holiday Gift Drive that will run from November 27 until December 15. During this time, unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at Avenue Properties offices located in The Dalles (406 E 2nd St) and Hood River (116 3rd St #209).  Gifts can also be brought to the Festival of Trees “Community Day” event on Saturday, December 8th from 9AM to 12PM at The Dalles Civic Auditorium.  CASA will also be on hand with information about their program.

Gift ideas include gift cards, electronic devices (Kindle Fires were huge last year), basketball/ footballs with pumps, art supplies (all ages), books (all ages), games and puzzles, action figure dolls, Legos, makeup sets, stuffed animals, hot wheels sets, nerf guns, remote control cars & batteries, baby dolls & 18” American girl style dolls, Barbie dolls, animal figures, scooters & bikes (with helmets), baby toys, hats & glove sets and stocking stuffers. Avenue Properties in The Dalles will also be hosting a Wish-List Giving Tree featuring items that specific local foster children have asked for.

For more information, call Columbia Gorge CASA, P.O. Box 663, Hood River, OR 97031,  at 541-386-3468 or Avenue Properties at 541-716-0701.

3. North Central Education Service District: Gilliam, Sherman & Wheeler

Local Service Plan 2017-2018

Mission of North Central ESD ~

The goals of North Central Education Service District (NCESD) are to assist component school districts in meeting the requirements of state and federal law, to improve student learning, to enhance the quality of instruction provided to students, to provide professional development to component school district employees, to enable component school districts and the students who attend schools in those districts to have equitable access to resources, and to maximize operational and fiscal efficiencies for component school districts. North Central ESD meets the challenge of its mission by providing services to its constituent districts. Serving about 700 students in a 3,500 square-mile geographically challenging area requires a commitment to education.

The board and staff of North Central ESD adopt the philosophy of providing professional services and facilities on a cooperative basis with component school districts to assist each student in achieving his or her potential. Under the provisions of Oregon law adopted by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 2005, an Education Service District shall provide regionalized core services in:

  • Administrative/Business Services
  • Services for Children with Special Needs
  • School Improvement Services
  • Technology Services

The responsibility of the ESD is to provide these services as much as possible under the direction of the service grant 90/10 rule for expenditures.

4. North Central ESD Board Meeting Minutes, Nov. 1


November 1, 2018

The North Central ESD Board of Directors met in regular session in the NCESD Conference Room,

Thursday, November 1, 2018.


P—Jeff Schott, Chair-June 2021

P—Jim Doherty-June 2021

P—Kristen Neuberger-June 2019

P—Amy Derby -June 2019

A—Sarah Rucker -June 2021

P—Greg Greenwood -June 2019

P—Penny Grotting, Superintendent

P—Kim Domenighini, Bus. Mgr.



Jeff opened the Board Meeting at 6:05 p.m.

Public Input:



The minutes & fiscal receipts from the September 5, 2018 regular board meeting were distributed for review via email September 26, 2018.

Motion— Amy, seconded by Jim, to approve the September minutes.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.

Motion— Kristen, seconded by Greg, to approve the fiscal receipts. Kim included a quarterly report that she will update each quarter.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.


  • Penny passed out the Annual Report that is sent to ODE by October 1 each year. It states the districts ADMw, current services, performance and the finances of our ESD for the previous school year.
  • Penny discussed the Educator Advancement Council, which is a professional network for teachers. Hilda Rosalli will conduct a phone conference at the superintendents meeting on Tuesday to discuss the new legislation for this grant.
  • Penny will be going to the OSBA conference next week.
  • North Central ESD is continuing to advertise for a SLPA and Tech position.
  • Angela Tyler has been hired for additional hours for professional development with teachers at the preschools and to assist Carrie Somnis, OPK Director in OPK.
  • Penny met with Wes Owens and Rinda Montgomery to see how the new program is developing and fulling the requirements of the Special Education Program.
  • Jim Smith, Fossil SD Superintendent, will meet with Penny at OSBA to go over the services that the ESD provides.
  • Jeff spoke to the board with regards to the HVAC unit on the roof. Trane came out last month with three options for the unit.
    •  Option 1 $8,152 – Repair Condenser
    •  Option 2 $49,966.00 – Condenser Replacement
    •  Option 3 $63,355.00 Complete Replacement
  • At this time the board would like to wait and see how the unit will work through the winter and talk about it in the spring time.
  • There is a rip in the return duct so Trane recommended putting a sheet of metal over it so the rain does not get into the unit.

Job Descriptions

  • Table until next meeting.


OPK Update

  • Carrie Somnis came to the board meeting to discuss the correction action plan that she and Penny had with Dawn Barberis, ODE.
  • The Policy Council is one of the major issues with the corrective action plan. Carrie will be going to Sherman Preschool next week to have the first Policy Council meeting.
  • Carrie will put OPK documents on the new website.
  • Carrie would like to present the information to the Policy Council before they bring it to the board.

Motion— Amy, seconded by Kristen, to allow Jeff to sign the Policy Council Board

Approval form on behalf of the North Central ESD board.

VOTING—Unanimously approved

  • NCESD OPK Program has 21 slots.
  • Julie Sanders and Sammi Lane, Umatilla Morrow Head Start met today to go over the MOU for the children and families in our region. The MOU will promote school readiness, nurture social and cognitive development, provide access to education, health, and social services, engage parents in their children’s learning.

Tech update

Cody Harmon, Tech Director Columbia Gorge ESD, did a phone conference to give the tech update.

  • Hired Joe Fernandes, Tech Specialist, on October 22, 2018
  • Columbia Gorge ESD will continue to be the support for tech services. Any calls or tickets should go through CGESD.
  • Currently Arlington, Fossil, Mitchell and Spray School District have 50 mbps of bandwidth. The ESD uses 250 mbps of bandwidth.
  • Cody explained that fiber will be coming into Condon.
  • Cody would like to put out an RFP for the fiber for all of the district including the ESD. Included in the RFP, each site would need a server.
  • The E-Rate 471 window opens January 28, 2019.
  • Cody is estimating the most it could cost each school district would be $8,000.00. The estimated time for the fiber build, should be six to eight months.
  • The Gilliam County Courthouse will be down November 19-23 for maintenance issues.
  • The City of Condon would like to contract with the ESD. Cody and Penny will work with Kathryn Griener to negotiate a contract.
  • Penny received a call from Judge Shaffer regarding internet and Frontier Telenet. Penny explained that her first priority will be to provide the best possible internet
  • access for the schools and students at the lowest cost available. His concern was for Frontier Telenet and the possibility of losing the contract with the ESD.
  • Penny re-negotiated the contract with Gilliam County Courthouse for tech services from $17,000 to $22,000.

Next meeting: January 3, 2019 6:00pm

ADJOURNMENT With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 p.m.


5. Gala of Trees to Benefit Sherman County Preschool, Nov. 26-Dec. 6

Christmas.wreath.aniSherman Co. Preschool is pleased to announce the Gala of Trees fundraiser is up and running again this year. Trees & wreaths will be on display at MCP Farm Store in Wasco from November 26 to the time of the drawing on December 6th at noon (you don’t have to be present to win, winners will be called immediately). Tickets may be purchased from any Sherman Co. Preschool family or at MCP Farm Store. This year we want to thank MCP Farm Store for hosting again, and the following businesses/people for donating or sponsoring a tree or wreath: Dinty’s Market, Husky’s 97 Market, Bank of Eastern Oregon, Apex Auto & Truck Repair, RDO Equipment, Paradise Rose Chuckwagon, Hill Trucking, Kock Farms, Sherman Co. Emergency Services, Kathy McCullough, and the many people who work for these businesses that come up with such creative & pretty wreaths and trees. Thank you for your continued support of Sherman Co. Preschool!

6. Redirecting the Energy Drain

What are you trying to avoid in your life? Does worry take up a big part of your waking hours or, perhaps, your sleeping hours? What we are talking about does have a name, and maybe it is time to redirect the energy drain known as “worry.”

Most of us try to avoid certain things in life – poverty, depression, unhappiness, stress, illness and pain, to name just a few. It makes sense to want to avoid these things as much as possible. The challenge comes when seeking avoidance becomes a primary motivation. Some people spend an enormous amount of time worrying about how to avoid or about how to cope IF these situations do occur. It becomes the first thoughts when waking up and the last thoughts before going to sleep – if one can actually get to sleep.

Just by spending that much time worrying, we are pretty much eliminating the possibility of feeling happy. We are also elevating our stress levels, thereby weakening our immune systems. Ironically, this just makes us even more susceptible to illness and pain – some of those things we are trying to avoid. Melancholy and depression can easily follow. And, if we feel this badly, we probably aren’t going to be doing very well at work or school, either. All of our energies go into worrying about every little thing that MIGHT happen, and we have no energy to actually go and do something about it.

The fact is, we move toward and become like what we think about. If we spend most of our time worrying about something, we shouldn’t be too surprised when it shows up in our lives.

Someone once said that worry is “interest paid on trouble before it comes due.” Now, you wouldn’t think of doing this with your money, would you? So why in the world would you do it with something far more precious than money – your time and your very life?

So ask yourself, for every minute you spend worrying, what else could you be thinking about, what challenges could you be out solving, instead? ~The Pacific Institute

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