Sherman County eNews #284


  1. What’s Coming Up at Sherman County Public/School Library

  2. Dewey Thomas to celebrate 104th Birthday, Nov. 3

  3. Notice. Sherman County Court Session, Nov. 7

  4. Notice. Biggs Service District Public hearing, Nov. 7

  5. Notice. Sherman County Court Regular Session Minutes Online, Sept. 19

  6. Common Ground

  7. Oregon’s Poet Laureate offers reading at college, Nov. 14

 1. What’s Coming Up at Sherman County Public/School Library

The Library is open School Hours – 8am-4pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 8am-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-4pm Saturday

Community Preschool Storytime – Every Tuesday at 10am
Join us for Preschool Storytime and crafts. Ages 0-6.

YA Art Club
THURSDAY after school in the library.
Grades 6-12.
When it’s over, catch the 5:00 activity bus.

Crafts in Stacks – November Gifting Event – Saturdays
Each craft costs $5 and all supplies are included.
Crafts are open to all ages, younger children will need their grownup to help them. This is a great way for kids and adults to make personalized gifts for loved ones. Please sign up for the craft you want by the Friday before each craft. You may bring your money the day of the craft.

This project is made possible, in part, with funding from the Sherman County Cultural Coalition.

November 3 at 1pm – Customized Picture Frames
Bring a digital photo to print or a 5×7 photo ready to frame. We will paint our frames. You can choose your own short quote or bring a picture or hard copy of a loved one’s hand writing and we will cut it in vinyl and add it to the frame.

November 3 at 2:30 – Hand Painted Enamel Mugs
Free hand paint or use a stencil to create your own dishwasher safe mug.

November 10 at 1pm – Peg People Ornaments
Create your own peg people ornaments, you may paint as many as you have time for.

November 10 at 2:30 – Glitter Ornaments
We will add glitter to the inside of ball ornaments and add a name, small quote or initials to the outside. Once complete it will not leave glitter where ever you go!

November 17 at 2pm – Leather Earrings
Create your own customized faux leather earrings, you will have your choice of colors and designs. You may add glitter, paint, vinyl or beads to make them unique.

2. Dewey Thomas to celebrate 104th Birthday, Nov. 3

Friends and family are invited to the Lean To Café on Saturday, November 3, 2018, at 10:00 am for cake and coffee. No gifts please!

3. Notice. Sherman County Court Session, Nov. 7

ShermanCoLogoThe Sherman County Court session scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. will be held in the Commissioners Meeting Room at the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039.  The agenda, including updates, will be posted on the Sherman County Website at

4. Notice. Biggs Service District Public hearing, Nov. 7

The Biggs Service District will hold a Public Hearing November 7th at 8:30 am in the Commissioners Meeting Room at Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street in Moro Oregon 97039, for the first reading of Ordinance 11-7-18, establishing regulation regarding connections, operations, and rates for water service for the Biggs Service District. Following the hearing, regular business items for Biggs Service District and/or the Biggs Service District Water System Project will be addressed.

5. Notice. Sherman County Court Regular Session Minutes Online, Sept. 19

Approved minutes for the September 5, 2018 Regular Session and the September 19, 2018 Regular Session are now available in the Archive of County Court Meeting Minutes

6. Common Ground

Do you believe that opposites attract? There are a lot of opinions on this very subject, from both “yes” and “no” answers.

One of the ways we build alliances and strong relationships with others is to build on what we have in common. Abraham Lincoln once said, “If you would win a man to your cause, first convince him that you are his sincere friend.”

How do you do this? Well, first of all, by feeling like a sincere friend. As a rule, friendships are built on common experiences, common backgrounds, and common values. Now, when people have enough in common, an element of difference can add a dash of excitement to the relationship – the spice in life, if you will. But on the whole, we are attracted to and want to spend time with people who are like us.

Think about this for a moment. When we fall in love, we tend to see only the similarities and ignore the differences. However, couples about to divorce tend to do just the opposite. They focus on the differences and no longer see the similarities at all. One could say that this is a matter of perspective, dependent on the situation at hand.

So, if you want to smooth out the rough spots in your world and build solid relationships and strong alliances – whether with coworkers, family members or friends – pay attention to where your focus is in the relationship. If it’s on the differences between you, conflict and friction is inevitable. But if you stay focused on the similarities, the things you have in common, you’ll have much smoother sailing. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Oregon’s Poet Laureate offers reading at college, Nov. 14

books.loveOregon’s Poet Laureate, Kim Stafford, presents a public reading on The Dalles Campus of Columbia Gorge Community College Wednesday, Nov. 14, part of a two-day college visit that also includes classroom discussions with students.

The public is invited to Stafford’s poetry reading, which begins at 7 p.m. in the Lecture Hall, located on the third floor of Building 2 of The Dalles Campus, 400 East Scenic Drive.

“We are thrilled to have a poet and writer of Kim’s stature visit campus and work with our students,” said Leigh Hancock, a CGCC instructor who is arranging the visit. Hancock chairs the college’s writing, reading, literature and foreign language department. “Kim is a storyteller, inspired speaker and humanist who believes in the power of words to cross boundaries and build communities; his readings are often transcendent events,” Hancock added.

Prior to the public reading, Stafford will visit students enrolled in writing and reading classes at CGCC, speaking on such topics as the use of monologues in fiction.

Stafford is founding director of the Northwest Writing Institute at Lewis & Clark College and author of a dozen books of poetry and prose, including “The Muses Among Us: Eloquent Listening and Other Pleasures of the Writer’s Craft” and “100 Tricks Every Boy Can Do: How My Brother Disappeared.” In May 2018 Gov. Kate Brown named him Oregon’s ninth Poet Laureate.

Stafford was born and raised in Oregon, earning a Ph.D. in medieval literature from the University of Oregon. He is the second Stafford to serve as Oregon’s Poet Laureate; his father, William Stafford, held the appointment from 1974 to 1989.

“Poetry is our native language,” says Stafford. “We begin with imaginative experiments as children, and lyric language can be a realm of discovery and delight throughout life. For adults and communities, poetry can help us be more open to new ideas, emotionally informed, and buoyant in responding to challenges. In a society of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, poetry builds community.”