Sherman County eNews #279


  1. Cub Scout Sign-up on Wednesday, Oct. 24

  2. Sherman Development League Grant/Loan Applications

  3. Letter to the Editor: Community Counseling Solutions

  4. Make a Date with Condon, Nov. 17 & Dec. 1

  5. Focusing on Solutions

  6. Sherman County History Tidbits: War Surplus Nylon, Tumbling Team Suits

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go….

P.S. Hate is heavy. Let it go.

1. Cub Scout Sign-up on Wednesday, Oct. 24

Boys and Girls Kindergarten through Fifth grade are invited to sign up for Cub Scouts on Wednesday, October 24th at 6:00pm at the Sherman County School.
Contact Gerry Granum at 503-502-6140 or email

2. Sherman Development League Grant/Loan Applications

Sherman Development League (SDL) grant application forms are now available for projects and/or programs in Sherman County. Grants can be applied for by 501(c)(3) and other non-profit organizations. Organizations that have received a grant from SDL are not eligible to apply until their current grant requirements have been met. Revolving loan funds are also available to for-profit entities and businesses.

Applications will be accepted until November 15, 2018, and grants will be awarded by February 1, 2019. To receive appropriate grant/loan application forms, please submit a letter of request which includes:

• A brief description of your project.
• State if the project is a capital expenditure, one-time program or pilot project, emergency assistance or a loan request.
• Identify the type of organization requesting funding.

Mail or email requests to:
Sherman Development League, Inc.
P.O. Box 11
Moro, OR 97039

Contact Melva Thomas at 541-442-5488 or

3. Letter to the Editor: Community Counseling Solutions

pencil.sharpTo the Editor:

When I was the mayor of Wasco, we were approached by Kimberly Lindsey with Community Counseling Solutions((CCS)).  The first public meeting included all of their staff and there was a large local resident turn out. I came away from the meeting with very positive feelings from the residents in favor to move forward. We had 1-2 other public meetings with Kimberley. Plus the project was updated at several of our council meetings, and they also met with the Wasco Event Center board a number of times. The council voted to support the CCS facility being built in Wasco. We have been working to find the best location on the school grounds for the building.  We felt that it would be a positive opportunity for Wasco, Sherman county and the young women who would use the facility. It would be a low key presence in the town and provide much needed employment with good wages in Sherman county —- the city of Wasco is supportive of this project.

Carol MacKenzie, immediate past mayor

City of Wasco

4. Make a Date with Condon, Nov. 17 & Dec. 1

Condon’s Annual Fall Festival

November 17th 10-2 pm

Condon Veteran’s Memorial Hall & Condon Elks Lodge

Over 35 vendors!

Condon Light Festival & Parade

December 1st 5:30 pm

Community gathering & photos with Santa following the parade

5. Focusing on Solutions

Today, let’s look at a way to ask questions that will help you change your focus from problems to solutions.

If you want to make your communications as effective as possible, and if you’re interested finding solutions to problems rather than becoming bogged down in them, here is a suggestion that will help. If you ask the right questions, you can direct your communications to get answers that are genuinely helpful.

For example, if you ask someone, “What’s wrong?” you will get an answer – often a long one – which will focus on the problem. But if you ask, “What do you want?” or “How would you like to change things?” you have redirected the conversation from the problem to the solution.

In every situation, no matter how dark or dismal, there is a desirable outcome. You can convince people, including yourself, to focus on that outcome, by avoiding questions that ask “why” and choosing “how” or “what” questions instead.

So, instead of asking your child why History is being flunked, ask what kind of help is needed to bring the grade up. Instead of asking your boss why you didn’t get a raise, ask what you need to do in order to justify a salary increase. And, instead of demanding from your employees why they didn’t make the sale, ask them what can be done differently so they will be certain to make the next one. The idea is to engage in the process of finding solutions, and not constrain in order to fix the blame for an insufficient result.

There always will be challenges at work or at home, even during our daily commute. And while it is important to find out the why of an accident on the streets, or an incident on the shop floor or the work site, it is far more profitable to focus our minds on what needs to be done to prevent them from happening again – finding the optimum solutions.

You get the idea. It’s a mindset shift away from blame, and toward progress. Give it a try the next time the opportunity arises. You’ll be pleased with the results. ~The Pacific Institute

6. Sherman County History Tidbits: War Surplus Nylon, Tumbling Team Suits

The Optimist, October 1949 Vol. 32, No. 1, Moro, Oregon – Published monthly by the Students of Moro High School, an excerpt:

“New Office Equipment Bought … War surplus tow targets made of nylon, 9 black, 10 red, and 30 white, were purchased for the purpose of making tumbling suits for the grade school students. They may be used for many other projects as well…” [Wily Knighten and Dorothy Wilson were among the reporters.]

Read the rest of the story, “Young Athletes Branded with Range Marks of Ancestors, Other Stockmen,” in Volume 33, Number 2, Fall 2015, Sherman County: For the Record: “From the Sherman County Journal, April 28, 1950: “Members of the first and second grade tumbling team of Moro’s elementary school are no longer ‘dogies.’ Sporting livestock brands in place of numbers which ordinarily appear on athletic clothing, the midget performers boast shiny nylon uniforms which their mothers made from aerial tow targets obtained from surplus military property. Boys are decked out in black trousers style one-piece suits while the girls proudly display white bloomer style uniforms…. “

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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