Sherman County eNews #278


  1. Sherman County Photography Club, Oct. 22

  2. Meet Moro Council Candidate Abbey Phelps at a Town Hall Meeting, Oct. 24

  3. Flexibility of Mind

  4. Editorial. Careers for Wasco Facility Not Yet Constructed on Undetermined Site?

  5. Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference, Nov. 9-11 in Redmond 

  6. Sherman County History Tidbits: 1947 4-H Summer School Scholarships

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

As noted by a 14-year old student, errors in grammar and spelling in county and city campaign flyers this season may identify candidates who are not interested in the level of detail (accuracy, collaboration and ethics) required for the positions they seek! ~The Editor

1. Sherman County Photography Club, Oct. 22

Tori Macnab Medina will share her expertise as a portrait photographer at the Sherman County Photography Club meeting. Meeting starts at 6pm on Monday, October 22 at the Steve Burnet/OSU Extension Bldg. in Moro. Several members recently enjoyed a field trip to the Columbia Gorge and will be showing the pictures they captured of fall colors and waterfalls. Everyone is invited to attend.

2. Meet Moro Council Candidate Abbey Phelps at a Town Hall Meeting, Oct. 24

arrow.blueswishCome to meet Moro City Council candidate Abbey Phelps at a Town Hall meeting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, October 24th in the Library Program Room.


3. Flexibility of Mind

How flexible are you? Now, we’re not talking about your body, although that is important. What we want to consider is, how flexible is your thinking?

Flexibility is something that all effective communicators have in common. They know how to change their behavior and their style until they get what they want. They know that they can’t pressure someone into understanding their point of view, or hope, by forcibly repeating themselves, to get through to another person. They also realize that, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will continue getting what you’ve always gotten.”

Now, flexibility doesn’t always come naturally. Many of us follow the same patterns with numbing regularity. Habits are mindless efficiency. But, the brain loves habits, because they are terrific labor-savers. These habits can sometimes appear to be a combination of ego and inertia at work. But the problem is that it all works against us.

If we are going to succeed in life and in our relationships, flexibility is a key. In this sense, flexibility means the willingness and ability to try new approaches if the old one isn’t working. It is a willingness to admit that there may be a better time, a better approach, a better argument, or a better appeal than the one we are using at the moment. And, it is the ability to look for that better way and use it. This flexibility is what growth mindset is all about.

Every organism is built to be efficient with its energy, from one-celled amoebae to complex human beings. It is certainly easier to do what we have done before. However, taking the easiest path is often the worst thing we can do. Choosing the easy way will keep us from growing and from developing the flexibility we need to succeed. ~The Pacific Institute

4. Editorial. Careers for Wasco Facility Not Yet Constructed on Undetermined Site?

pencil.spiralCommunity Counseling Solutions (CCS) <; a mental health organization serving Morrow, Wheeler, Gilliam, and Grant counties, gave notice of an October 29 meeting to discuss potential career opportunities at a facility that CCS has not constructed on an undetermined site.

CCS is looking to place a 14 bed Youth Diversion Center in Wasco, Oregon, at a location not yet determined. Now CCS would like to “better understand the available talent in the Mid-Columbia area who are interested and qualified” to work at their facility which will be built within a year once the site is determined.

The notice was submitted to Sherman County eNews by Mike Smith, who is, according to Kimberly Lindsay of CCS, “assisting CCS with putting together community forums on public opinion, researching possible land purchase options, and more recently assisting us with assessing workforce availability.”

Is the cart in front of the proverbial horse? Consider the timing. Why now?

Based on our review of some Sherman County Court meeting minutes we provide excerpts for your review and questions that come to mind, emphasis added.

Why is CCS interested in siting a facility in a county not served by CCS? Why is someone else determined to site this facility in Wasco?

At the November 1, 2017, meeting of the Sherman County Court, Kimberly Lindsay of CCS reported attending a Wasco community meeting regarding the possible location. The minutes, excerpted, show that Commissioner McCoy asked about alternative sites. Mike Smith, assisting CCS in this matter, responded, “An area next to the Wasco School Events Center would be a possibility as it is close to one acre in size, is connected to city sewer and water… and connected to a ball field and gym on the same property. It is in city limits but is semi-isolated. CCS could potentially rent office space from the WSEC as well as have access to a kitchen. Kimberly explained this site has its advantages; its biggest disadvantage is that it is not located remotely enough as originally planned, which can be solved by fencing. She will talk with the City of Wasco on the possibility of selling or long term leasing…. Kimberly will check back and an additional community meeting may be needed …. She will also have Pinnacle Architecture, Inc. complete another site analysis… Kimberly explained Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc. asked if CCS would be interested in running the homes; she replied CCS would own and operate both….”

Do Wasco residents deserve a choice? Process? Specifics? What do the Wasco City Council minutes reflect?

The January 17, 2018, County Court minutes offer some specifics, excerpted: “… Kimberly Lindsay, CCS, gave an update on the potential project sites. The Rufus site will not work due to zoning; City of Wasco gave some interest in selling property north of the ball field. Kimberly asked Pinnacle Architecture to create another site assessment for the Wasco property… the site would be large enough…  the cost to make the site work by relocating the drainage swale, easement and other debris which would be no less than $40,000… does not include paving, sidewalks, etc. which totals around $700,000; this is cost prohibitive. She has looked at three different sites, spent $7,000 in assessments, and for various reasons, none have worked out. Kimberly stated there is not enough available land in Sherman County… CCS is running out of options for sites… (Kimberly) really needs two separate facilities… Commissioner McCoy asked how the County can help. Kimberly replied she will just give continual updates and there is no official role for Commissioners; however, she won’t continue to try program implementation without the County and community support.

What changed since November and January? How would this project affect Wasco’s livability?

At the April 18, 2018, meeting of the County Court, according to excerpts from their minutes, Mike Smith, representing CCS, “spoke to the Court about possible land for Community Counseling Solutions (CCS) housing next to the Wasco (School) Events Center (WSEC). CCS is currently focused on the Diversion program… They have worked again with the City of Wasco and the WSEC Board who are very supportive of CCS’s idea. The County has two empty lots next to the WSEC, and if CCS could use them, it would use up much less of the WSEC space for parking. The baseball field was originally looked at; however, it would use two-thirds of the land for parking. The city could potentially vacate the street between the building and the lots making it a driveway which would go through to the neighborhood and give a lot more room to build and designate parking. The CCS Respite House would only take up a minimal portion of baseball field, so the field may stay intact. County Court inquired as to what the County’s lots would be used for… for parking and they would need to work with the church on parking as well. CCS wanted to know the County’s commitment before moving forward any further… a long term lease with the County, and if anything happens, those lots would come back to the County. County Court asked if CCS would pay rent to the WSEC … yes, and CCS would be interested in potentially renting a few rooms, the gym and library from the WSEC as well. The Respite House would bring jobs to the County … County Court agreed to support CCS so they may move forward working on an agreement with the city.”

Have Wasco residents, Catholic church and WSEC board members seen proposals, drawings and plans for buildings and land? Who, representing CCS, “worked with City of Wasco & WSEC Board?” Is that a matter of record?

Does CCS want the land to be donated? By whom? What, exactly, is the County Court’s support?

Has housing been considered? Do Wasco folks support the idea? Based on what plans, proposals and information? How do you know?

5. Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Conference, Nov. 9-11 in Redmond 

Young farmers, ranchers, and others interested in agriculture are encouraged to register for the 2018 Oregon Young Farmers & Ranchers (YF&R) Leadership Conference, set for Nov. 9-11 at the Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond.

Open to Farm Bureau members ages 16 through 35 (as of Jan. 1, 2018), the conference is geared toward young people interested in improving their leadership and communication skills, learning about the most important issues impacting Oregon agriculture, gaining business tips from experts, networking with peers, and having fun!

The $50 registration is due by Nov. 2. Find the registration form and more information at

Featured speakers at the YF&R Leadership Conference include: 

  • Steve Gannaway, Director of Training & Development for Illinois Farm Bureau, speaking on “Why Do People Do the Things They Do?”
  • PR Expert Shannon Berg and Oregon Rancher Elias Eiguren speaking on “Lessons from the Owyhee Canyonlands”
  • Past National FFA Officer Jason Wetzler
  • Closing Speaker Damian Mason on “The F Words of Ag”

Breakout sessions with ag industry experts will be offered in the topic tracks of ag business, natural resources, industry support, and leadership.

Social events include a Friday game night and Saturday night karaoke party with DJ Brennan Cooper! Find the registration form, conference agenda, and hotel information at For more information, email or call Jacon Taylor at 541.589.9694 or Jenny Freeborn at 970.214.8143.

6. Sherman County History Tidbits: 1947 4-H Summer School Scholarships

Sherman County Journal, 1947:

“4-H Clubbers Selected for Summer School.

“The following 4-H club members have won scholarships to the 1947 Summer School, June 17 to 27th inclusive, based on exhibits at Sherman County Fair last September:

Larry Kaseberg, Wasco, Sun Life Insurance Co. of Canada;

Doran Fritts, Grass Valley, Sherman County Club;

Dick Oveson, Moro, Diamond Circle Ranch, M.R. Eakin, owner;

Alfred Kock, Jr., Grass Valley, Golden Hills Hereford Ranch, H.D. Eakin, owner;

Bob Hoskinson, Moro, Harlandview Grange;

Scottt Fritts, Grass Valley, U.S.National Bank, The Dalles;

Clarence May, Grass Valley, First National Bank, Moro;

Wily Knighten, Moro, Sherman County Club;

LeRoy Martin, Kent, Sherman County Club;

Duane Eakin, Grass Valley, Safeway Stores, Inc.;

Dick Wilson, Kent, Moro Breakfast Club;

Douglas Alley, Wasco, Sherman County Club;

Jean Zevely, Grass Valley, Johnson Bros. Bank, Dufur;

Marie von Borstel, Grass Valley, Sherman County Club;

Donna Kay Sparling, Moro, Rufus Grange;

Geraldine Lundy, Wasco, Sherman County Club;

Priscilla Melzer, Moro, Alex Marshall Food Store, The Dalles;

Joan Oveson, Moro, Sherman County Club;

Dorothy Wilson, Kent, Sherman County Club;

Diane Christianson, Moro, Sherman County Club;

Ed Fritts, Grass Valley, Cattle & Horse Raisers’ Association of Oregon for exhibit at the Pacific International Livestock Exposition.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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