Sherman County eNews #269


  1. Sherman County School District Staff, Student & Community Recognition

  2. Notice of Immediate Opening: City Council Position, City of Wasco

  3. Maintaining Connections

  4. Public Notice. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting, Oct. 16

  5. Do You Understand the Electoral College?

  6. Film Screening, Panel on Supporting Diverse Workplaces, Oct. 23

1. Sherman County School District Staff, Student & Community Recognition

Logo.Sherman High SchoolOctober 8, 2018: We are extremely fortunate to have gracious staff and community members who support our school and students. While it is possible that we may periodically miss an opportunity to thank someone, we sincerely appreciate the commitment of all of our supporters. We would like to recognize the following people for their devotion to our schools, students, staff and community.

  • Mid-Columbia Medical Center for donating an athletic trainer for our extracurricular athletics.
  • We appreciate all of our fall coaches in football and volleyball. Our community and student/athletes are grateful for your time.
  • The PTO led by Liz Cranston for all that they do for our staff and students.
  • Cindie King for her great work with the Elementary Student Council.
  • Gerald Casper for his continued efforts to support our technology program.
  • Janet Pinkerton for organizing the SCHoLaRs Reader Program.
  • John Shafer for videotaping all of our football games and years of volunteerism.
  • Tracy Fields for taking stats during football games.
  • Football chain crew Keegan Kock and Seth von Borstel.
  • Stephen Fritts for keeping the clock and running the scoreboard at football games.
  • Bryan Peters for announcing football games.
  • Shannon Devore, Joe Justesen, Alyssa Winslow, and all other volunteers for line judging during volleyball matches.
  • Kirky Stutzman for keeping the volleyball book.
  • Tessa Bibby and Kristen Labenske for volunteering to help at the school on picture day.
  • Nels Swenson for his work with the Tractor Driving event.
  • Thank you to Molly Belshe, Chris Kaseberg, Jeanie Pehlke, DeeAnn Ramos, and so many others for their cooperative efforts coordinating the Hall of Honor event.
  • Thank you for the support preparing meals and cleaning up after to Tamar Fritts and Jill Jones. In addition support from Deannna Christiansen, Heidi Rhodes-Baker and Gary Lewis before and during the event.
  • Kim McKinney and Patti Fields for taking tickets at the Hall of Honor event.
  • Thank you to FFA students Cali Johnson, Isaac McLemore, Savannah Moe, Joseph Ramos, and Patrick Ramos for their help during the Hall of Honor event.
  • Thank you to National Honor Society members, Jordan Barrett, Darian Davis, Alyssa Hill, CJ Johnson, Luke Martin, Savannah Moe, Emma Stutzman, and Desiree Winslow, for their help during the Hall of Honor event.
  • Thank you to all of the designated Speakers at the Hall of Honor Ceremony: Katie Chambers, Jon Justesen, Sherry Kaseberg, Tom Martin, Chris Moore, Pat Nogle, Nancy Simpson, Gary Shelton and Lee von Borstel.
  • Jeremy Lanthorn for taking pictures of our various school events.
  • The Booster Club for their support of the Hall of Honor program.
  • The Hall of Honor Board for their work selecting inductees into the Hall of Honor.
  • The City of Wasco, Jayne Burnett, and Terri Casper for the donation of school supplies.
  • Tim Jones, Jeremy Lanthorn, Jennifer Ruise, Sherrie Slay-Martin, and Deanna Wooderson for chaperoning the 3rd and 4th grade field trip to the Maryhill Museum.

We truly appreciate the amazing support we receive from so many thoughtful people. Thank you to everyone in our great community and school district for your continued support! When you have time please visit our Sherman County School District Web Page for the monthly appreciation comments.


2. Notice of Immediate Opening: City Council Position, City of Wasco

Effective 9-18-18 The City of Wasco is looking to fill a City Council Vacancy.
Position will be the remainder of the Councilor’s term which has 27 months remaining, the term ends on 12-31-2020. Interested parties will need to send or bring a letter of Interest to City Hall, all applicants letters will be read by remaining Council Members at the October 16th Council Meeting. After deliberation, they will choose the Council seat’s replacement.

1. Have residency within the City for a continuous period of 12 months immediately preceding election or appointment.
2. Be registered to vote within the City for 12 continuous months immediately preceding election or appointment.
3. Continue residency within the City during any term of office.

Letters will be accepted: In person, by fax, email or mail. Interest Letters will need to be received by October 16th at 5:00p.m. to qualify. If you have any questions please contact Ali Roark, at Wasco City Hall.
Phone: 541-442-5515
Fax: 541-442-5001
City Hall hours: 8:30a.m to 5:00p.m. Monday-Thursday

3. Maintaining Connections

For many of us, perhaps most of us, our families come first, before all the other important things in life. But does our behavior reflect that belief?

Although most people would say that nothing is more important than their families, day-to-day behavior can tell another story. As Jennifer James, a former Seattle columnist, once pointed out, “When we’re moving fast, sometimes the relationships we care most about get short shrift. We think those we love will forgive us if we spend most of our time on other things. But a child may grow up before we notice that the hours of being too busy have extended into days, weeks, months and years.” Parents think there will be time to pull it back together. But often, they are incorrect.

James reminds us that, “There are ways to give time and interest to children, family and friends even when every minute seems loaded.” For example, you can turn off the TV or close down the laptop when a loved one is talking to you. Move away from the temptation of email, Facebook, Instagram and the like. Video games can get put aside for a few moments. The simple gesture of looking directly at someone and stopping what you’re doing for a few minutes, while they’re talking, says they are important to you.

With school back in session, our children are being pulled in many directions with after-school activities, homework, friends, social media. Many families don’t gather around the table for meals anymore. We need to find alternative, everyday ways to really be with each other, even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time, if we’re going to stay close and feel like a family.

And while some folks might think it antiseptic and distant, it’s time to use today’s technologies as an instant way of staying in touch. Let’s make technology work for us. The simple text, “Thinking of you. Love you. See you soon,” lightens the heart and puts a smile on a loved one’s face. After all, it is about the connections, yes? ~The Pacific Institute

4. Public Notice. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting, Oct. 16

Frontier TeleNet

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda and Notice

October 16th 10:00 AM

NCESD Large Conference Room

135 S. Main Street Condon, Oregon

Agenda topics include review and approval of meeting minutes and financial report; IT & System updates and progress report; Business & Marketing report; E-rate funding discussion; Public Input/Comment. To request a call in number or other accommodations, please contact Mike Smith at 541-306-1202 or

5. Do You Understand the Electoral College?

Do you understand what the Electoral College is? Or how it works? Or why America uses it to elect its presidents instead of just using a straight popular vote? Author, lawyer and Electoral College expert Tara Ross does, and she explains that to understand the Electoral College is to understand American democracy.

6. Film Screening, Panel on Supporting Diverse Workplaces, Oct. 23

Diverse workplaces result in greater creativity and productivity, improved performance and business strength from a variety of perspectives. The Gorge Tech Alliance and Gorge Women in STEM invite the community to a special event on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 focused on supporting diverse workplaces. Filmmaker Jennifer Cloer from Portland with the Chasing Grace Project will provide opening comments and show an episode of the documentary project focused on the pay gap between women and men in the same jobs. Following the film, a panel of local companies, including Insitu, Google, Zepher and others, will discuss what their companies are doing to encourage and support a more diverse workforce and share ideas for other companies.

“While the film and panelists are focused on the tech industry,” says GTA Executive Director Jessica Metta, “the event will have information that is useful for all businesses interested in workforce diversity.” The event is Tuesday, October 23, 7pm at Columbia Center for the Arts, 215 Cascade Ave., Hood River. Tickets are $15 cash at the door or can be bought in advance online. Details are at

The Gorge Tech Alliance (GTA) is the regional tech industry association that supports, connects and develops the technology community of the Columbia River Gorge with networking and educational events, business support and promotion, workforce development and STEM education. Gorge Women in STEM is an initiative of the GTA dedicated to connecting and supporting women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math in the Gorge. Contact Jessica Metta, Executive Director, at 541-296-2266, or learn more at