Sherman County eNews #255


  1. Wasco School Events Center Coffee Hour & Bingo

  2. North Central Education Service District News, New Website

  3. Notice. Biggs Service District Meeting Cancelled

  4. Nixyaawii senior preparing questions for governor’s debate

  5. Frustration as Opportunity

  6. Days of Yore in The Times-Journal

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Wasco School Events Center Coffee Hour & Bingo

Wasco School Events Center
10 – 11 am coffee hour next three Mondays starting October 1st.
No cost but donations appreciated.
Also… Join us for Bingo and Dinner on October 22nd.  Stay tuned for details!

2. North Central Education Service District News, New Website

The North Central ESD Board of Directors met in regular session on September 6, 2018, with Jeff Schott, Jim Doherty, Amy Derby, Sarah Rucker, Superintendent Penny Grotting & Business Manager Kim Domenighini present and Kristen Neuberger and Greg Greenwood absent. Visitors were Stacy Shown and Rinda Montgomery.

According to the meeting minutes, Superintendent Penny Grotting reported that Stacy and Kalie did a great job with the new structured learning center in Sherman School District, Angela Tyler will work in the business office 18 hours a week, graphic designer Ellie Bray started work in July, and Carrie Somnis, OPK Director, was hired in September. She noted that a successful in-service was held in August and that staff is working on job descriptions. She met with Fossil School Superintendent Jim Smith, Mitchell School District Superintendent Vince Swagerty, and Spray School District Superintendent Phil Starkey, and Wheeler County SPED teacher Kim Williams met with all three Wheeler County superintendents.

New business included the announcement of the Oregon School Boards Association’s fall regional meeting in Condon on October 9th and an update on OPK in-service, parent involvement and funding allocation.

The next meeting of the NCESD will be November 1, 2018.

See the new website:

3. Notice. Biggs Service District Meeting Cancelled

The Biggs Service District meeting to be held at 8:30 a.m. on October 3, 2018 in the Commissioners Meeting Room located in the Sherman County Courthouse, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon 97039, has been cancelled and will be rescheduled at a later date.

4. Nixyaawii senior preparing questions for governor’s debate 

By ANTONIO SIERRA, East Oregonian

“On Oct. 2, Dazon Sigo will have a rare opportunity to gain exclusive audience with the top candidates for Oregon governor.

“Democratic Gov. Kate Brown, Republican Knute Buehler, and Independent Patrick Starnes will want to listen closely to Dazon’s questions as they try to perform well enough to earn thousands of Oregonians’ votes.

“The Nixyaawii Community School senior will travel to Roosevelt High School in Portland, as a part of a gubernatorial debate sponsored by the children’s advocacy group Children First for Oregon, joining 15 other students from across the state.

In a slight twist to the usual moderated debate, Dazon and his peers will pose questions to the candidates on issues important to them… … With an 80-student enrollment, Nixyaawii is likely the smallest school to send a representative to the debate. The only other student from Eastern Oregon included in the debate, McKeely Miller of Grant Union High School in John Day, comes from a high school more than three times the size of Nixyaawii.”   Continue at

5. Frustration as Opportunity

Today, let’s talk about frustration – a feeling all of us experience from time to time – and how to overcome it.

One of the roadblocks on the path to success is frustration. Everyone feels it from time to time. It’s kind of like anxiety with a little anger thrown in, isn’t it? You feel like a tiger in a cage, pacing back and forth, filled with tension and negative energy but accomplishing nothing. And that tension and negative energy represent both the danger and the opportunity in frustration.

The danger is the tension and the negativity, because negativity blocks all the positive feelings you need in order to keep going and solve the problems at hand – and you just can’t be very creative in a tension-filled environment. The opportunity in frustration is the energy, because it is the energy you want in order to overcome whatever obstacle you’re facing. As soon as you get the negative thinking under control, harnessing the energy is easy. “Ah-ha,” you may be saying, “there’s the catch. If I could do that, I wouldn’t be frustrated.” Well, you can do it and it comes from changing your internal perspective on the situation.

At the very core of frustration is our attitude toward the situation at hand. Change the attitude and you change your perspective. It’s like looking at a portrait or landscape, perhaps on a wall in a museum or gallery, and shifting your physical position. That different angle gives you a different perspective, and you see things in the painting that you didn’t see before. Changing your “mental position” is just as simple. You are shifting from a fixed to more of a growth mindset, by giving yourself the opportunity to see things from a different perspective.

We teach people how to do it all the time. Cognitive psychologists teach people to do it, too. It’s simply a question of knowing how. If you’d like to learn how, pick up a copy of Dr. Martin Seligman’s book, “Learned Optimism.” It will give you a simple technique you can use to minimize negative thoughts and substitute positive ones. It’s quite simple to master and it will make a big difference in your frustration level and the time and energy you spend spinning your wheels. ~The Pacific Institute

6. Days of Yore in The Times-Journal

A Times-Journal feature made available weekly by Devin Oil Co., Inc. 676-9633 ~ 454-2621 ~ 384-4144.  For information on our Monitor Heating System, call our plants at Heppner, 541-676-9633; Arlington, 541-454-2621; Boardman, 541-481-4876; Condon, 541-384-4144; or Wasco, 541-442-5277.

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10 Years Ago

— Dan Ousley, recently appointed as Wheeler County District Attorney, is a candidate for election to the office.

— Navy Seaman Apprentice Alex Raber, son of Kelly and Glenn Raber of Mitchell, completes U.S. Navy Basic Training at Great Lakes, Illinois.

— Aviation Survival Technician First Class Michael Spencer, son of Mark and Sharon Spencer of Moro, is awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross by the U.S. Coast Guard.

25 Years Ago

— Roy and Lissie Evans of Condon are feted on the occasion of their 65th wedding anniversary by friends at the Condon Senior Meal Site.

— Historic Trails Expedition wagon train travels from Missouri to Oregon, passing through Gilliam County via Eightmile, Cedar Springs, Rock Creek and crossing the John Day River at the historic McDonald Ferry.

— “Division within the county court and actions of the court” lead to the resignation of Gilliam Co. Roadmaster Richard Hatch.

50 Years Ago

— Invitations have been extended throughout the Northwest to the dedication of the mile-long, $448 million John Day Dam, world’s largest multi-purpose dam.

— Burglars raid Arlington businesses, Thrifty Market, Village Inn and Happy Canyon Tavern.

— USDA Soil Conservation Service in Wheeler Co. receives $37,500 to assist in the revegetation after the 5,000-acre Snow Basin and Devil’s Den fires.

75 Years Ago

— The Odd Fellow and Rebekah lodges at Mayville buy a war bond to help purchase a Flying Fortress, which will cost $350,000.

— Myrtle Huddleston, Alcy Madden and Sylvia McDaniel of Lonerock attend the 50th anniversary of the Eastern Star at Condon.

— Students at the Alville School where Mrs. Helen Rondeau is teacher are Jim Nelson, Mary Ann Cushman, Betty, Beulah and Dewey Kennedy and Leona Mae Richmond.

117 Years Ago (The Globe)

— L.H. Moore left for his home in Moro, expecting to return to continue his work securing right-of-way for the new railroad.

— There is still considerable threshing to do in the Ferry Canyon neighborhood and the late heavy rain will mean considerable loss to the farmers whose grain is still in the stack.

— A band of cattle belonging to D.W. Ralston of Mayville passed through Condon going toward Arlington.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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