Sherman County eNews #240


  1. Sherman County School District Communication to the Community

  2. Sherman County School District Hall of Honor Induction, Sept. 28

  3. Some Sherman County Fair Event Winners

  4. Wasco United Methodist Church Rally Sunday, Sept. 16

  5. Congressman Walden: 31 days, 2,050 miles, 29 meetings, 12 counties

  6. Free Time to Fill

  7. Friends

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

I believe to go along to get along is unpatriotic. I believe that agreeing with your government on everything they do is unpatriotic. I believe a patriot stands up and holds our government’s feet to the fire, because if you do that, you will get good government. ~Jesse Ventura

1. Sherman County School District Communication to the Community

See Sherman County School news here:

2. Sherman County School District Hall of Honor Induction, Sept. 28

Logo.Sherman High SchoolThe Sherman County School District will celebrate the induction of four individuals and one foundation into the Sherman County School District Hall of Honor during half-time of the September 28, 2018, home football game against Enterprise High School.  The public is welcome to join the celebration at a pre-event reception that will take place prior to the game at 5:30 p.m. in the Event Center. At the reception, designated speakers will share memories of each honoree. 

The 2018 inductees include the generous and dedicated Sherman County Athletic Foundation, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Member Mike Beers, Businesswoman, Farmer and Artist Karla (von Borstel) Chambers, United States Navy Executive Officer Don (Gordon) Helyer (posthumously), and long-time Sherman County Superintendent Wily Knighten (posthumously). 

The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to formally recognize outstanding contributions to the heritage and tradition of the Sherman County School District.  It is the intent of this Hall of Honor to recognize and preserve the memory of students, teachers, athletes, teams, coaches, boosters, and others whose achievements and support have brought recognition and honor to the Sherman County School District. 

For information regarding the Hall of Honor or to nominate a candidate for future induction, please visit and click on the Hall of Honor tab.  For questions, call Wes Owens at 541-565-3500.

3. Some Sherman County Fair Event Winners

Cattle Sorting Winners

>> Pro/Novice Class

1st    Debbie Tobin/Patty Boca

2nd   Debbie Tobin/Tessa Larcome

3rd    Kristi Brown/Amy McNamee

>>>Family Class

1st   Angie Counts/Rick Jaggers

2nd   Hayli Sharp/Kayci Sharp

>>>Open Class

1st   Angie Counts/Rick Jaggers

2nd   Pat Nichols/Carrie Kaseberg

3rd    Angie Counts/Sarah Anderson

>>>Draw Pot Class

1st   Carrie Kaseberg/Hayli Sharp

2nd   Pat Nichols/ Amy McNamee

Herdsmanship Barn Winners

1st  Poultry, 580 points

2nd Goat, 555 points

3rd  Swine, 544 points

4th  Beef, 524.5 points

5th  Sheep, 514 points

Car Show Winners

Queens Choice >>> H. Theron Keller, 1936 Oldsmoblie

Grand Marshal Choice >>> Larry Renard, 1940 Ford Street Rd

Kids Choice >>> John Compton 1975 Sting Ray

King of the BBQ >>> Trent Harrison, 1919 Ford Model T

Best of the BBQ John Kiser 1962 Chev pick up

Chore Course Winners

Adult group >>>   Shandi Johnson/Rory Wilson

Adult/Kido Team >>>   Rory Wilson/Natalie Martin (1st)

Jonathan & Allison Rolfe (2nd)

Kids Team >>>>>   Natalie Martin/Allie Marker (1st)

Natalie Martin/Alyssa Greenwood (2nd)

Allie Marker/Alyssa Greenwood (3rd)

Best Determination and finished just out of the money on 5 runs  >>>> Addison Smith

Demo Derby Results>>

Time Trial winner >>  Bow Boston

People’s Choice >>  Brandon Hughes

Hardest Hit >>  Brandon Ashley

Heat #1 >> Brandon Ashley

Heat #2 >Dylan Woods

Heat #3 Brandon Ashley

Heat #4 Jeremy Bird

Finale Winners >>  1st Place  Brandon Ashley

2nd Place Brandon Hughes

3rd Place Bow Boston

4. Wasco United Methodist Church Rally Sunday, Sept. 16

church.family1The Wasco United Methodist Church invites you to join us on September 16, 2018 for our RALLY SUNDAY!!  This is our annual effort to reach out to the entire community and personally invite each of you to come see what God has in store for you at the Wasco United Methodist Church.  We have a Sunday School for children ages 3 to 20 from 10:30 to noon. Snacks are provided for the children every Sunday.  The regular worship service led by Pastor Bob Reasoner runs from 11:00 to noon.  We are excited to have Natasha Sandquist in charge of our nursery this year and James Alley as our new Worship leader!  We hope to see all of you on “Rally Sunday,” September 16, 2018 to get the new year kicked off!!  Questions: Please call Jill Harrison 541-442-5529 or Jaclyn McCurdy 541-980-1853.

5. Congressman Walden: 31 days, 2,050 miles, 29 meetings, 12 counties

American flag2Meeting with the people working on the ground to solve problems in our communities across our vast district is the best way I update my “to-do” list. Throughout the month of August, I sure added to that list. Driving 2,050 miles across 12 counties in our district, I held 29 meetings with concerned citizens, community leaders, local officials, veterans, small business owners, and other hard-working Oregon families.

I also responded to 14,408 messages from Oregonians who called my office, sent postal mail, or emailed me to share their views on the issues facing our state and country. You can always keep in touch with me through my website at

And please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assistance with a federal agency. Just in the last year, I helped 1,335 constituents with cases, more than 46% of which were veterans seeking help with benefits and health care at the VA. You can call my office from Oregon at 800-533-3303, and I will do everything I can to get results for you.

Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District

6. Free Time to Fill

After what seems like a lifetime, the constant background noise of your teen and their friends is gone, and the need for a home-grown taxi service is over. Silence is a new experience, and a little bit out of your comfort zone. The entire situation is not normal. What do you do?

This time of year, as school is back in session (at least in the northern hemisphere), families with teens heading off to college are beginning to notice the Empty Nest Syndrome. All of a sudden, the demands of parental time and attention simply disappear. It is especially apparent if all the kids are gone, and it’s just you and your spouse left looking at each other, wondering what’s next.

Well, what is next? The Empty Nest Syndrome is somewhat similar to Retirement. If you define yourself by the work you do, and then suddenly you don’t have that work anymore, you are lost. In the U.S., studies indicate that the average span of Social Security checks is 13 months, after retirement. People simply give up, because they retired from work, and didn’t retire to something else.

This same thing can happen to Empty Nesters. They knew that one day the house would be empty, but hadn’t planned on what to do next. So, to avoid becoming an Empty Lifer because of the empty nest, it’s time to decide what’s next. Ask yourselves the question, “What do we want? What do I want?”

Take the time to make lists of constructive ways to spend the “free time” you suddenly have. It could be projects around the house, but it could also be taking the time to explore subjects that you have always wanted to understand. It could be digging into that pile of books that you never really gave yourself time to read.

Give full rein to your curiosity, and if you are a couple, plan things to do together as well as on your own. It will bring richness to this new dimension of your relationship. And if you are wise, you’ll find something to do that will benefit someone in need. There is nothing more satisfying to the human soul than to be able to fill the need of another. You give and receive at the same time. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Friends

Your friends will be what you make them. If you are the kind of friend who freely gives of your time and always shows consideration for others, your friends will be generous and kind. If you are the kind of person who takes your friends for granted, neither giving nor expecting much in return, you will attract friends who exhibit the same qualities. In friendship, like attracts like. Assess your behavior occasionally to determine what kind of friend you are. Are you the kind of person you would like to have as a friend? Do you freely give more than you expect in return, or are you always asking and never giving? Do you take the time to stay in touch, to remember friends’ special occasions? When you become so consumed with your own interests that you forget about your friends, you are well on your way to becoming friendless. ~Napoleon Hill Foundation

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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