Sherman County eNews #233


  1. The Times-Journal Notes Public Notices in One Place on the Web

  2. Notice. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Sept. 10

  3. Frontier Telenet directors hear concerns about internet service

  4. Focusing Creativity

  5. Free Online Course – Congress: How it worked and why it doesn’t.

  6. Sherman Football Schedule

  7. Sherman Volleyball Schedule

The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. ~ Louis DembitzBrandeis,Whitney v. California 1927

1. The Times-Journal Notes Public Notices in One Place on the Web

The newspapers of Oregon make public notices from their printed pages available electronically in a single data base for the benefit of the public. This enhances the legislative intent of public notice – keeping a free and independent public informed about activities of their government and business activities that may affect them. Importantly, Public Notices now are in one place on the web – http://www.PublicNotice – not scattered among thousands of government web pages. Public notices

published in this newspaper, and 86 others throughout Oregon, can also be found on the web site http://www.PublicNotice We encourage our readers to make use of this one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use resource when looking for public notice information about government activities in Gilliam, Wheeler and Sherman counties, and throughout the state. ~Courtesy of The Times-Journal

2. Notice. Sherman County School District Board of Directors Meeting, Sept. 10

Public Meeting Announcement

The Sherman County School District Board of Directors will hold a Regular Board Meeting at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, September 10, 2018. This meeting will be held in the meeting room of the Sherman County School/Public Library.




3. Frontier Telenet directors hear concerns about internet service

The Times-Journal, Condon, Oregon — Directors of Frontier Telenet, when they met in Fossil Friday, August 17, heard concerns from several Wheeler County residents about the poor quality of internet service they were receiving.

Under the ‘IT and System Updates’ item on the agenda, Ryan LeBlanc of Day Wireless reported a power problem temporarily on the Kent elevator site, possibly due to lightning; and reported that the Wheeler County wireless system has been fully installed.

Marketing manager Mike Smith indicated he is “working with requests from internet service providers.”

Fossil Mayor and businesswomen Carol MacInnes told Frontier Telenet directors that the current ISP, Rural Technology Group, is not living up to its promises, noting that the internet is not working at city hall.

Smith explained that Frontier Telenet is the ‘middle-mile’ provider supplying band width to the internet service providers, noting that the single choice in internet service providers “is a bad situation.” He indicated that he has talked to an internet service provider to come to Wheeler County, and that Frontier Telenet is “trying to make it affordable.”  “The City of Fossil is in an internet crisis,” Mayor MacInnes told the directors.

The goal of the Frontier Telenet, according to Smith, is to provide some kind of choice. “We are in talks with a responsible ISP,” Smith said. Anna Jacobi, in the tourism hospitality business at Mitchell, added comments of inadequate internet service for her traveling guests, and Roberta Vandehey added concerns about poor internet service.

Regarding public safety, it was reported that digital coverage for law enforcement, fire and ambulance have all been upgraded to ‘700 megahertz digital coverage” in the Mitchell area. The area from Ochoco Summit to Antone now has better coverage, it was noted, and emergency services personnel won’t have to switch channels to maintain the coverage.

Smith updated directors on business and marketing matters, noting Gorge Net had responded to the Sherman County fiber to the home request for proposals and a contract is being negotiated; more bandwidth is being requested from John

Day area users; Frontier Telenet is assisting a Sherman County wind farm and Grey Guns in Wheeler County with internet connections; a contract has been renegotiated with Windwave; and that Wasco County 911 had inquired about Frontier Telenet taking over Wasco County’s 911 dispatch.

Regarding the proposed tower to make broadband available at Cottonwood Canyon State Park, Smith reported that an alternative site for the tower had been secured that would eliminate the need for new roads and reduce the cost of providing power to the site. The changes in the project will keep the project within the $375,000 that has been provided by the state.

Frontier Telenet directors also reviewed a financial report which indicated $384,749.31 in revenue for July and $240,700.99 in expenses.

A date and time has not yet been determined for the September meeting of Frontier Telenet.

4. Focusing Creativity

What do you know about visualization? Have you heard people talking about learning how to visualize? Well, here’s something you should know. You don’t have to learn how to visualize. Visualization is something all of us do all the time, either positively or negatively. From playing pretend to daydreaming, we’ve been visualizing our entire lives.

What you can learn is that if you want to improve the quality of your life, visualization is the way to eliminate negative and increase positive thoughts. Now the term visualization may be a little misleading. Some people do see clear, colorful images when they visualize, but for others it’s really something they hear, and for others something they sense or feel. The precise way it works for you doesn’t matter as much as how vivid it is and how much emotion and clarity you associate with it.

Positive visualization helps you get comfortable with a new reality you are creating for yourself and helps you move forward quickly with goals. It also helps you decide between alternative courses of action – you choose those that fit in with your vision and avoid those that don’t.

So, to those of you who are heading off to school, what will you visualize? Short-term, it may be success in your classes, and long-term may be a degree. Will you visualize paying attention in class and absorbing all there is to learn, or will you visualize lunch breaks and free time after school? Will you visualize walking across that stage to receive your diploma at graduation? And ultimately, will you visualize that job or career that is the culmination of your education?

One important piece to remember is that visualization, or imagination, tends to become reality. Since this is the case, wouldn’t it be more productive to focus your visualizations on positive ends? The human mind is incredibly creative and powerful. It is up to each of us to channel that creativity toward constructive objectives and one vital path toward those objectives is through positive visualization. ~The Pacific Institute

5. Free Online Course – Congress: How it worked and why it doesn’t.

Americans understand that our government isn’t working as it should. This is reflected in polls going back several years. But why isn’t it working?

Our Constitution gave us a government sufficiently powerful to secure the rights of its citizens, but strictly limited so it would not infringe on those rights. The Constitution’s central feature is the separation of powers: the division of government into three separate but equal branches—the legislative, the executive, and the judicial—each with the power to check the others.

But today, our government doesn’t operate according to the Constitution. This is obvious in the fact that over the past 50 years and more, power has been centralized in a fourth, unconstitutional branch of government—the federal bureaucracy, made up of independent agencies (like the EPA) staffed by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

How and why did this new way of governing come about? And how do we return our government to working as it should—under the Constitution!

On September 17, Constitution Day, Hillsdale College is launching a new free online course that will supply crucial answers to these questions. The course is called “Congress: How It Worked and Why It Doesn’t.” 

6. Sherman Football Schedule 

Aug. 24 Fri. Sherman Jamboree Sherman 4:00
Sept. 1 Sat. Elkton (Dufur Classic) Dufur 7:30
Sept. 6 Thurs. *Pilot Rock Pilot Rock 7:00
Sept. 14 Fri. *Arlington/Condon Sherman 7:00
Sept. 21 Fri. *Union Union 7:00
Sept. 28 Fri. *Enterprise

(Hall of Honor Game)

Sherman 7:00
Oct. 5 Fri. *Ione Ione 7:00
Oct. 12 Fri. *Imbler Imbler 2:00
Oct. 19 Fri *#Dufur (Homecoming) Sherman 7:00
Oct. 26 Fri District 3 Championship EOU TBD


7. Sherman Volleyball Schedule

Aug. 24 Fri. Double Dual

Cove vs Sherman

Cove vs Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran vs Sherman

Sherman 1:30



Aug. 28 Tues Trinity Lutheran Trinity Lutheran 4:30
Aug. 31-Sept. 1 Fri./Sat *Dufur Tournament Dufur 9:30
Sept. 4 Tues *Spray/Mitchell Sherman 5:00
Sept. 11 Tues *Ione Ione 5:00
Sept. 13 Thurs *Echo Sherman 5:00
Sept. 18 Tues *South Wasco Sherman 5:00
Sept. 21 Fri *Condon/Wheeler Fossil 5:00
Sept. 22 Sat *South Wasco Tournament (V Only) Maupin 9:00
Sept. 25 Tues *Dufur Dufur 5:00
Sept. 27 Thurs *Spray/Mitchell Mitchell 5:00
Sept. 29 Sat Sherman Invitational (JV Only) Sherman 9:00
Oct. 4 Thurs *Ione Sherman 5:00
Oct. 6 Sat *Condon/Wheeler Tournament (JV Only) Fossil TBD
Oct. 9 Tues *Echo Echo 5:00
Oct. 11 Thurs *South Wasco County Maupin 5:00
Oct. 13 Sat *Condon/Wheeler Sherman 1:00
Oct. 16 Tues *Dufur Sherman 5:00
Oct. 20 Sat Playoffs Echo TBD

 Head Coach:         Mike Somnis           

Assts.:         Steve Bird, Kyle Blagg,

Joe Justesen, Gary Lewis

AD:                         Gary Lewis

Principal:               Mike Somnis

Supt.:          Wes Owens