Sherman County eNews #228


  1. Wasco County Historical Society Poker Run to Historic Places, Sept. 15

  2. Sherman Middle School Football & Volleyball Schedule

  3. Eye on the Prize

  4. Greg Walden applauds support for broadband expansion in rural Oregon

  5. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. ~Herm Albright (1876-1944)

1. Wasco County Historical Society Poker Run to Historic Places, Sept. 15

Looking for something new and different to do?   Combine a history tour with a Poker Run!  The Wasco County Historical Society “Poker Run” is scheduled for Saturday, September 15, 2018. Registration at Sorosis Park from 7 11 a.m. All motorized vehicles are welcome and the tour is on all paved roads. Poker hands are $10.00. There will be a $5.00 mileage guess:50/50.  Prizes will be awarded at 5 p.m. at Sorosis Park. The route includes Boyd, Dufur, Friend, Tygh Valley, Wamic, Maupin, Shaniko, White River Falls State Park and points in-between!

You are welcome to take this tour “on your own” or get together with a group!  Stop for lunch, explore the countryside, have some fun!   You will be met by Historical Society members at each stop to give you bits of history. For additional details please call John Brookhouse at 541-980-0918.

2. Sherman Middle School Football & Volleyball Schedule

    Sept. 18 Tues VB Condon Condon 4:00
Sept. 18 Tues FB Arlington/Condon/Wheeler Condon 4:00
Sept. 24 Mon VB South Wasco County Maupin 5:00
Sept. 25 Tues FB Ione             Sherman 4:00
Sept. 27 Thurs VB Arlington/Condon/Wheeler Sherman 4:00
Oct. 1 Mon VB Dufur Sherman 4:00
Oct. 2 Tues FB Lyle Lyle TBD
Oct. 4 Thurs VB Dufur Dufur 4:00
Oct. 8 Mon VB St. Mary’s The Dalles 4:00
Oct. 9 Tues VB South Wasco Sherman 4:00
Oct. 9 Tues FB South Wasco Sherman 4:00
Oct.16 Tues VB Dufur Dufur 4:00
Oct. 16 Tues FB Dufur Sherman 5:00
Oct. 18 Thurs VB Condon Sherman 4:00
Oct. 23 Tues VB Arlington/Condon/Wheeler Arlington 4:00
Oct. 23 Tues FB Arlington/Condon/Wheeler Arlington 4:00
Oct. 25 Thurs VB St. Mary’s Sherman 4:00

3. Eye on the Prize

If you think positively, does that mean that you shouldn’t pay any attention to things that are negative?

Have you ever listened in on a conversation like this? “People who think positively are OK, but too much of the time they’re out of touch with reality. They’re so busy thinking positively that they ignore the danger signs. The next thing you know they’re in big trouble. When you point out that they could have seen it coming, they don’t like it one little bit. How can you pay attention to both positive and negative things at the same time?”

This is a good question. We know that thinking positively makes us happier, and we want to focus on the achievement of our goals. Then again, we don’t want to walk around with our heads in the clouds, and find ourselves tripping over every “rock in the road” we don’t see. So how do we strike this balance?

Thinking positively does not mean we exclude anything that might be negative. We use our RAS to make sure we are aware of everything that helps us get to our goals. Remember in the message from yesterday, the RAS only lets in information that is of value or threat, as defined by our goals. So if some situation shows up that may delay or derail us on the way to our goals, our RAS makes sure it lets us know. Our job is to make sure we pay attention! We then can evaluate the new information, and make a decision to take, or not take, corrective action. The important piece is making sure we are alert, and we do that by clearly defining our goals.

The same thing is true for organizations, teams, families, any person in any situation. You don’t ignore current reality, but you do keep your focus on a positive future – your eye on the prize. ~The Pacific Institute

4. Greg Walden applauds support for broadband expansion in rural Oregon

American flag2Washington, D.C. — Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River) today applauded an announcement from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that Oregon will receive $13.7 million to support rural broadband expansion. The funding is made available through the FCC’s Connect America Fund Phase II auction, which allocated $1.488 billion in support to be distributed over the next decade to expand broadband to unserved communities in 45 states.

“These resources are crucial to help make sure all Oregonians can participate in the 21st century economy regardless of where they live,” said Walden. “Too many Oregon families and people across rural America lack the broadband necessary to realize the full benefits of the digital age. Throughout eastern Oregon, I hear from people who are among the 23 million Americans unable to access telemedicine, remote learning, next generation emergency services, and video streaming because of insufficient Internet service. This funding will further our efforts to close this digital divide in Oregon, and I look forward to continuing to work alongside Chairman Pai and my colleagues in Congress to ensure all Americans are connected to high speed broadband.”

According to the FCC, 103 providers won support from the Connect America Fund to expand broadband in rural areas where, without the funding, this type of broadband expansion and ongoing service would not be economically feasible. Locations in all 20 counties of Oregon’s Second Congressional District are served by Viasat, one of the bidders in Oregon along with Rural Electric Cooperative Consortium that won support from the Connect America Fund auction.

In his statement, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said these funds will help open new opportunities for rural communities in Oregon.

“The successful conclusion of this first-of-its kind auction is great news for the residents of Oregon and across the country, who will be able to get on the right side of the digital divide. I’m pleased that more than $13 million is going to Oregon to help connect more than 10,000 homes and small businesses. This is the latest step the FCC has taken to expand rural broadband, and we will continue working until all Americans have access to digital opportunity,” said Chairman Pai.

Walden invited Chairman Pai to eastern Oregon recently to discuss efforts to improve connectivity in rural communities, including making sure patients in remote areas have access to the best doctors through technology like telehealth.

Walden continues to partner with Chairman Pai and the FCC to expand broadband infrastructure to rural communities in Oregon, which is a priority for Representative Walden. Walden led the effort to pass the RAY BAUM’S Act into law, which reauthorized the FCC and gave the agency additional tools to enhance broadband expansion.

To learn more about the FCC’s Connect America Auction, please click here.

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