Sherman County eNews #226


  1. Sherman County Fair 4-H Grand and Reserve Champions

  2. Sherman County School Volleyball Schedule

  3. Sherman County School Football Schedule

  4. Expectations

  5. Columbia Gorge Community College Fall Registration Underway

1. Sherman County Fair 4-H Grand and Reserve Champions

“So God Made a Farmer” was the theme for the 2018 Sherman County Fair, with Queen Shelby Reed of Grass Valley.  The Sherman County Road Department crew was honored as Grand Marshals.  Sherman County 4-H and FFA members entered a variety of competitions, with Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion winners listed below:

4-H RECORD BOOKS:    Grand Champion Record Book:  Emma Robbins, Reserve Grand Champion: Bailee Owens

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Grand Champion: Logan Barrett, Reserve Grand Champion: Joseph Ramos

FIBER ARTS:  Grand Champion:  Becca Earl

HOME ECONOMICS – Clothing Grand Champion:   Adeline Witherspoon, Reserve Grand Champion: Nicole Somnis

Food Preservation:  Grand Champion:  Emma Robbins

Food Preparation:  Grand Champion:  Cadence Smith, Reserve Grand Champion:  Cali Johnson

Style Revue Grand Champion:  Cali Johnson ,  Reserve Grand  Champion:  Cadence Smith


Grand Champion Market Poultry:  Renan Christiansen

Reserve Grand Champion Market Poultry: Emersyn Stanfield

Grand Champion Poultry Showman:  CJ Johnson

Reserve Grand Champion Poultry Showman:  Joseph Ramos


Grand Champion Market Lamb:  Jared Fritts

Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb:  Tyler Jones

Grand Champion Sheep Showman:  Grace Poirier

Reserve Grand Champion Sheep Showman:  Alyssa Weis


Grand Champion Market Steer:   Bri McKinney

Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer:  Wade Fields

Grand Champion Beef Showman:  Kole Martin

Reserve Grand Champion Beef Showman:  Courtney Coelsch


Grand Champion Market Hog:  Kyle Hensley

Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog:  Addison Smith

Grand Champion Hog Showman:  Kyle Hensley

Reserve Grand Champion Hog Showman:  Addison Smith


Grand Champion Market Goat:  Mercedez Cardona

Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat:  Michael Blagg

Grand Champion Goat Showman:  Jordan Barrett

Reserve Grand Champion Goat Showman:  Bailee Owens

HORSE – Showmanship

Grand Champion Horse Showman:  Mercedez Cardona

Reserve Grand Champion Horse Showman:  Courtney Coelsch

HORSE – Western Equitation Grand Champion Mercedez Cardona;  Reserve Grand Champion: Courtney Coelsch

HORSE – Trail Grand Champion: Mercedez Cardona;  Reserve Grand Champion: Courtney Coelsch

LIVESTOCK – All Around Showman:  Jordan Barrett 

2. Sherman County School Volleyball Schedule

Aug. 24 Fri. Double Dual

Cove vs Sherman

Cove vs Trinity Lutheran

Trinity Lutheran vs Sherman

Sherman 1:30



Aug. 28 Tues Trinity Lutheran Trinity Lutheran 4:30
Aug. 31-Sept. 1 Fri./Sat *Dufur Tournament Dufur 9:30
Sept. 4 Tues *Spray/Mitchell Sherman 5:00
Sept. 11 Tues *Ione Ione 5:00
Sept. 13 Thurs *Echo Sherman 5:00
Sept. 18 Tues *South Wasco Sherman 5:00
Sept. 21 Thurs *Condon/Wheeler Fossil 5:00
Sept. 22 Sat *South Wasco Tournament (V Only) Maupin 9:00
Sept. 25 Tues *Dufur Dufur 5:00
Sept. 27 Thurs *Spray/Mitchell Mitchell 5:00
Sept. 29 Sat Sherman Invitational (JV Only) Sherman 9:00
Oct. 4 Thurs *Ione Sherman 5:00
Oct. 6 Sat *Condon/Wheeler Tournament (JV Only) Fossil TBD
Oct. 9 Tues *Echo Echo 5:00
Oct. 11 Thurs *South Wasco County Maupin 5:00
Oct. 13 Sat *Condon/Wheeler Sherman 1:00
Oct. 16 Tues *Dufur Sherman 5:00
Oct. 20 Sat Playoffs Echo TBD

Head Coach:         Karissa Gorham      AD: Gary Lewis

Asst. Coach:         Julie Justesen    Principal:    Mike Somnis                                                                                   Supt.:          Wes Owens

*League                           **Homecoming                           V matches followed by JV

Recent Changes              Cancelled

3. Sherman County School Football Schedule 

Aug. 24 Fri. Sherman Jamboree Sherman 4:00
Sept. 1 Sat. Elkton (Dufur Classic) Dufur 7:30
Sept. 7 Fri. *Pilot Rock Pilot Rock 7:00
Sept. 14 Fri. *Arlington/Condon Sherman 7:00
Sept. 21 Fri. *Union Union 7:00
Sept. 28 Fri. *Enterprise

(Hall of Honor Game)

Sherman 7:00
Oct. 5 Fri. *Ione Ione 7:00
Oct. 12 Fri. *Imbler Imbler 2:00
Oct. 19 Fri *#Dufur (Homecoming) Sherman 7:00
Oct. 26 Fri District 3 Championship EOU TBD

Head Coach:         Mike Somnis

Assts.:         Steve Bird, Kyle Blagg,

Joe Justesen, Gary Lewis

AD:                         Gary Lewis

Principal:               Mike Somnis

Supt.:          Wes Owens

*League                # Homecoming

Recent Changes   Cancelled

4. Expectations

What happens to us when the society in which we grow up doesn’t value our personal attributes? You know, many, if not most, of our feelings of self-worth or self-esteem have been influenced by the messages we get from society.

Some of those messages are overt and up front: we know without question that our society values affluence, power, efficacy, youthfulness and health. Now, imagine how it might feel to be poor, relatively powerless, or chronically ill or disabled in this society.

Some messages are subtler. We say we value diversity, children, old people – but our behavior often says something else. If movie stars and models are young, tall, thin, with expensive clothes, and look like what society has – for whatever reason – deemed “beautiful, what message does it send to those of us who are different from that?

If the kids in school laugh at us because of our accent or the work our parents do for a living, what do we learn about our value? It is terribly important that all of our children feel proud of who they are – just the way they are. And, that they learn to respect the differences in each other from an early age.

Our children need to be carefully taught. Sometimes all it takes is one concerned teacher, parent or other adult who cares enough to take the time to set the record straight in the child’s mind. Every one of our kids needs to know that what is and is not valuable really depends on some pretty arbitrary things like where you happen to be born and when.

Children only know the expectations of those around them, as they are too young to be able to set their own expectations for themselves. Children of all ages need to know that they are loved, prized, and capable of rising above stereotypes to be the uniquely valuable human beings they already are.

Because, in the end, we rise to each other’s expectations, or we fall to them. ~The Pacific Institute

5. Columbia Gorge Community College Fall Registration Underway

Fall registration at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) is under way now! Students are encouraged to register by the first day of class Sept. 24. The last day to drop classes and receive tuition refund for 8-12 week classes is Sept. 28. Fall term ends Dec. 14. For more information on enrolling at CGCC, please contact CGCC Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR), / (541) 506-6019.