Sherman County eNews #222


  1. Sherman High School Football and Volleyball, TODAY Aug. 24

  2. Back to School Night! – Thursday, August 30th

  3. Sherman County School District Hall of Honor Induction, Sept. 28

  4. A Shift in Focus

  5. History Tidbits: 1950 Sherman County Fair

1.Sherman High School Football and Volleyball, TODAY, Aug. 24

Friday, August 24, 2018 in Moro at the Sherman County School

sports-volley-ballVolleyball Jamboree vs Cove and Trinity Lutheran

1:30 PM           Cove vs Sherman

3:00 PM           Cove vs Trinity Lutheran

4:30 PM           Sherman vs Trinity Lutheran

*There is an admission fee for Volleyball – $4 for Adults and $2 for Students


sport-football-whistleFootball Jamboree vs Arlington/Condon and Dufur

Starting at 4:00 PM

*Each session will be 9 plays

Session 1:        Arlington/Condon (Offense) vs. Sherman County (Defense)

Session 2:        Dufur (Offense) vs. Arlington/Condon (Defense)

Session 3:        Sherman County (Offense) vs. Dufur (Defense)

Session 4:        Sherman County (Offense) vs. Arlington/Condon (Defense)

Session 5:        Arlington/Condon (Offense) vs. Dufur (Defense)

Session 6:        Dufur (Offense) vs. Arlington/Condon (Defense)

Session 7:        Dufur (Offense) vs. Sherman County (Defense)

Session 8:        Sherman County (Offense) vs. Arlington/Condon (Defense)

Session 9:        Arlington/Condon (Offense) vs. Dufur (Defense)

Session 10:      Dufur (Offense) vs. Sherman County (Defense)

Session 11:      Arlington/Condon (Offense) vs. Sherman County (Defense)

Session 12:      Sherman County (Offense) vs. Dufur (Defense).

~ Gary D. Lewis

Athletic Director/Head Boys Basketball Coach

Physical Education Teacher

Sherman County School

503-565-3500  x226

2. Back to School Night! – Thursday, August 30th


Back to School Night

  • 6:30 p.m. PK-12 Greeting in the EVENT CENTER
  • 6:45 – 8:00 p.m. Dinner in the cafeteria, meet teachers & staff, visit classrooms, try your locker, get bus information, bring your supplies, Family ID support, meet the Boosters and PTO, and much more!

Thursday, AUGUST 30, 2018

6:30 P.M.

We look forward to seeing everyone!


Call the school at 541-565-3500

 3. Sherman County School District Hall of Honor Induction, Sept. 28

The Sherman County School District will celebrate the induction of four individuals and one foundation into the Sherman County School District Hall of Honor during half-time of the September 28, 2018, home football game against Enterprise High School.  The public is welcome to join the celebration at a pre-event reception that will take place prior to the game at 5:30 p.m. in the Event Center. At the reception, designated speakers will share memories of each honoree. 

The 2018 inductees include the generous and dedicated Sherman County Athletic Foundation, Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame Member Mike Beers, Businesswoman, Farmer and Artist Karla (von Borstel) Chambers, United States Navy Executive Officer Don (Gordon) Helyer (posthumously), and long-time Sherman County Superintendent Wily Knighten (posthumously). 

The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to formally recognize outstanding contributions to the heritage and tradition of the Sherman County School District.  It is the intent of this Hall of Honor to recognize and preserve the memory of students, teachers, athletes, teams, coaches, boosters, and others whose achievements and support have brought recognition and honor to the Sherman County School District. 

For information regarding the Hall of Honor or to nominate a candidate for future induction, please visit and click on the Hall of Honor tab.  For questions, call Wes Owens at 541-565-3500.

4. A Shift in Focus

Today, let’s look at a way to ask questions that will help you shift your focus from problems to solutions.

If you want to make your communications as effective as possible, and if you are interested in finding solutions to problems rather than becoming bogged down in them, this is a suggestion that will help: If you ask the right questions, you can direct communications to get answers that are genuinely helpful.

For example, if you ask someone “What’s wrong?” you’ll get an answer – often a long one – which will focus on the problem. When we focus on the problem, our brains make sure we are unable to see anything else. However, if you ask “What do you want?” or “How would you like to change things?” you have redirected the conversation from the problem to the solution.

In every situation, no matter how dark or dismal, there is a desirable outcome. You can convince people, including yourself, to focus on that outcome, by avoiding questions that ask “why” and choose instead “how” or “what” questions. You focus on the future, which can be invented, and not the past, which cannot be changed.

Instead of asking your kid why he is flunking algebra, ask him what he needs to help him bring his grade up to at least a “C.” As a substitute for asking your boss why you didn’t get a raise, try asking what you need to do in order to justify a salary increase.

As a leader, refrain from asking your employees why they didn’t make the sale. Ask them what they can do differently so they’ll be certain to make the next one. And as an effective leader, ask them how you can assist them in finding the solutions.

You get the idea. It’s a matter of focusing on solutions to challenges, and moving focus away from the challenges themselves.

5. History Tidbits: 1950 Sherman County Fair

prize.blueribSherman County Journal, 1950. Moro Personals. Joan Eakin was placed as champion (4-H) cake baker although Barbara Buck and Sherry Woods also won blue ribbons. Margaret Baumgartner, Carol Burnet, Dayanne Sayrs and Mary Brady won red ribbons and Cherrill Fields, Ronnie Benson and Margaret Scherrer won white ones.