Sherman County eNews #220


  1. SOS! Help is Needed at the Sherman County Fair!

  2. A Thankful “Smokin’ Hot Lunch, Aug. 26

  3. Public Notice: City of Rufus Election for Mayor and (2) Council Members

  4. Public Notice. City of Moro Election of Mayor & Council Members (2)

  5. Exercise: Mind and Body

  6. History Tidbits: NW Saddle Bronc Ends in Tie; Ride-Off Due at R-Up

  7. Create Large Ornaments for U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree from Oregon

1. SOS! Help is Needed at the Sherman County Fair!

Volunteer SmileLast minute volunteer cancellation has created 2 to 3 openings of need at the fair. Days you can help us out are Wednesday & Thursday any time and no experience is required. Please text or call Beth @ 541-980-1821. 


2. A Thankful “Smokin’ Hot Lunch, Aug. 26

We are having a Sherman County “Smokin’ Hot” LUNCH to Thank FIREFIGHTERS, FARMERS and FRIENDS for their efforts fighting fire this year!!
Sunday August 26@12:30 pm
At Sherman County Fairgrounds
After Susie McEntire.
Fried chicken, salads, baked beans, watermelon and beverages. 
Everything is donated—No charge—Everyone is invited.

Volunteer SmileWe need helpers to pick up food, serve, and clean up. We also need cookies. 
Call ReeElla to volunteer or if you have questions. 541-980-8678


3. Public Notice: City of Rufus Election for Mayor and (2) Council Members

The City of Rufus has an open Mayor and two City Council positions available for the general election on November 6, 2018.

The volunteer position for Mayor is a two-year term.

The volunteer positions for City Council is a four-year term.

Interested citizens must have been a resident of the City of Rufus for at least the previous 12 months.  Applications are available at Rufus City Hall, located at 304 W 2nd Street, Suite 100, Rufus, OR 97050.  Candidates may file by paying a fee or by petition with valid signatures, all applications must be submitted before August 28, 2018. If you need further information, please contact:

Aaron Cook

City Recorder – City of Rufus


 4. Public Notice. City of Moro Election of Mayor & Council Members (2)


Notice is hereby given that on November 6, 2018, an election will be held for the purposes of electing a mayor, and two council members.

The position of Mayor is a two-year term and the positions of City Councilors are four year terms.

City candidates may file with the city elections office by paying a fee or by petition with valid signatures. Candidates must be a qualified elector and have resided in the City of Moro during the 12 months preceding the election. Candidate filing packets can be obtained at the City Hall Office, 104 First Street, Moro, OR 97039. All forms must be returned to the City Administrator no later than 4:00 p.m. August 28, 2018. If you have any questions, contact: Erik Glover, City Administrator, via phone, 541-565-3535 or via email,

5. Exercise: Mind and Body

Can exercise make you smarter? Maybe not, but it looks like it can help your brain work more efficiently. It’s clear to almost everyone these days that what goes on in the mind has an effect on the body. However, did you know that it works the other way around, too?

Research scientist William Greenough found that the brains of mice, that ran on treadmills and learned a balancing task, had far more blood vessels and denser nerve connections than the brains of mice that did not exercise. This suggests strongly that the mental demands of making the muscles work lead to a “pumped up” brain. Physical engagement and mental engagement seem to go hand in hand.

Another scientist, Robert Dustman, looked at the electrical activity in the brains of two groups of elderly people, one athletic, the other sedentary. Dustman found that the brain waves of the athletic group more closely resembled those of younger people. So, while training the mind can help us get the most out of our bodies, it’s important to know that physical training and exercise can do a lot for the mind, too – especially as we grow older.

And finally, according to Ulrich Mayr, Ph.D. at the University of Oregon, “The most important thing that you should know is that you do have some degree of control over how your brain changes as you age. And much of that has to do with healthy lifestyle choices.”

We understand now what the ancient Greeks took for granted: the brain and body are parts of a single system, and what goes on with one has a profound effect on the other. ~The Pacific Institute

6. History Tidbits: NW Saddle Bronc Ends in Tie; Ride-Off Due at R-Up

Heppner Gazette-Times, 3 September 1959


Hod Murray of Heppner was winner of the coveted Hamley saddle in the Morrow county amateur calf roping at the rodeo, but who will be able to claim amateur saddle bronc champion won’t be decided until Sept 17 at the Pendleton Round-Up. Mac

Griffith and Vern Evans, both of Heppner, wound up this event in a tie.

In the finals of this event held Sunday afternoon, both Mac Griffith and Evans marked 168 points for their rlde with the result that long and serious, and occasionally quite heated discussions were held by at least 100 cowboys, judges, timers and rodeo officials. To settle the question it was suggested that the two ride off the tie, but Evans

declined to do so immediately because he had injured a foot in his final ride. Numerous suggestions were made on how to finally determine who would claim the title and the saddle and it was finally agreed Tuesday that the two winners will ride off the tie at

the Round-Up on Sept 16 and 17. Evans and Griffith will ride two horses apiece, one Wednesday and one Thursday and these horses will be saddled out in the arena as were the original Northwest bucking horses.

The two-day show attracted a large crowd who watched well over 100 cowboys and cowgirls perform in nearly perfect rodeo weather. There were numerous spills and plenty of thrills, but no serious injuries to any of the contestants.

Top money winners were:

Calf roping Dick Powers. Neil Beamer.

Cow milking Eddie Hagen, Dick Powers, Jack Plumlee.

Morrow county amateur calf roping Saddle, Rod Murray; money, Mac Griffith, Bill Healy.

Bulldogging Gary Porter, Mac Griffith, Max Nogle.

7. Create Large Ornaments for U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree from Oregon


 We hope to create 2,000 additional large ornaments as part of our larger goal of sending 10,000 ornaments to D.C. this year. All Oregon residents are invited to create and submit ornaments directly to us or to attend an upcoming ornament making event.

Make your own: Large ornaments should be 9-12 inches, reflective and colorful, lightweight and waterproof. They cannot include any logos.  Download this brochure for specifications and themes. For ornament ideas, check out our photos and instructions posted here. Keep in mind these are just ideas; feel free to get creative! All ornaments must be received by October 1 and can be dropped off in person at any one of our drop locations located here or mailed to the Sweet Home Ranger District at: 4431 Hwy 20, Sweet Home OR 97386.