Sherman County eNews #179


  1. Public Meeting Notice. Sherman County Court Special Session, July 10

  2. Frontier TeleNet directors approve budget, Wheeler & Gilliam projects

  3. Editorial: Time to Get a Grip, Frontier TeleNet!

  4. Public Meeting Notice. Sherman County Court, July 18

  5. Learning from Our Mistakes

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

  7.  All County Prayer Meeting, July 11

 Caution! Extreme Fire Danger!

Please do not drive or park your vehicle in dry grass! 

Caution! Trucks!

Wheat harvest is underway!

Slow-moving grain trucks are on the road.

Maybe right around the corner in the canyon…

or just over the hill.

1. Public Meeting Notice. Sherman County Court Special Session, July 10

ShermanCoLogoThe Sherman County Court will meet in special session on Tuesday, July 10, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. in the Hearings Room at the Sherman County Courthouse Addition, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039. The purpose of the special session is to discuss Azure Standard Weed Ordinance violation.  ~

2. Frontier TeleNet directors approve budget, Wheeler & Gilliam projects

Posted with permission by The Times-Journal, July 5, 2018:

Directors of Frontier Telenet met Friday, June 29, at the Steve Burnet/Extension Center in Moro. The meeting was opened with a public budget hearing, during which no public comment was received, and the directors ultimately approved the entity’s 2018-2019 budget of $4,630,603. Financial statements for both May and June were presented at the meeting, showing May revenue of $275,693.23 and expenses of $332,227.25, and June revenue of $81,606.49 and expenses of $127,286.58.

In a report on the Wheeler County wireless project, Ryan LeBlanc of Day Wireless reported that the last microwave upgrade had been completed and that, “RTG [Rural Technology Group] is now running as fast as they can get.”  The report continued that the ‘cutting over’ of broadband to individual users is in the hands of RTG, and because of the upgrades, multiple vendors and providers are now able to use the system in Wheeler County. “All three Wheeler County communities are lit up with broadband,” LeBlanc reported.

A tower site at Antelope is being constructed for redundancy, it was noted, and power to it will need to be run underground. Also, apparent miscommunications in the past will necessitate renegotiating access across the Maurer property to the new Antelope tower.

Directors noted what could be a security issue with the tower site at the air base west of Condon and approved a motion that included the bid of $8,390 to construct a six-foot chain link fence. The current fencing must be removed and the site prepared and the motion was that project not exceed $10,000.

Mike Smith, Frontier Telenet marketing director, asked if the Gilliam County Road Department could help with the project and board chairman Steve Shaffer responded, “Not this time,” noting the need to keep the county and Frontier Telenet separate.

The board also officially approved an expenditure previously approved by Smith and Judge Shaffer of $5,620 for the purchase of a secondary HVAC system for the Kahler Basin site.

The board heard that the Sherman County request for proposals was awarded to Gorge Net for the county’s ‘fiber to the home’ project. Frontier Telenet wants to serve as the middle mile provider for the Sherman County fiber to the home project, as opposed to serving as an internet service provider.

It was reported that the possibility of some sort of partnership between Frontier Telenet and Umatilla Morrow Radio & Data District has lessened. Marketing Director Smith said of the possibility, “It’s looking like they want to go it alone. A partnership is still an option, but not likely.”

Directors approved a contract to perform work required by the National Environmental Policy Act for the Cottonwood Canyon State Park tower site project in the amount of $14,100. According to Smith, the work has already begun.

Also regarding the Cottonwood Canyon State Park communications tower, it was agreed that since the project does not exceed the $100,000 sole source agreement limit, the contract would be awarded to Windwave for $99,500. Funds for the communications tower and system at the park were provided by the state. The decision was approved on the condition that it receive legal counsel approval.

Frontier Telenet directors also:

  • heard that attorney Jim Deason had recommended that the request for proposals for the Wasco to Rufus fiber optic build be re-written by current legal counsel, Ruben Cleaveland.
  • heard Chairman Shaffer tell the board that Frontier Telenet “needs to take a really hard look at things,” in regards to the future, pricing, amount of bandwidth being used, revenues and expenses. “We’re probably looking at a different structure in the future.”
  • heard Steve Wynn of Day Wireless note that Frontier Telenet wireless communications towers are not constructed to support large carriers.
  • heard that no word has been received on the e-rate funds Frontier Telenet is anticipating.
  • heard marketing director Smith comment that Frontier Telenet has towers and fiber; “We’re in a good position.”
  • heard Chairman Shaffer comment on the Arlington to Condon fiber build that “we can’t get Windwave moving on the rights-of-way agreements.”
  • heard Chairman Shaffer report that the Arlington to Condon fiber build will allow both the city and the county 12 pair of fiber, adding, “I don’t know what we’ll do with 12 pair.”
  • heard Day Wireless’ LeBlanc ask if Frontier Telenet would get to use some of the county’s new broadband, and Chairman Shaffer responded that Gilliam County hasn’t yet decided on the use of the broadband.”
  • heard former Frontier Telenet manager Rob Myers note that Frontier Telenet should own fiber from Lexington to Arlington.

Frontier Telenet directors will meet again Friday, July 20, 10 a.m.  at the courthouse in Condon. Frontier Telenet meetings are open to the public.

3. Editorial: Time to Get a Grip, Frontier TeleNet!

pencil.sharpThe Times-Journal, on July 5, 2018, reported that the Frontier TeleNet board members, during their June 29th meeting, “heard that no word has been received on the e-rate funds Frontier Telenet is anticipating.” 

Two years ago, June 2016, Frontier TeleNet’s loss of the federal E-Rate dollars that follow internet service providers to schools and libraries, was a very big concern when the Sherman County School District contracted with another provider. It was such a big concern that a key player went to great lengths to retain E-Rate funds for Frontier TeleNet by interfering with the school district’s decision.

Six months ago, in December 2017, still a big concern, the $900,000 anticipated or owed E-Rate dollars were reported in the $10,000 assessment made of Frontier TeleNet’s operations and management.

It’s time for Frontier TeleNet to get a grip on the money. Is it owed or is it not? Either way, why?

Who at Frontier TeleNet is charged with securing E-Rate dollars?

Who will take responsibility to confirm that Frontier TeleNet is owed $900,000 or more? 


4. Public Meeting Notice. Sherman County Court, July 18

ShermanCoLogoThe Sherman County Court session scheduled for Wednesday, July 18, 2018, at 9:00 a.m.  will be held in the Hearings Room at the Sherman County Courthouse Addition, 500 Court Street, Moro, Oregon, 97039.

Agenda topics include quarterly reports by the Sherman County Clerk, Veterans’ Officer, OSU Extension and Sherman County Senior & Community Center personnel; meetings with Theresa Hepker regarding an ad for NORCOR Community Resources Coalition, Gavenn Lohrey for his Eagle Scout project proposal, and Carrie Pipinich for Mid-Columbia Economic Development District; discussions about building codes, wildlife services, an Emergency Services written quarterly report; Commisisoners’ activity reports; and the consent agenda.

The agenda, including updates, will be posted on the Sherman County Website at

5. Learning from Our Mistakes

From time to time, everyone experiences setbacks. We set a course and start out, but then we find ourselves at a dead end. Maybe we get fired from a job or our spouse files for divorce or resources we needed to finish a project don’t materialize and we’re left holding the bag. But what does it take to turn a setback like this into a failure? Well, the answer is simple. The only thing it takes is your attitude.

You see, failure is always a choice. Now, sometimes it’s a perfectly acceptable choice. For example, many folks are great golfers, but others have chosen to be a failure at the game because they prefer to use their time and energy to succeed in other ways. But when you choose to succeed and you’re willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, you may have setbacks, but you won’t fail.

Even if things go wrong, even if outside influences force you to adjust your goals, even if others see you as a failure, they are dead wrong – if you are determined to learn and grow from your mistakes. One of the most “successful failures” was the Apollo 13 moon mission that went awry on the way to the moon. Despite all the challenges, the three astronauts were brought home safely. The mission may have been considered a failure (although it wasn’t an option), but the recovery was a spectacular success. And much was learned. Oftentimes, we learn more from our mistakes than from our successes.

There is a school of thought that we are doing our students a disservice by not allowing them to make mistakes while they learn. We grade them highly on having the right answer, but fail them when they are wrong, Perhaps, what we should be grading is their ability to learn from their mistakes. It may be that the “failure” is when we don’t learn from our mistakes.

We didn’t land human beings on the moon immediately after we decided on the goal. It took study, research, trial-and-error, and mistakes were made. One miscalculation caused three good men to die. But we did make it to the moon, because we had learned from those mistakes to create success. More than anything else, it was the attitude toward failure that ensured success. ~The Pacific Institute

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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Immigration Family Separation Not a Trump Administration’s Fault

7. All County Prayer Meeting, July 11

The All County Prayer Meeting is Wednesday July 11 @ the Grass Valley Baptist Church. Fellowship starts at 6:30 PM, Pray time starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM.

Everyone is welcome to come and join the meeting, come and join in when you can get there and stay as long as you can.

Thank You! ~Red Gibbs