Sherman County eNews #177


  1. Universal Terms: Fact, Opinion or Generalization?

  2. Summer Bridge to College Program

  3. Corrected: What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library

  4. Sherman County 4-H News Report – Swine Club

  5. Quilts, Vintage & Modern, on Display on Highway 97 Wasco & Moro, July 8-14

  6. Find farm stands & u-picks with Oregon’s Bounty

  7. Oregon Students Reach Finals at National History Day(R) Competition in Maryland

  8. 101 Ideas for New Revenue at History Organizations

Caution! Extreme Fire Danger!

Please do not drive or park your vehicle in dry grass!


Caution! Trucks!

Wheat harvest is underway!

Slow-moving grain trucks are on the road…

maybe right around the corner in the canyon…

or just over the hill.

1. Universal Terms: Fact, Opinion or Generalization?

question-mark“The next time you hear a universal term, ask yourself, “Is this a fact or an opinion or a generalization?” Watch and listen closely to those running for office, especially when they talk about their opponents or the state of affairs. Are they stating facts or a cleverly worded opinion? The same goes for news outlets or anyone attempting to grab the spotlight. It is vital that all of us sharpen our critical listening skills.
Listen for the words “all,” “every,” “always,” “never,” and “none,” and let them serve as red flags for you. Ask yourself, “Is this strictly true? Are there exceptions?” If you avoid these universals except when they are really true, you will dramatically improve your communications, as well as create a better sense of trust in you by those who listen to you. ~The Pacific Institute

2. Summer Bridge to College Program

question.mark.circleAre you a recent high school graduate who plans to attend college in the Fall?  Do you have questions about financial aid, class scheduling, housing, orientation or other issues?  The Gorge Summer Bridge to College program can help!  Call Ann Harris at (541) 386-3343.   

3. Corrected: What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library.

Logo.ShermanPub.School.Library2017The Library is open Summer Hours -11am-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-4pm Saturday

Community Preschool Storytime – Every Tuesday at 10am
Join us for Preschool Storytime and crafts. Ages 0-6. 

Hogwarts Mystery Night, July 10 at 6 p.m.
Join us for an evening of witchcraft and wizardry. Make your own wand! Enjoy snacks from Honeydukes. A prize will be awarded for the best costume and we will have drawings for other prizes. Open to all jr/sr high students. 

Movie Night, July 12 at 6 p.m.
Rated PG
Run Time 1hr 49 min
In this gorgeous animated adventure, a boy named Miguel dreams of becoming a famous guitar player, despite the misgivings of his close-knit family. When his ambitions cause him to run afoul of a curse, he must journey into the Land of the Dead to seek forgiveness from his ancestors.

4. Sherman County 4-H News Report – Swine Club

pig1The Sherman County Swine Club met on June 28, 2018 at 5:30 p.m.  We figured out the rate of gain for each of our pigs.  Next, we did presentations and everyone was there except for Kyle. After presentations Addison Smith and Bailey did a talk on community service, we chose to do the whiskey barrels with flowers at the Fairgrounds. Thanks to the Fairboard for coming to support us on our presentations. The meeting was adjourned 7 pm. —Bailey Coelsch

5. Quilts, Vintage & Modern, on Display on Highway 97 Wasco & Moro, July 8-14

quilt1Travelers headed to the Sisters quilt show this week are invited to follow the City of Wasco’s Quilt Trail along Main Street before continuing south on Highway 97. There is more to see just 9 miles south at the little town of Moro where their quilt show is displayed in Lisa’s In Stitches quilt shop next door to Sage Mountain Primitives, Huskey’s Market and at the national-award-winning Sherman County Historical Museum next to the Moro City Park. Enjoy Sherman County quilts on display all week. ~Carol MacKenzie. Wasco, Oregon 

6. Notice. Wasco School Events Center Board of Directors Meeting, July 11

The Wasco School Events Center Board of Directors will hold a meeting on July 11th,
2017, at 6 p.m. at the Wasco School Events Center, 903 Barnett Street, Wasco. The public is welcome to attend!

7. Find farm stands & u-picks with Oregon’s Bounty

food.peachUse a smartphone to easily find farm stands, u-pick fields, on-farm festivals with Oregon’s Bounty at Oregon Farm Bureau

Cherries, peaches, berries, tomatoes, and lavender are just a sampling of summer’s agricultural bounty that Oregonians eagerly await all year. If you want to venture out into the beautiful countryside to buy seasonal food directly from a farmer, where do you go?

“Everyone knows where their local farmers market is. But what about roadside farm stands, u-pick fields, and on-farm events out in rural areas? That’s where Oregon’s Bounty comes in,” said Anne Marie Moss, Oregon Farm Bureau communications director.

Oregon’s Bounty at is a searchable directory of nearly 300 family farms and ranches that sell food and foliage directly to the public.

Smartphone-friendly, the Oregon’s Bounty website allows visitors to search for specific agriculture products — like eggs, honey, corn, or cucumbers — and/or search for farms within a region of the state, such as Portland Metro, the Gorge, or the Willamette Valley. Visitors can also do a search for “u-pick” or “events” for those activities.

“Oregonians love farm-fresh food. Thanks to the diversity of Oregon agriculture, we can buy an enormous variety of fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, flowers, and foliage directly from the families who grew it,” said Moss.

“Each of the farms listed in Oregon’s Bounty are owned and operated by Farm Bureau members, who are proud of what they’ve raised and are happy to answer questions about what they do,” said Moss. “Summer is an ideal time to take a trip into the scenic countryside, meet a few of these family farmers, and experience Oregon agriculture firsthand.”

8. Oregon Students Reach Finals at National History Day(R) Competition in Maryland

Portland, OR – Fifty-two students from across Oregon traveled to College Park, Maryland to compete in the National History Day® contest June 10–14. The students who qualified for nationals received first or second place in their category at the Oregon History Day contest organized by the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) on Saturday, May 5 at Concordia University in Portland.

Of the many exemplary projects that qualified for the national competition, two entries from Oregon made it all the way to the final round of the competition. Alan Zhou and Kyler Wang of Stoller Middle School in Beaverton (led by teacher Thomas Justman) placed fourth in the Junior Group Website category with their project The Pig War: Confrontation, Escalation, Arbitration. Anja Jolin of Laurelhurst School in Portland (led by teacher Lindsay Gebbie) placed eighth for her Junior Paper titled Confrontation and Negotiation: South Africa’s Transition to Democracy.

Each fall, the Oregon Historical Society kicks off the Oregon History Day program alongside over half a million 6–12 grade students across the country. OHS Education Manager Kristen Pilgrim works closely with educators throughout the state, and students use the OHS Research Library and digital assets like the Oregon History Project and Oregon Encyclopedia to conduct research on the annual theme. The 2018 National History Day® theme was “Conflict and Compromise,” and students can present their final project in the form of a paper, website, exhibit, performance, or documentary, and can work individually or as a group.

Beaverton’s Alan Zhou and Kyler Wang visited the OHS Research Library to examine primary sources for their project on the Pig War, impressing library staff with their conscientious care for the library’s priceless collections. “They surrounded themselves with old materials, insisted on handling each document with special gloves, and showed great focus and respect for our materials and for the library,” said Reference Archivist Elerina Aldamar. “They were probably here for four hours, totally engrossed in Pig War materials. It was a true pleasure to have them here, and I hope we served them well!” It appears that they did, as Zhou and Wang won the Global Peace Prize Special Award at the competition.

All National History Day® participants compete in the first round of competition, while only the first place winners from round one advance to the second finals round where first, second, and third place finishers are awarded medals. Students may also receive Special Awards in a variety of categories.

Other Oregon standouts from the National History Day® contest included:

  • Leo Marchyok, Milo Lubin, and Thomas Pallister of ACCESS Academy (Portland Public School District, teacher Heather Kelly) placed second in the first round of the competition, just missing the final round by one place, for their Junior Group Exhibit, Spain Divided: Conflict and Compromise in the Spanish Civil War
  • Colton Reynolds and Drew Nelson of Helix High School (Helix School District, teacher Lorin Kubishta) placed third in the first round for their Senior Group Documentary, West Is Sending an Army: The Copperfield Affair
  • Hailey Cheon, Janice Lee, Jayden Gwo, Jenny Ni, and Rajvir Singh of Stoller Middle School (Beaverton School District, teacher Thomas Justman) placed third in the first round for their Junior Group Website, Ping Pong Diplomacy: How One Sport Brought Nations Together
  • Geoffrey Gu of Sunset High School (Beaverton School District) placed third for his Senior Individual Exhibit Quarantine: Compromise in the War Between Man and Virus
  • Outstanding Junior Division Affiliate Award: Anja Jolin of Laurelhurst School
  • Outstanding Senior Division Affiliate Award: Geoffrey Gu of Sunset High School

More than a half-million students and 30,000 teachers participate in National History Day® annually. Through historical research on topics of their choice and interviews with multiple judges, students learn research and reading skills, critical thinking, problem solving, and self-esteem and confidence. For more information on National History Day®, visit A full list of 2018 Oregon History Day participants can be found at

9. 101 Ideas for New Revenue at History Organizations

dollar.blwhThe American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) has come up with a list of “101 Ideas for New Revenue at History Organizations.” It’s worth checking out if you are considering ways to increase funds to your organization. Some of them are small tweaks here and there that might yield bigger results such as No. 8 on the list ,”Create a simple form to send to special event rental clients who are owed their full security deposit after the event that gives them the option of donating it in whole or part as a tax deductible contribution.”

You can check out the list here: