Sherman County eNews #170


  1. Possible Increased Illicit Drug Related Illness in Our Region

  2. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, May 18

  3. Considering Ability

  4. Sherman County Courthouse Surplus Silent Auction, July 12

  5. Then & Now: 1919 Sherman County School Statistics Posted #163 June 22nd

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

fireworks1The second day of July, 1776, will be the most memorable epocha in the history of America. I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival…. with pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations, from one end of this continent to the other, from this time forward forevermore. You will think me transported with enthusiasm, but I am not. I am well aware of the toil and blood and treasure that it will cost us to maintain this Declaration and support and defend these States. Yet, through all the gloom, I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory. ~John Adams, letter to wife Abigail, 1776 July 3rd, Philadelphia

1. Possible Increased Illicit Drug Related Illness in Our Region

It has come to the attention of local emergency response partners that illicit drugs in our region may be causing increased danger within our community. Although it is unconfirmed at this point, in an effort to be proactive, we want to inform the public of the following information.

If you see any suspicious items (examples listed below), please notify non-emergency dispatch at 541-296-2233 for City of The Dalles or 541-296-5454 for Wasco County, for collection. It is very important that you DO NOT TOUCH SUSPICIOUS ITEMS.

 Spoons with charring

 Small packets of tin foil

 Syringes or needles

 Plastic baggies containing white, black or brown powder

 Glass pipes, which may be fashioned out of light bulbs

If you see someone with the following symptoms and suspect a methamphetamine or opioid/opiate (heroin, fentanyl, morphine) overdose, please seek immediate medical attention or call 911. Some law enforcement and EMS agencies carry naloxone, a rescue medication to treat opioid/opiate overdose.

Symptoms of methamphetamine overdose:

 Exceptionally hot and sweating profusely

 Dizziness

 Chest pain

 Fast heart rate

 Or other cardiac symptoms

Symptoms of opioid/opiate overdose:

 Breathing is very slow or stopped

 Body is limp

Cannot be woken up from sleep or unable to speak

 Small pupils

 Vomiting or making gurgling noises

Per Oregon law, you cannot be charged with a crime if you report a drug overdose. For more information see ORS 475.898 at

For more information visit or Oregon Health Authority Opioid Overdose & Misuse at: If you need help for yourself or someone you know, please call Mid-Columbia Center for Living at 541-296-5452 for help with addiction services or visit

2. Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, May 18


MAY 18, 2018 MINUTES

The regular Board of Directors Meeting of Frontier TeleNet was called to order by Vice-Chair Judge N. Lynn Morley at 10 AM.  This meeting was held in the conference room of the Jeanne E. Burch Building, 401 Fourth Street in Fossil, Oregon.

Directors Present:  Judge N. Lynn Morley and Judge Gary Thompson.

Also Present:  Steve Wynn and Ryan LeBlanc, Day Wireless Systems, Rob Ordway, Wheeler County Commissioner, Roberta Vandehey, Mike Smith, Rob Myers and Jeanne Burch, Frontier TeleNet Staff.

Directors Changes or Additions:  None

Minutes:  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve minutes of April 20, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Financial Statement:  Finance Statement for April 2018 reviewed by Directors.  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve finance statement as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

IT Systems Updates:

Steve Wynn of Day Wireless reported that he has been doing a lot of updates on the backup system.  There was a problem with backup at the Erskine site.  Hire Electric is working on a quote to service UPS.  There was a discussion about new battery technology which may need to take place in the future.  A Controller Board need to be replaced in the digital switch.  This was taken care of overnight by Motorola and there was no loss of data or downtime.  Monitor is working well.

Ryan LeBlanc of Day Wireless System reported that he has been working on GOBHI Clinic.  He is changing the way they use circuits.  Frontier TeleNet will be able to cancel service with Charter Communications.  Wright Chevrolet is working properly.  Wheeler County Broadband Project is progressing in phase two.  The link should be upgraded soon, and Ryan will be working with Rural Technology Group (RTG) to change their settings to the new system.

Business and Marketing Report:

Mike Smith reported that the Intergovernmental Agreement with Sherman County for Phase Three of the fiber project has been approved.  An RFP has been issued with Mid-Columbia Economic Development for a project that will provide fiber to each home in Sherman County cities.

ORTELCO has shown an interest in providing wireless internet in the area.  Mike attended the Condon Broadband Meeting and made a presentation on what Frontier TeleNet does and what it can provide.

Working with Grass Valley Grocery Store to provide internet service.  Talked to representative of FirstNet and AT&T about Frontier TeleNet providing backhaul.  Working with T-Mobile about providing backhaul for Mitchell site.

Contacted Frontier TeleNet Web Site provided about corrections and additions.  These are being taken care of.

Discussed an article in the Times Journal that indicated Directors did not know about discussion with Umatilla Morrow Radio Data District.  Mike stated he felt that was not the case and Lynn Morley disagreed.

Umatilla Morrow Radio Data District:  Mike reported that he and a representative of Umatilla Morrow Radio District had looked at multiple sites but had given a negative report back on their observations.  They were particularly upset about weeds and proper fencing.  Mike Smith felt that the “state of the art” equipment was not taken into considerations.  Steve Wynn stated that even though the report was negative, some observations were legitimate.  Weeds and fencing have been a problem and sometimes at co-locations, users sometimes do not install equipment in a proper manner.  Gary Thompson asked about generator in Sherman County and if it can be used.  Mike discussing with Sherman County Emergency Service Director.    The Board of Directors need to decide what findings from this tour need to be taken care of.  A discussion was held on the Motorola Service Agreement and why they were able to provide a revision for the Umatilla Morrow Radio District Project.  Currently Umatilla Morrow Radio Data District is looking for other providers.

Cottonwood Park Project:  There was a site visit at Cottonwood and a NEPA study is in progress.  State of Oregon feels they will need 200 MG of service.

Grant County:  Still working on this project for service with Frontier Regional 911.

Another County is considering 911 Service.  Mike will report on this at a future meeting.

Other Items for Good of the Order:

Gary Thompson reported he is working on an Opportunity Zone for Sherman County.  This zone forgives the capital gain tax.  A firm representing solar farms is interested in putting in a refurbished site at Biggs at industrial site.

Public Comment:  None

Next meeting June 15, 2018 in Moro.  (Note:  After this meeting the next meeting date was changed to June 29, 2018 in Moro.)

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:05 AM.

Respectfully Submitted:          Jeanne E. Burch, Frontier TeleNet Staff

Approved: _______________________     Judge Steve Shaffer June 29, 2018.

3. Considering Ability

“Self-efficacy” is a word that you have heard us use many times, and it’s a term that’s being heard more and more these days – in business, in social science, in education. What in the world does it mean and what difference does it make to you?

Self-efficacy is your own judgment of your ability to do something – sell a car, play golf, solve a problem, whatever. But self-efficacy isn’t so much about your skills as it is about your appraisal of your ability to use those skills.

Here is something that is very important. Research has shown that people who see themselves as efficacious generally perform better than people who don’t, even though their skills may be similar. Now why is that? Typically, they hang in there when things get tough. Instead of giving up, they try something different. They don’t get uptight under pressure because they believe they are going to find the solution and come through just fine.

Efficacious people have more options in life, because they believe in possibilities. People usually avoid things they think they can’t handle, and efficacious people just think they can, and so they do! There it is in a nutshell: We behave not in accordance with the truth, but with “the truth” as we believe it to be.

Now, a little self-examination about that “truth” we hold typically uncovers some dearly held beliefs that may be holding us back. These beliefs sometimes stand in the way of our ability to make something happen. So, the question is, do we keep these beliefs just because we have always had them, or do we set them aside and create new beliefs, more in line with who we really are today?

If you would like to raise your self-efficacy and your self-esteem, start today by setting a goal and creating the vision of where you want to go. It doesn’t need to be a big goal, just something that’s out of your “normal,” something you don’t already know how to do. It will be a bit of a challenge, but you will figure out how to achieve it as you go along. You are that smart. Believe it! ~The Pacific Institute

4. Sherman County Courthouse Surplus Silent Auction, July 12

ShermanCoLogoSherman County Courthouse Surplus Silent Auction

July 12, 2018 | Starts: 8:00 a.m. | Ends: 9:00 a.m. | Location: Courthouse | 500 Court Street | Moro, OR 97039. Make your bid. Numerous office and building-related items utilized by Sherman County departments that are no longer needed:

-executive, task, and other miscellaneous chairs

-desks of varying configurations

-conference and miscellaneous tables

-wood cabinets

-filing cabinets

-antique metal storage unit

-large mailbox/ballot box

-used doors

-toilet/sink unit from former holding cell

-TV/monitors and used copier.

Items must be removed by 12 p.m. on day of sale.

5. Then & Now: 1919 Sherman County School Statistics Posted #163 June 22nd

  • 2018
  • one school district (40 districts 1919)
  • one school building
  • 250 students K-12 (919 students enrolled in 1919)
  • 18.63 FTE (Full Time Equivalency) Certified Teachers (54 in 1919)
  • Salary Range:  $37,029-$58,899 ($93.75 average monthly in 1919).

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