Sherman County eNews #159


  1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library

  2. Why This Oregon School District Will Consider Arming Its Staff

  3. Oregon Capital Insider Index: This Week in Salem by the Numbers

  4. Taking Command of You

  5. Sherman County History Q & A

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library.

Logo.ShermanPub.School.Library2017The Library is now open on Summer Hours -11am-7pm Tuesday and Thursday, 10am-4pm Saturday

Community Preschool Storytime – Every Tuesday at 10am
Join us for Preschool Storytime and crafts. Ages 0-6.

June’s Book Club – Thursday, June 21 at 6pm.
The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Young Adult Night – Thursday, June 21 from 6pm to 8pm
Jr/Sr high students, come hang out, eat snacks, do crafts, watch a movie or start a book club, we decide! Come help plan our new young adult space!!

Crafts in Stacks Rock Garden Planters – Saturday, June 23, 2pm-4pm
We will create a small rock garden planter using cold and drought hearty plants. These little starts are perfect for growing your rock garden at home.
Each person will receive 6-8 tiny plants, but be careful, these sedums and succulents won’t stay small for long. Please bring your own shallow 6-12 inch planter that MUST have good drainage. These plants do not tolerate wet feet! Small strawberry planters work well. We will provide all other supplies

2. Why This Oregon School District Will Consider Arming Its Staff

More than two dozen school shootings have taken place across the United States so far in 2018. Now, an Oregon school district is considering arming its staff.

The Sherman County School District is working with the county sheriff’s office and other local agencies to decide whether to implement a number of safety measures before school starts next fall. One of the ideas includes starting a program where staff could volunteer to be armed and undergo firearms training.

Sherman County School District Superintendent Wes Owens said officials there are weighing what the best options are to prevent a school shooting… …

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3. Oregon Capital Insider Index: This Week in Salem by the Numbers

Oregon.Flat.poleHere are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week’s big, and small, Oregon political stories.

  • $904:Statewide fair market rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Oregon, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.
  • 45:Hours per week the average Oregonian would have to work to afford that rent.
  • 41:Oregon water systems that are threatened by the possibility of toxic algae, according to The Statesman-Journal.
  • 172:Traffic fatalities in Oregon so far this year, according to the Oregon Department of Transportation.
  • 17.8:Percentage that amount has increased from this time last year.
  • 70:Fatalities from distracted driving in Oregon, 2012-2016.
  • $214 million:Settlement a federal appeals court revoked from the Moda Health Plan, an Oregon insurer, this week, according to the Portland Business Journal. Moda sued the federal government in an attempt to recoup its financial losses during the rollout of the Affordable Care Act.
  • 22: States, including Oregon, where requiring union fees even if you don’t want to be a member is permitted. Those fees are under review by the Oregon Supreme Court, which his expected to make a decision
  • 53.1:Percentage of Oregon public workers who are union members, according to The Oregonian
  • 16:Percentage of all Oregon workers who are part of a union

4. Taking Command of You

What happens when you feel an emotion but refuse to admit it? Perhaps, more than you think.

From the time we were children, most of us have been taught that it’s OK to express certain feelings, but not express others. Early on, we learned to hide emotions that made other people uncomfortable or that somehow put us in a less than favorable light. It was OK to feel grateful but not angry, OK to feel confident but not scared, OK to defer to our parents but not to question them, and so on.

Sometimes we even learned to hide these unacceptable feelings from ourselves. We feel frightened of social contact but deny it and pretend boredom. We feel hurt and rejected but deny it and call it anger. We feel resentful of abusive behavior but deny it and call it a successful relationship because we believe we need it to survive.

Unacknowledged feelings almost always cause trouble. We may be able to stuff them down inside temporarily, but they invariably find another escape route. They are like pressure building up under the surface, which then explodes in fire, ash and the molten lava of a volcano as it destroys whatever is in its path. Unacknowledged feelings will often manifest themselves in physical ways – in backaches, headaches, ulcers, or other more serious illnesses – in reaction to the stress of denying reality.

What were you taught about feelings as a child? Now that you’re older, perhaps you’d like to learn what others have to say. Try reading John Bradshaw on shame, or Martin Seligman on depression and optimism, or Harriet Lerner on anger, for starters. An abundance of literature is available on the effects of suppressed anger, for example. Then, take the time to make up your own mind. Journaling your feelings will help you come to terms with them and find solutions that reduce the anxiety, stress and pressure.

You are in charge of your own feelings. You always have been. Take the time, get to know you, and take command of your life. ~The Pacific Institute

 5. Sherman County History Q & A

car.vacation1Q.When you start your road trip on The Journey Through Time Scenic Byway at Biggs and drive south out of Sherman County, where will you go? Name 2 towns on this route and the destination city.

A.The answer is with the Links.


6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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