Sherman County eNews #148


  1. Gorge Grown Re-Launches Mobile Farmers Market

  2. Notice. Sherman County Ambulance Board of Directors Meeting, June 12

  3. North Central ESD Early Education Head Start Applications Open

  4. Mental Rehearsals

  5. Columbia Gorge Community College Medical Assistant Program

  6. American Philatelic Society: 2018 New U.S. Stamp Issues

  7. Sherman County Sheriff’s Office Event Activity Analysis

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Gorge Grown Re-Launches Mobile Farmers Market

The Gorge Grown Food Network Mobile Farmers Market is hitting the road with fresh locally grown fruit and vegetables to Cascade Locks, Hood River, Lyle, and Moro and Wasco, OR all summer long.

“The goal of the Mobile Farmers Market is to make fresh locally grown produce more accessible to everyone, strengthen our local food system, and support small farmers throughout the Gorge” says Silvan Shawe, Gorge Grown’s Food Access Coordinator. This project, which was originally started in 2008, operates out of “Pippin” a refrigerated van that serves as a farmers market on wheels.

Every week the selection will vary as local produce comes into season, with each item picked at its peak, making it more nutritious, flavorful, and keep better than produce that travels an average of 1,500 miles before making its ways to grocery stores. The Mobile Farmers Market is also working with rural restaurants, schools, small stores, Hawk’s Ridge Assisting Living, and others to increase the availability of local produce.

“Partnering with Gorge Grown has been a win all around – for our residents, our chef’s healthy meal plan, for the neighborhood and for local farmers. We couldn’t have asked for more!” said Victoria Cauldwell Marketing Director at Hawks Ridge Assisted Living.

You can find the Mobile Farmer Market at the following stops:


Sundays, 11am – 1pm, Cascade Locks Farmers Market / Brigham Fish Market (681 Wa Na Pa Street)


Fridays, 2pm – 3pm at Hawks Ridge Assisted Living (8th & Pacific Avenue)


Fridays, 4pm – 6pm, French’s Farm Wholesale Native Plant Nursery (620 State Street)


1st Saturdays, 10am – 1pm, Sherman County Farmers Market (Main Street)


1st Saturdays, 2pm – 4pm at The Depot (Clark Street).

2. Notice. Sherman County Ambulance Board of Directors Meeting, June 12

Sherman County Ambulance Board of Directors

Meeting Agenda

June 12, 2018


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Approve March 13, 2018 Meeting Minutes
  3. Old Business:

3.1     Removing DEF on Medic 2 update

3.2     AEMT / EMT-I Class update

3.3     Turnouts for Extrication

3.4     Windshield Saw

3.5     Outside County EMTs

3.6     Other Old Business

  1. New Business



  1. Next Meeting September 11, 2018 @ 1800hrs.
  2. Adjourn

3. North Central ESD Early Education Head Start Applications Open book.boy.readNorth Central ESD Early Education is now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 School Year! If you have a 3-4 year-old child and would like for them to attend preschool in Sherman or Wheeler County, please visit our website at where you can find our new link for applying online! If you have any questions, please call 877-562-3739.

4. Mental Rehearsals

Building upon yesterday’s discussion about visualization and “the finish line,” let’s spend some time today talking about how athletes, and others who take performance very seriously, bring out the best in themselves.

During our 40+ years of teaching people how to use more of their potential, The Pacific Institute has worked with many professional athletes and sports organizations. Athletes began to use leading-edge techniques like mental rehearsal and focused concentration years before the general public had even heard of them.

We weren’t sure then how these techniques worked, but we knew they did. Jack Nicklaus, for example, said that he would “watch a movie” in his head before each shot. Visualization is creating a picture of the future, using our forethought. It’s creating neural pathways in the brain, even if the rest of our body isn’t putting in the work yet.

Thanks to many researchers, especially in the last decade or so, we know more. Peter Fox and his colleagues at the University of Texas monitored people’s brain activities as they performed various body movements and also as they imagined performing the movements. They found that the actual physical movement consistently involved the interaction of several specific areas of the brain. Imagining the movement activated those same areas of the brain. In other words, mental rehearsal of an action puts the mind through a neural workout that is very much like the real thing.

So, whether you’re trying to break your own personal best record in a sport, sell a new car to an ambivalent customer, or present during an important meeting, mental rehearsal, or visualization, can help you prepare for peak performance by walking you through successful strategies and potential pitfalls. Knowing the “lay of the land” ahead of time provides heightened self-confidence – and your brain is more than willing to help, when you let it. ~The Pacific Institute

5. Columbia Gorge Community College Medical Assistant Program

One of the fastest-growing job openings in the Columbia Gorge is for medical assistants, and people who would like to learn more are invited to contact Columbia Gorge Community College.

The college launched its medical assisting program in 2007. This is a one-year certificate leading directly to employment in the field with an historical job placement rate of 82 percent.

Medical assistants are responsible for patient room assignments, screening telephone calls, helping with medical procedures, preparing and administering vaccines and medications, and performing basic lab tests. Medical assistants must exercise critical thinking skills and determination, flexibility and initiative; good penmanship, grammar, spelling and computer skills are essential. Instruction combines classroom and lab study with hands-on experience in local healthcare facilities.

“In addition to offering a direct path to employment in our region, medical assistants receive a broad overview of the medical profession,” said Mimi Pentz, program coordinator and primary instructor. “These experiences may inform additional career decisions in the healthcare field.”

Fall term 2018 applications close June 14 for students who have completed the program’s prerequisites. Medical assistant classes start Sept. 24 for students who have been admitted to the program.

Students who are not prepared to apply at this time should start planning now for admission to the Medical Assistant program in fall term 2019. Prerequisites can be taken through the upcoming academic year. Students should see an adviser for details. Additional requirements include a criminal background check, availability of personal transportation, immunizations and health screenings.

Medical assisting is considered one of the top five professions necessary for team-based care in medicine, driven by the growing number of elderly patients and a predicted surge in the number of physicians’ offices and outpatient care facilities. Hospital administrators in the Columbia Gorge already cite an increasing number of job vacancies in the field.

As reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Medical assisting is one of the nation’s careers growing much faster than average for all occupations.”

The program of study at Columbia Gorge Community College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Programs in accordance with the American Association of Medical Assistants standards, and has an historical passage rate of 95 percent. Five-year job retention is 90 percent, according to statistics compiled by the college.

For details, contact Student Services, (541) 506-6011. Additional information and a program application are available on the college website, .

6. American Philatelic Society: 2018 New U.S. Stamp Issues


Stamp collectors will be interested in information on the 2018 new U.S. stamp issues, issue dates and designs. . Soakability and Scott Catalog numbers are added after the release of stamps when the information is known. The denomination provided for forever or other non-denominated stamps reflects the price that the stamp was originally sold at on its first day of issue. See:

7. Sherman County Sheriff’s Office Event Activity Analysis

The event activity analysis of the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office for the period, January 1, 2018, to June 1, 2018, is reported by event classifications.

In a snapshot: Abandoned vehicle 5, Assist Other Agency 26, Alarm 12, Animal Cruelty 1, Animal Problem 13, Assault 4, Burglary 1, Civil Problem 17, Controlled Substance 2, Damaged Property 2, Death-Suicide 1, Death-Unattended 2, Domestic Problem/Child Neglect 5, DUI 1, DUII 4, Family Disturbance 3, Fire 2, Fraud 4, Game 1, Harassment 6, Health/Safety 2, Juvenile Problem 2, Kidnapping 1, Liquor Law 1, Littering/Dumping 1, Medical/Ambulance Assist 15, Mental Subject 7, Miscellaneous 8, Obstruct Justice 2, Obstruct Police 1, Ordinance Violation 1, Other Sex Offense 2, Person Crimes 1, Property-Found-Lost 2, Property Crimes 1, Property Watch 1, Public Intox 1, Public Order Crimes 1, Public Peace/Disorderly Conduct 7, Public Service/Assistance/Notification 8, School Offenses/Failure to Attend 3, Search/Rescue 2, Security Check/Welfare Check 8, Stolen Vehicle 7, Suspicious Activity or Person 24, Theft/Larceny 11, Traffic (Criminal Violation) 2, Traffic Accident 21, Traffic Crime 8, Traffic Problem 6, Traffic Violations 6, Trespassing 10, Utility Problem 1, Vandalism 1, Vehicle Impound 3, Warrant-Out of County-Misdemeanor 2. ~~~ Total Events 294, Total Citation Violations 1001, Total Citations 879. ~Courtesy of the Sherman County Sheriff’s Office.

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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