Sherman County eNews #127


  1. Nell Coats Melzer Grand Marshal for Memorial Day Parade & Celebration

  2. Boring!

  3. Federal, state, tribal and local agencies to conduct mass rescue operation exercise along the Columbia River

  4. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

Happiness is not a destination; it is a way of traveling. ~J.M. Barrie

1. Nell Coats Melzer Grand Marshal for Memorial Day Parade & Celebration

cowboyyeehawNell Coats was born and raised on a wheat ranch between Rufus and Wasco, Oregon, in 1931. She graduated in 1949 and left Sherman county in the ‘50s to go to college where she earned a teaching degree. Returning to teach, she married Harold Melzer and raised her 3 sons, Bruce, Alan, and Doug, who brought into the family their spouses and many grandchildrens and greats. After retiring from teaching she traveled to five continents and 25 countries,

Nell is a dedicated volunteer, a commitment that includes years of teaching Sunday school, helping with vacation bible school, helping Pat Gabriel deliver Meals on Wheels in Sherman county, Lions Club leadership, serving as a host at Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro, plus her favorite “job” — taking tickets at the Sherman county school ball games. She loves working with “her kids.” For 17 years she hosted the directors of the Missoula Children’s Theater and enjoyed two foreign exchange students, Paul Murphy from Ireland, and Gustavo Rodriguez from Costa Rica.

She is a wonderful example of serving God by helping her fellow man and her city and county.

Nell will be leading the Wasco Memorial Parade with great-granddaughter Lexi Grenvik riding in Chuck Wallace’s 1932 Chevrolet two-door black touring car driven by her son, Doug.

Memorial Day, May 28, 2018! Come and enjoy the festivities, an Air Force fly-over, tribute to our veterans, big parade, Paradise Rose BBQ, car show and more. Our popular author, Jane Kirkpatrick, will be on hand at the city hall from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., with a reading at 1 p.m.

~Wasco Mayor Carol MacKenzie 541-442-5097

 3. Boring!

Question for Today: What is a sure-fire sign that an activity, and it doesn’t matter what activity that is, is going to be boring?

You can be sure that an activity is going to be boring, if the person who is doing it is bored. Now this may sound perfectly obvious – but let’s dig a little deeper into the subject.

Lou Tice used to tell the story of when he was in college, taking a class in Shakespeare that he enjoyed a great deal. One day, when the discussion centered on “King Lear,” one of the students made the comment that he thought the textbook, “The Complete Works of Shakespeare,” was boring. Well! It seems that the professor drew himself up to his full five feet six inches and said something Lou never forgot. “Young man,” he said, “there are boring books and then there are bored readers reading fascinating books. I am afraid you are one of the latter.”

Some folks believe that boredom is a subtle form of negative thinking. Some have defined boredom as hostility without enthusiasm. It is a surface-level pushing back that often contains elements of fear or anger, and sometimes both. Ultimately, it is an attitude, rather than a condition. And since attitudes are learned, they can be unlearned and replaced with more productive attitudes.

So, when you find yourself feeling bored, ask yourself if there is something you are anxious or angry about. Look beneath the surface and see what is draining your enthusiasm, what you are resisting or perhaps, avoiding. Boredom can be a signal that you may be just a step away from doing some real growing.

Remember: boredom, like beauty, is strictly in the eye of the beholder. ~The Pacific Institute

3. Federal, state, tribal and local agencies to conduct mass rescue operation exercise along the Columbia River 

THE DALLES, Ore. – Federal, state, tribal and local agencies will be gathered at River Front Park and the Fort Dalles Readiness Center in The Dalles to conduct a mass rescue operation exercise, Wednesday.

The exercise will help first responder agencies to evaluate search and rescue procedures and coordination; interagency Incident Command System response; evaluate triage accountability processes and evaluate joint communications procedures and capabilities.

The scenario to be practiced involves a large passenger vessel that runs hard aground near the Three Mile Rapids, which causes mass injuries and forces passengers into the Columbia River without lifejackets.

Agencies involved include:

Federal – Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxiliary and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

State – Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Emergency Management

Local – Wasco County Emergency Operation Center, Wasco Emergency Management, Wasco County Sheriff’s Office, Amateur Radio Service and Wasco County Search and Rescue; Hood River County Emergency Management, Hood River County Sheriff’s Office; Klickitat County Emergency Management; Portland Fire and Portland Emergency Operations Center; Hood River Fire; The River Safety Task Force; The Dalles Police Department; Mid-Columbia Medical Center; Mid-Columbia Fire and Rescue; Clark County Fire and Rescue; Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Tribal – Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries

Commercial – Life Flight 

“The public should be aware of but not alarmed at the activities occurring Wednesday,” said Lt. Cmdr. Kristen Caldwell, contingency planning and readiness chief and exercise coordinator. “We will be doing our very best to not disrupt normal everyday activity in the area including public fishing during Pike Minnow season. This exercise is extremely important in order to be ready for something we all hope never happens.”

4. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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