Sherman County eNews #122


  1. It’s Time for Head Start Applications

  2. Editorial. Mac’s Musings, The Times-Journal

  3. Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet in Goldendale, May 13

  4. Inherent Creativity

  5. 2-Day Beginner & Intermediate Pastel Painting Workshop with Karen Watson

  6. Sherman Museum Artist Series – Free Admission for Mom

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“I ask, Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people…” ~George Mason, 1788

1. It’s Time for Head Start Applications

 children.cartoonThe North Central ESD Early Education OPK Head Start is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 school year. OPK Head Start is a comprehensive child and family development program serving children ages 3-5 in a quality preschool environment in Sherman and Wheeler Counties. The program focuses on preparing children and families for school through education, health services, and family involvement.

To download the application or for more information, please visit

If you would like more information or have any questions about the program that is offered in your area, please call the North Central ESD Early Education office at 877-562-3739 Ext. 152

2. Editorial. Mac’s Musings, The Times-Journal permission of The Times-Journal

Voters in Gilliam, Wheeler and Sherman counties are in the midst of making decisions about their county governments that could have lasting effects, hopefully for the benefit of all three counties and their residents. With yet a few days of campaigning to go, we  urge voters to make their ballots count. Vote. Return your ballots to the respective ballot drop sites in your county by 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 15.

On the Gilliam County ballot, two candidates have stepped up to contest the candidacy of incumbent Judge Steve Shaffer. Of the three candidates, our pick is Elizabeth Farrar. She is a fifth generation native of Condon, a CHS graduate, a graduate of George Washington University with a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs and with 10 years of public service in Salem and Washington, D.C. She has developed a demanding career in communications and project consulting which has served a host of local entities well over the past seven years, and has been proven successful in her work with local, regional and state tourism and economic development endeavors. In doing so, she realizes the need to move forward with broadband infrastructure and the potential it has for the future of the county and region, and the continuing need to create housing and jobs for those increasingly affected by ‘urban fatigue.’ She is bright and perceptive, understands policy and procedure, public meeting protocol, the value of planning and setting policy for an efficient county government. She is an effective communicator, and an effective listener. We believe Elizabeth Farrar’s drive, intelligence, training and experience in the nuances of policy making will serve Gilliam County well.

We support Elizabeth Farrar for Gilliam County Judge.

And Gilliam County voters have a choice to make in filling the county commissioner position being vacated by Mike Weimar who is retiring from the position. Three Gilliam County residents have become candidates for the position, and all would, by all counts, serve well. Among them, though, we support the candidacy of Sherrie Wilkins. Her history with the county’s largest employer will afford her knowledge of the important county-Waste Management relationship; her pending retirement will allow time for the position; her management experience; her knowledge of county issues; her familiarity with what the position entails; and her desire to make county government effective make her our choice for county commissioner.

In Wheeler County balloting, we appreciate the interest that has been generated in the county commissioner position now held by appointee Debbie Starkey. It has created a conversation in the county that should occur daily. As with any organization, we believe that well-planned, common-sense, long-range, well-communicated and transparent goals for the county are a must. While it has been good to point out the concerns that Wheeler County residents have with the administration of the county, we have faith in the efforts being made by incumbent county commissioner Debbie Starkey and support her election to the position. She has made the commitment to learn the parameters of the job, has learned that there are many issues involved in managing the public’s business at the county level and continues to learn the protocol and procedures of public office.

We support the candidacy of Debbie Starkey.

And it is with interest that we look to the race for judge in Sherman County, with the retirement of Judge Gary Thompson leaving the county’s top job vacant. Four viable candidates have entered the race, each offering a different trajectory coming into the fray. We have had the opportunity to observe county commissioner Joe Dabulskis work through the processes of learning the responsibilities of public service at the county level. We like what we see. Joe Dabulskis’ life experiences before settling on a family ranch in the county have provided invaluable ‘training’ in the importance of governance, regimen, policy and procedure. Our observations tell us that he is in the business of public service to make better life in Sherman County for one and all, and not for personal gratification or gain. His thoughtful approach to issues is inclusive of those he serves, and he likes to know all there is to know about an issue before his vote is cast.

We support Joe Dabulskis for county judge in Sherman County.

And we are grateful to all who throw their hat into the political ring, including those uncontested candidates who continue to sign up to do the work of the people. We trust that voters everywhere do their homework and make informed decisions in filling out their ballots. We have faith in vox populi.

Turn in your ballots by 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 15. Every vote counts!

3. Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet in Goldendale, May 13

Goldendale American Legion Auxiliary

Mother’s Day Brunch Buffet

Sunday May 13th

10 AM – 1 PM

Adults $10

Children 12 and under $5

4. Inherent Creativity

Many people think of creativity in terms of output, or something produced, but that is not necessarily so. We don’t come into this world stamped “Creative” or “Not Creative” – at least we shouldn’t be. Today we are going to look at the meaning of creativity.

You know, many people believe that in order to be truly creative, they have to be producing something extraordinary – composing music, making paintings, designing furniture or clothing – things that have real, measurable output. However, that is a pretty limited way to look at creativity.

Creativity is an attitude toward life and is more a matter of improvisation and inspiration than of producing something we can label as “creative” – something admired or socially useful. Whenever we see something in a new light or from a new perspective, we are being creative. We are asking the brain to be flexible – which it is fully able to do – and consider our perceptions from a different angle. And when we do that, we develop a growth mindset, one that is open to new thinking and new experiences, and expressed as our personal creativity.

Each of us, if we are open and searching, can become creative in doing those simple things in our lives that are creative and original to us. We can be creative in the way we bring up our children, the way we teach and learn, the way we communicate and listen, and in discovering new ways to approach old, familiar things. Creativity can be expressed in the way we approach a picnic at the beach or in tending a beautiful garden.

You see, creativity is there inside us, not in the things we produce. With creativity, we discover and celebrate the fullness of our own personal nature. True creativity is what helps us to make the most of our lives and live up to our own individual potential.

Your own personal creativity is near at hand. You just need to allow yourself to tap into it. ~The Pacific Institute

5. 2-Day Beginner & Intermediate Pastel Painting Workshop with Karen Watson

When:  Saturday & Sunday, June 2 & 3  10 – 4 pm

Minimum: 5 students

Maximum: 15 students

Cost:  $175.00 Karen will supply paper for all students.

Supplies List:  1 set medium quality, soft pastels (not oil).

Med Quality Brands: Rembrandt 1/2 sticks, Art Spectrum, Blue Earth

Good place to order from:  Dakota Art (on line)

Sign up at The Dalles Art Center

Please join artist, Karen Watson, for a lively weekend workshop exploring and learning how to push your artistic boundaries with pastels. With live demonstrations and one-on-one attention to individuals, students will begin to learn some of the intermediate concepts of design when using pastel. Karen will cover some of the more advanced elements like composition, value, and completing your projects. When you are done with this class, you will not only have a better understanding of pastels as a whole, but you will go home with at least one completed painting.

Award winning artist, Watson has works in both public and private collections. Her work has been featured in the Pastel Journal and several other publications. She enjoys traveling and participating in fine art shows throughout the U.S. She is represented by The Columbia Center for the Arts, The Frame Gallery, and the Ryan Gallery in Lincoln City. She gets a thrill out of teaching and likes nothing better than to share her passion for pastels with students. Please bring soft pastels, pastel paper, and an open mind to class with you.

Questions? Call Karen 541-386-7143.  Contact The Dalles Art Center to register! 541.296.4759 or

6. Sherman Museum Artist Series – Free Admission for Mom

SCHM_clr_wtMoro, OR – The Sherman County Historical Museum is free all day Sunday, May 13th, for all mothers from 1pm to 5pm in celebration of Mother’s Day! Bring Mom and the entire family to enjoy some Sherman County history and fun. The lobby is bright and cheery with art from the Sherman Elementary students who are the featured artists for the month of May.

Happy Mother’s Day and hope to see you at the Sherman County Historical Museum located at 200 Dewey Street in Moro, Oregon. For more information, call 541-565-3232 or visit our Facebook page and website:

 7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

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