Sherman County eNews #109


  1. Ballots are Coming…

  2. Letter to the Editor: Reflecting on a friendly debate

  3. Letter to the Editor: Why?

  4. Candidate Dabulskis Answers Questions

  5. North Central Education Service District Board Meeting Minutes, April 12

  6. Stages of Development – Part 4

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1.Ballots are Coming…

Oregon.Flat.pole~ Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, State of Oregon

Ballots for the 2018 Primary Election are now in the mail, and here are answers to 10 of the most frequently asked questions from Oregonians about the election.

  1. If you believe you are registered to vote but have not received your ballot by May 4, call your local elections office.
  2. You can track your ballot at
  3. Ballots are due on May 15 by 8pm. Postmarks do not count (and you only need to use one stamp).
  4. Ballots can be returned by mail, at a drop box, or to your county election office. Find drop box locations at
  5. Every registered voter will receive a ballot for the May 15 election. Voters not affiliated with a political party, and those affiliated with a minor party (Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Progressive, Working Families) will be able to vote on non-partisan contests like judges, state Bureau of Labor & Industries Commissioner, and local offices. Voters affiliated with the Democratic, Independent, or Republican parties will be able to vote on the above non-partisan contests as well as select the party nominee for partisan offices like US Congress, Governor, and state legislature.
  6. If you registered to vote or changed your registration after April 1, you will likely receive two different ballot mailings. That is okay! It takes days to print and prepare over 2.6 million ballots, and your change may have come in after the process started. Return the second ballot which will be for your updated registration. Don’t worry, we know who was sent more than one ballot, and we’ll make sure only one is counted. If you return them both, we will only count the one for your current registration.
  7. You can now register to vote when you are 16 years of age, but you will not be able to vote until you are 18.
  8. The election process is open to the public. Anyone can come into their county elections office and observe the process of testing the equipment, verifying signatures, opening the ballot envelopes, counting the ballots, and witnessing a recount, if there is one. Contact your county elections officefor details.
  9. A security feature of vote by mail is that we compare the signature on every ballot envelope to the signature in the voter registration file. If signatures match, the ballot is counted. If the signatures doesn’t match, the ballot will not be counted and the voter will be notified.
  10. Specific instructions will be provided for nonmatching signatures. The instructions must be followed to have your ballot counted.

I want to reiterate the importance of voting in every election. Thank you in advance for fulfilling this important civic duty.

2. Letter to the Editor: Reflecting on a friendly debate

pencil.sharpTo the Editor:

The public discussion at the Wasco Annex the other night was a fun exercise in public participation. If I had been better prepared, or asked different questions, there are other statements I would have liked to make.

When discussing qualifications for a public office I think we need to start with the basics. The personal qualities of integrity, honesty, morality, loyalty, empathy are a good place to start. In regards to these qualities I think the citizens of Sherman Co. have some good choices. A good work ethic and the ability to place others needs in front of your own are also important. A perspective shaped by a broad spectrum of experiences allows the ability to see issues from another person’s point of view. Having the ability to look at both ends of the spectrum on an issue, and coming up with a solution that serves the best interest of the most people is an important qualification. A rudimentary understanding of how government works is also important. Trust, I think, is the key. I believe when it comes right down to it, we vote for that person we can trust to make the best decisions, with the best interest of the people in mind.

Trapping question: We do not trap indiscriminately. Trapping is done for the safety of people, pets, livestock, other species of wildlife. In general, we all believe in wildlife diversity. I personally get a lot of heat from other stock growers because I defend the presence of wolves…. a controlled presence.

Juvenile judge question: In high school I went to a street dance that turned into a street fight, was arrested, had to see the Judge. My Father accompanied me and explained that it was his fault, because he had set a bad example. Many kids today don’t have an advocate as I did. They need advocates, mentors, and all the professional help we can give them.

I’m asking the voters of Sherman County to put their trust in me. Give me the chance to lead this county into a promising future that will benefit everyone.


Fred Justesen

Grass Valley

3. Letter to the Editor: Why?

pencil.sharpTo the Editor and Sherman County Voters:

Regarding the recent candidate’s debate, I am very surprised that Mike Smith, candidate for county judge, did not mention his current $80,000/year contract as marketing director for Frontier TeleNet, our tri-county telecommunications agency. Eighteen months into the job, not a word about his achievements. Why?

Frontier TeleNet is not mentioned in his campaign flyer either. Why? This important fact is left out in order to mislead us. Why? What has he accomplished for Frontier TeleNet in those 18 months?  

Kenton Mathewson


4. Candidate Dabulskis Answers Questions

Wasco, OR. — Sherman County candidate for County Judge, Joe Dabulskis, was asked, “Joe, tell us more about yourself, your abilities, your leadership experience. Why should I vote for you?”

Dabulskis is currently a Sherman County Commissioner, a position he has learned to love. As part of his work in that position, he represents the county on 20-plus committees and boards and has enjoyed meeting and working with people, creating ideas and solving problems.

Joe stated, “This gives me a chance to thank you for electing me to serve Sherman County. Thank you.”

Joe and his wife Jeanne moved to Sherman County over 20 years ago to raise their children while farming on her family’s ranch, during which time Joe attended paramedic school in Beaverton. There he was asked to become a part-time instructor because of his ability to break things down and explain them.

Prior to moving to our county Joe worked in logging and farming, worked for Pendleton Flour Mills and sold real estate. He taught taxidermy at Blue Mountain Community College and was asked to travel to local high schools to teach as well.

He served in the Army National Guard, starting as a private, taking orders and doing what he was told, and ending as a Captain, leading soldiers. He served in Hood River as a private, a lieutenant-platoon leader, in Pendleton as an executive officer and in Baker City as the Company Commander, moving the company from a weak unit to the 2nd strongest in the state.

Dabulskis’ principles are based on 30 years of these experiences. He explains, “They taught me to do what is right, that my actions speak louder than words, to listen, keep an open mind, and ask questions. To be humble, give credit where credit is due, be firm when I must but not afraid to give. To stay focused, work hard and KISS — Keep It Straight and Simple. Honesty, honesty, honesty and to always lead by example.”

“These are the reasons you should vote for me, Joe Dabulskis, to be your next Sherman County Judge.”

5. North Central Education Service District Board Meeting Minutes, April 12



The North Central ESD Board of Directors met in regular session in the NCESD Conference Room,

Thursday, April 12, 2018.


P—Sarah Rucker, Chair-June 2021

P—Geremy Shull, V. Chair-June 2021

P—Jim Doherty-June 2021

P—Kristen Neuberger-June 2019

P—Amy Derby -June 2019

P—Jeff Schott -June 2021

P—Greg Greenwood -June 2019 – via phone                     

P—Penny Grotting, Superintendent

P—Kim Domenighini, Bus. Mgr.


Stacy Shown

Kalie Rolfe

Rinda Montgomery

Sarah declared to go into executive session 192.660 (2)(i)  5:15 pm,

Sarah declared to go out of executive session 192.660 (2)(i) 6:00 pm


Sarah opened the Board Meeting at 6:05 p.m.

Public Input: None

Glen Kearns, Accuity presented the 2016-17 audit to the board. Glen highlighted points of the audit and stated that the ESD is doing well.



The minutes & fiscal receipts from the March 1, 2018 regular board meeting were distributed for review via email April 3, 2018.

Motion—Greg, seconded Jim, to approve the minutes and fiscal receipts.

VOTING—Unanimously approved.



  • Penny explained that Mitchell School District’s Superintendent and Admin. Asst. have resigned as of June 30, 2018 and they are in the process of hiring a new superintendent. The business office will be assisting with additional fiscal services (Student Body, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Board Secretary) through the remainder of the school year.
  • Kalie Rolfe, Stacy Shown, and Rinda Montgomery have been working hard to assist with Sherman School District SPED teacher to complete many IEPs and other tasks that are needed.
  • Measure 98 applications for 2018-19 have been completed. Penny put together a conference with ODE to assist the superintendents to complete the applications.
  • Penny is setting up three interviews to hire an OPK Program Coordinator in the next week.
  • Penny updated the board on Mitchell School District potential two new schools. The two new schools may increase work load and potential income.



  • Geremy Shull has moved to Wasco and is not in Zone 4 to be a board member of North Central ESD. We will need to advertise in Moro, Grass Valley and Kent for potential new board members. Geremy will send a resignation letter.


  • The board would like to table the superintendent evaluation until the May 3rd board meeting. They would like to have an executive session at 5:00 until 5:15 to go over Penny’s evaluation with her.


  • The board will have a meeting on June 7, 2018 to dissolve the account.


Next meeting: May 3, 2018 5:15pm

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.


SARAH RUCKER, CHAIR                                KIM DOMENGIHINI, BUS. MGR.

6. Stages of Development – Part 4

Are you starting to recognize these stages, or steps, in the people you work with, live with, lead on a daily basis? And in this recognition, are you discovering ways of helping these folks to back and pick up the pieces they missed? Today, we are going to discuss Psychological Intimacy and Generativity.

Psychological Intimacy is being able to share how we feel with others. We do this in order to develop deep relationships with others – friends, spouses. We share our innermost thoughts and feelings. If we didn’t successfully navigate Identity, we are always worried about what people will say or think about us. If this is the case, we don’t share who we are, and we only say what we think they want us to say. True intimacy is next to impossible.

Remember back at the beginning of this series, when we talked about trust, if we didn’t acquire that sense of trust, that it showed up later in life. Without that sense of trust, establishing deep relationships becomes difficult. And if we do not establish intimacy, then we develop isolation instead. We back off and hold ourselves apart from the rest of the world, thinking we don’t need anyone else. It is easy to slip into loneliness and depression.

When we hold ourselves apart, isolated, then Generativity does not happen. Generativity is our willingness to give everything we have, if we need to. We give our advice, our knowledge, our wisdom – and we don’t want anything in return. We give our love without reservation or expectation of return. Generativity is the key to being truly happy inside.

If we don’t master this stage of generativity, we feel stagnant. We feel dull, without purpose. Days pass without real value, so we fill them with things. We could have all the money in the world, but we are empty, poor inside. The true richness of life comes from giving.

When we get down to the qualities that we most admire and respect, we find them in those people we’ve known throughout our lives. These are the folks who have gone out of their way for us, without wanting anything for it. And why? Because they got fulfillment, joy and happiness – things that money cannot buy. And this is where we want to get to ourselves, on our way to the final maturity step on the ladder. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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