Sherman County eNews #104


  1. Sherman County School Athletic Schedule Update: Track

  2. Sherman County Photography Club Meeting, April 23

  3. Teens:  counselors and counselors-in-training wanted for Sherman 4-H Camp in June

  4. The Gorge Winds Concert Band Performances, May 4 & 6

  5. Oregon Capital Insider Index: This week in Salem, by the numbers

  6. Ego Health

  7. Get Involved in a Local Farmers Market!

  8. Notice. North Central Public Health District Executive Committee Meeting, May 8

  9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

So when the wolf pounces on your lamb, just ignore the pitiful bleating and remind yourself that this is a democracy, where every sheep can freely express its preference for which kind of wolf it wants to be eaten by. Many sheep, perhaps understandably, prefer a wolf in sheep’s clothing, which is after all the basic idea of democracy. So far it has worked pretty well. The wolves all agree on that, and they want to spread democracy everywhere. ~Joseph Sobran

1. Sherman County School Athletic Schedule Update: Track

sports.javelinSherman High School Track

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Sherman at Glenwood High School for the Mt. Adams Invitational now with a start time of 3:00, bus departs at 12:15, class dismissal at 12:05

~ Audrey Rooney, Registrar  

Sherman High School           

PH: 541-565-3500 ~ Fax: 541-565-3319

2. Sherman County Photography Club Meeting, April 23 

camera.handheldThe Sherman County Photography Club meets Monday, April 23, 6pm at the OSU Extension Building in Moro. This month’s agenda includes a presentation by Lowell Smith and viewing the monthly photo challenge ” Lines & Angles.” The Sherman County Museum will feature the club’s work for the month of June on the lobby wall. Check out the Sherman County Photography Club page on Facebook too. Guests and new members are always encouraged to come and join in on the fun.

3. Teens:  counselors and counselors-in-training wanted for Sherman 4-H Camp in June

4-H clover1Sherman teens in 7th-12th grade, Sherman County 4-H Camp needs you as counselors or counselors-in-training (CITs)!  This is a job experience plus great leadership and community service opportunity for you to have fun working with people of all ages, be in charge of activities, enjoy camp again, and hang out with your friends.  Counselors are those 16 years of age or older; CITs are those 13 to 15 years old.   You will be at camp Tuesday June 19 for staff orientation, then with the campers Wednesday June 20 through Friday June 22.  Training is required by state 4-H prior to camp.  Pick up an application at Sherman School office or the OSU Extension office.  Applications are due by Monday April 30 to the Extension Office. 

~Cindy Brown, Educator, Oregon State University, OSU Extension Service – Sherman County, College of Public Health & Human Sciences, 4-H Youth Development & SNAP-Ed

P: 541-565-3230 | C: 541-993-5291

4. The Gorge Winds Concert Band Performances, May 4 & 6

Gorge Winds Concert Band

Spring Concert

Friday May 4, 2018 —- 7:00 p.m.

Hood River Middle School

Sunday May 6, 2018 —- 3:00 p.m.

Calvary Baptist Church

music-notesYou are cordially invited to attend the annual Spring Concert of The Gorge Winds Concert Band under the direction of Larry Loop. The concert will feature selections from Frank Ticheli, James Swearingen, Frank Erickson, Percy Grainger and local composer, band director, and Gorge Winds Concert Band member Steve Hodges.  We will be performing one of Steve Hodges latest compositions entitled The Refiners Fire.  This is a wonderful piece written to honor his daughter after her recovery from illness. 

This year there will be two performances of our Spring Concert.  The first performance will be on Friday, May 4, 2018, at 7:00 p.m. in the Hood River Middle School Auditorium at 1602 May Street.   The second performance will be held on Sunday, May 6, 2018, at 3:00 p.m. in Calvary Baptist Church 3350 Columbia View Drive, The Dalles.

The Gorge Winds Concert Band is a volunteer organization comprised of men and women in the Mid-Columbia area who are dedicated to making a unique musical and cultural contribution to our community. Founded in 2000, the Gorge Winds Concert Band performs in many venues throughout the Mid-Columbia area, i.e. The Dalles, Hood River, White Salmon, and Goldendale. 

Admission is free, however donations are accepted.  You can find us on line at, or on Facebook at Gorge Winds Concert Band.  The Gorge Winds Concert Band is a 501c3 organization, and any donations are therefore tax deductible.

We are delighted to present these concerts, and are looking forward to having you join us knowing you will enjoy this wonderful presentation.

5. Oregon Capital Insider Index: This week in Salem, by the numbers

Oregon.Flat.poleCreated: 19 April 2018 | Written by Oregon Capital Insider

Here are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week’s big, and small, Oregon political stories.

  • 2 million:Approximate number of tax returns the state receives every year.
  • 88:Percentage of state revenues attributable to the income tax this biennium, according to the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis.
  • 496,503:Oregon taxpayers who did not receive a refund on their taxes in 2015, according to the Oregon Department of Revenue.
  • 1,497,067:Taxpayers who did.
  • 32,000:Seats planned for a proposed Major League Baseball stadium in Portland. A company, Portland Diamond Project, has been formed to “facilitate deal-making and to lobby local officials” on bringing the major league sport to the Rose City, according to The Oregonian
  • 78:Percentage of bills passed in the Oregon Senate this year with unanimous bipartisan support, according to the office of Sen. Alan DeBoer, R-Ashland.
  • 3:Of bills that passed on a party-line vote.
  • $76,111:Monthly pension of Dr.Joe Robertson, the retired eye surgeon and head of OHSU. Dr. Robertson’s pension and the state’s public pension funding woes were highlighted by the New York Times over the weekend
  • 1.1 million:Pounds of legal cannabis logged in the state’s database, as of February, according to Willamette Week.
  • 2:Factor by which the number of legal cannabis farmers is expected to double this summer.

6. Ego Health

Not too many people want to think of themselves as having a “big ego,” but having a strong ego is definitely a good thing. Today let’s explore the difference between “big” and “strong.”

How strong is your ego? Many people think that the term “ego” has something to do with being a braggart or totally self-interested, but they’re wrong. Actually, psychologists tell us that the ego is that part of our personality that directs our activities, so we can get our needs met and survive. It is a normal and necessary part of who we are. Without the development of the ego, homo sapiens as a species may not have survived.

Having good ego strength means you perceive things accurately and have the ability to make wise decisions. It also generally means that you have self-confidence, self-esteem, and poise under pressure. Ego strength has nothing whatever to do with people we think of as having “big egos”- those macho folks who like to push other people around and blow their own horns. Typically, these people have poor self-confidence and self-esteem, and are merely trying to cover up the fact that they know they are not quite good enough.

On the contrary, strong ego often shows up as resiliency – the ability to bounce back from adversity – and the flexibility to take advantage of change. According to Dr. Charles Garfield, author of “Peak Performers,” ego strength – a thoughtful, systematic program of personal growth – can help enormously.

The education of The Pacific Institute has been helping people in this way for five decades now, so we know that if you choose to – and remember, it is your choice – you can take the steps to achieve a vital, truthful and healthy ego! ~The Pacific Institute

7. Get Involved in a Local Farmers’ Market!

Farmers’ markets in the Gorge are seeking new vendors, sponsors and volunteers!

Contact the farmers market manager to find out how you can get involved in a farmers’ market near you!

Goldendale Farmers Market contact:

Hood River Farmers Market  contact:

Mercado del Valle (Odell Farmers Market) contact:

Mosier Farmers Market contact:

Mt. Hood Town Hall Farmers Market contact:

Stevenson Farmers Market contact:

Sherman County Farmers Market contact:

The Dalles Farmers Market contact:

White Salmon Farmers Market contact:

Cascade Locks Farmers Market  contact:

8. Notice. North Central Public Health District Executive Committee Meeting, May 8

The North Central Public Health District Executive Committee will be holding a meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 3:00PM. Meeting will be held at North Central Public Health District located at 419 E. 7th Street, in the Main Meeting Room, in The Dalles, Oregon. This meeting is open to the general public.

9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do


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