Sherman County eNews #90


  1. Sherman County School Baseball Schedule Update

  2. BINGO Night at the Grass Valley Pavilion, April 20

  3. Cupola

  4. Oregon Arbor Week – Plant a Tree

  5. Letter to the Editor: Mike Smith for Sherman County Judge

  6. Oregon Tradeswomen’s 2018 Career Fair, May 19

  7. Help Wanted

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County School Baseball Schedule Update

sport.baseball1Saturday, April 7, 2018 – Sherman vs Riverside/Helix at Helix has been CANCELLED, but has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2018.  These matches will start at 12:00 at Stanfield, bus departs at 9:30.

~ Audrey Rooney, Registrar  Sherman High School, 65912 High School Loop, Moro, OR 97039  PH: 541-565-3500 ~ Fax: 541-565-3319

2. BINGO Night at the Grass Valley Pavilion, April 20

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BINGO Night at the Grass Valley Pavilion.
A family event 6-8 pm Friday evening April 20.
Bingo cards $1.00 each. Prizes and refreshments.

3. Cupola

Definition of cupola

1a: a rounded vault resting on a usually circular base and forming a roof or a ceiling

1b: a small structure built on top of a roof

2: a vertical cylindrical furnace for melting iron in the foundry that has tuyeres and tapping spouts near the bottom

3: a raised observation post in the roof of a railroad caboose

English Pronunciation of CUPOLA

Listen to it here:

 4. Oregon Arbor Week – Plant a Tree

tree bare


By Joyce Kilmer

I think that I

shall never see

A poem as lovely

as a tree.

A tree whose hungry

mouth is pressed

Against the earth’s

sweet flowing breast.

A tree that looks

at God all day

And raises her leafy

arms to pray.

A tree that may

in summer wear

A nest of robins

in her hair.

Upon whose bosom

snow has lain

Who intimately lives

with rain.

Poems are made

by fools like me

But only God

can make a tree.

5. Letter to the Editor: Mike Smith for Sherman County Judge

To the Editor:

I am asking the voters of Sherman County to vote for Mike Smith for County Judge. I served Sherman County as the County Sheriff for many years and I worked with many Judges and Commissioners. I understand how important these positions are. The future of our County depends on these elected officials.

Ask yourself before you vote, do you want someone to just fill the position or someone that has proven himself, to take on the difficult issues affecting our County? Mike Smith has already proven himself to work hard and is a proven leader. He has many years of experience and has a great work ethic to help face the challenges of our County’s future.

Please take time before you cast your ballot to check Mr. Smith’s accomplishments for Sherman County. If you are concerned about the future of Sherman County, vote for Mike Smith as our County Judge.

I wouldn’t endorse Mr. Smith if I didn’t feel how very important this position is. The Court has a tradition of serving the County honorably with integrity, ethics and wisdom. Let that tradition continue. Please join me in voting for Mike Smith as our next Sherman County Judge.

As always,

Gerald Lohrey
Sheriff (retired)
Moro, Oregon

6. Oregon Tradeswomen’s 2018 Career Fair, May 19

toolbox4For high school and college students, working women and gals of all ages…have you ever considered a career in building?  Explore skilled trades careers and learn about employment and training opportunities:  attend the Oregon Tradeswomen’s 2018 Career Fair, Saturday May 19, 9am-3pm in Portland. 

The theme is: “Education, Inspiration, and Opportunity for the Future Construction Workforce.”  The Oregon Tradewomen’s Career Fair offers more than 40 hands-on workshops – from wiring a light switch, to welding, to bending sheet metal to make a flower pot – all of which give attendees an opportunity to use tools and learn something new. 

Meet employers, learn new skills, discover opportunities, and explore a career in the trades.  Historically, more than 100 companies and job training organizations participate in this Career Fair seeking to connect with job seekers and those in pursuit of debt-free job training and career education. 

Location:  NECA-IBEW Electric Training Center, 16021 NE Airport Way, Portland

FREE Admission, FREE Parking, FREE On-Site Child Care, and FREE Shuttle Service from the Gateway Transit Center (schedule will be posted in May). 

For more information, visit

7. Help Wanted

Would you like to have a powerful tool that will help you get what you want in life? How about having it, in just one word?

There’s a very powerful, very effective tool you can use to help you get what you want in life. And, as simple as it is, most of us weren’t taught to use it very well when we were growing up. In fact, some of us were taught not to use it at all, or only when absolutely necessary.

What is this simple, powerful tool? Simply ask. That’s it. Ask. Ask for what you want. Now, it’s not about whining, and you should not expect a handout or someone to do your work for you. Those things diminish who you are and make you less than you can be. What you want to do is learn to ask very specifically and very courteously for what you want. Ask in a way that both helps you define and achieve the end-results you desire.

When you ask for help, create value for the person you are asking. Can you help him or her first? What’s in it for them if they do help you? Money? A good feeling? Being part of a greater purpose that will help many others? Paint a picture for them of how helping you will benefit them. Finally, ask, with the expectation and belief that you will get what you want – and keep on asking until you do.

You may not continue to ask the same person and you may need to ask in different ways, but if you refuse to accept “no” for an answer, you increase your chances of eventually ending up with a “yes.” Now, it may not be the exact “yes” you were looking for, but it may lead you on a path to greater results – and not just for you.

Until you ask, no one knows what you need or want, and they can’t help if they don’t know. By the way, if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no.” ~The Pacific Institute

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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