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  1. Sherman County School Husky Times

  2. Sherman County Catholic Community Easter Schedule

  3. Sen. Ron Wyden’s April Town Hall Schedule, April 2-4

  4. The Changing Marketplace

  5. Frontier TeleNet Meeting Summary Notes, March 16

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County School Husky Times

Logo.Sherman High SchoolAnnouncing the March edition of the Husky Times! Read all about Husky news right here:


2. Sherman County Catholic Community Easter Schedule

–March 23, Friday, Penance Service, St. Mary, Wasco, 6pm

–March 24, Saturday, Palm Sunday Vigil Mass, St. Mary, Wasco, 5:30pm

–March 29, Thursday, Holy Thursday Mass, St. Mary, Wasco, 630pm

–March 30, Friday, Good Friday, Stations of the Cross, Wasco & Grass Valley, 6pm

–April 1, Easter Sunday Mass, St. John the Baptist, Grass Valley, 9am

–April 8, Divine Mercy Sunday Mass, Wasco 8am, Grass Valley 10am

3. Sen. Ron Wyden’s April Town Hall Schedule, April 2-4

American flag2Portland – Senator Ron Wyden will hold town halls on April 2-4 in Wheeler, Gilliam, Umatilla, Union, Morrow and Sherman counties.

These upcoming town halls will increase to 887 the number of town halls Wyden has held since pledging when first elected to hold annual town halls in each of Oregon’s 36 counties.

“Throwing open the doors of government for town halls where anybody can come to ask any question is a huge part of what I call the ‘Oregon Way,’’’ Wyden said. “Participatory democracy is alive and well in our state, and I look forward very much to hearing from Eastern Oregon at these town halls.”

The town hall schedule is as follows:

Monday, April 2
WHEELER COUNTY: 10:30 am, Wheeler High School gym, 600 B Street, Fossil
GILLIAM COUNTY: 12:45 pm, Condon High School, 210 E. Bayard, Condon

Tuesday, April 3
UMATILLA COUNTY: 9:30 am, Umatilla High School, 1400 Seventh St, Umatilla
UNION COUNTY: 3 pm, Eastern Oregon University, Lewis Auditorium (Zabel Hall 101), One University Blvd, La Grande

Wednesday, April 4
MORROW COUNTY: 9:15 am, Riverside Jr/Sr High School, 210 Boardman Ave NE, Boardman
SHERMAN COUNTY: 1:30 pm, Sherman Jr/Senior High School, 65912 High School Loop, Moro.

4. The Changing Marketplace

Are there significant differences between older adults and their younger counterparts? Research says there is. If you are in business, you need to know exactly who it is you sell to. Whether it’s selling to older adults or millennials, you will be especially interested in today’s message.

You see, according to David Wolfe, author of “Serving the Ageless Market,” there is a big difference in thought patterns and values between older adults and their younger counterparts. For example, in middle age, quality begins to gain over quantity in importance. This leads many middle-aged and older folks to spend more on goods for the sake of quality. With an aging baby-boom population, this is of significance.

People who have a middle-aged perspective look for deeper psychological and metaphorical meanings and grasp the relationship between concepts more quickly. They value self-sufficiency, social connection, altruism, personal growth, and personal revitalization. Once these values are understood, a business’ next step is to find advertising and sales cues that will invoke them.

The “millennial” generation has its own way of looking at purchasing goods and services. Generally budget minded, this generation relies on its communities of friends for reviews before buying and employs social media to voice its likes or dislikes pretty quickly. Millennials look for the integrity of a business, whether it’s purchasing or interviewing for a job. Corporate values are important.

All of this may mean changing sales and advertising strategies, but “change” was the watchword of the 1990’s. And here, nearly two decades into the “new” century, change remains the watchword. In this information age, and the speed at which we have access to and are bombarded with information and new technologies, those companies who are able to adapt, indeed, embrace change are the ones that will capture the future.

How good is your business at adapting to change? How good are you? ~The Pacific Institute 

 5. Frontier TeleNet Meeting Summary Notes, March 16




This Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors Meeting Summary compiled per the request of the Board.  Complete approved March 16, 2018 minutes will be available after the April 20, 2018 regular meeting of Board of Directors. 

  • Call to Order and Roll Call:
  • Attending: Judge Steve Shaffer, Judge Gary Thompson, Judge Lynn Morley, Ruben Cleveland, Dale Scobert, Joe Dabulskis, Rob Myers, Brad Lohrey, Tom McCoy, Mike Smith and Jeanne Burch.
  • Minutes of February 16 meeting approved with correction of Joe Dabulskis name.
  • Minutes of Planning Meeting February 16, 2018 approved as presented.
  • Financial Report approved as presented.
  • Resolution to Transfer Funds. Resolution to transfer funds to bandwidth expense, miscellaneous expense and personal services expense from contingency approved and adopted.
  • Discussion regarding counties needing to take on some expenses in future.
  • IT System Update and Progress Report:
    • Working on wiring in Sherman County Courthouse.
    • Decommission old Sherman County Drangonwave
    • Wheeler County Wireless: Phase Two of the project starting and Day Wireless proceeding with FCC License.
    • Testing of Microwave in Wheeler County for Spray.
    • Kent Generator installed and being tested.
    • New FTN Office needs internet.
  • Business and Marketing Report:
    • Following Report presented by Mike Smith, Marketing Director:
    • Introduced Ruben Cleveland with Annala, Carey (Will Carey Office). Ruben Cleveland will be taking over projects of the late Will Carey.  There will be a report at next meeting.
    • Grant County PSAP: Frontier 911 has a working group and Lynn Morley is a member of this group.  Official offer is being worked on and will be presented on March 20.  Discussion of what does FTN get from the 911 center regarding expenses and income.
    • Mid Columbia Council of Governments potential use in all three counties.
    • Working with Wasco County on the potential use of the system.
    • Approached by TeleCo that wants to work in Wheeler County but wants to trade services. Not asking Board to agree until they hear the proposal.
    • Working with Jim Deason on Sherman County Project with the State of Oregon.
    • Attended Sherman County Court.
    • Discussion on using grain elevators in Sherman County with Frontier TeleNet system.
    • Met with Insurance Agent to be sure equipment covered properly.
    • Umatilla-Morrow Radio Project is a potential customer of FTN.
    • Completed National Interoperability Channel survey for the State of Oregon.
    • Radio users group in Sherman County is discussing going digital.
    • Radio users group in Gilliam County needs better radio coverage to medical facilities in The Dalles.
    • Grant submitted to Microsoft on non-line of site projects. RFP to the State of Oregon for Sherman County coverage to homes.
    • Zayo Network is disconnected. Discussion on final billing.
    • Web Site is progressing.
  • Other Items:
    • Gary Thompson discussed the water system going in at Biggs and installing fiber lines while ditch is open. It was the consensus of the group that this is the right time to do this work.
    • Gary Thompson also discussed the Eakin Elevator Site as there is a potential truck stop at this site and high-speed internet will be needed. Mike Smith replied that Kent has internet that can reach this site.
    • Mike Smith: Discussion of connecting to Maupin.
    • Temp-Rite new maintenance contract has been received.
  • Public Input/Comment:
    • Dale Scobert asked what is the progress at Cottonwood Park? Mike Smith replied that the equipment is here and ready to put up.  Hope to have it complete by summer.
    • Joe Dabulskis: Moro Library and SWCD Office interested in internet.  Mike Smith will follow up.
  • Next Meeting: April 20, 2018 at Gilliam County Courthouse, Condon, Oregon, 10 AM.
  • Meeting Adjourned 10:40 AM.

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do 

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