Sherman County eNews #62


  1. Notice: Sherman County Ambulance Board of Directors Meeting, March 13

  2. Sherman County Emergency Services February Activity Reports

  3. Sunshine Week: It’s Your Right to Know

  4. Think of the Possibilities

  5. Equinox Cracks Forming in Earth’s Magnetic Field

  6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

‘Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.’ We have heard that many times. What is also the price of freedom is the toleration of imperfections. If everything that is wrong with the world becomes a reason to turn more power over to some political savior, then freedom is going to erode away…. Ultimately, our choice is to give up Utopian quests or give up our freedom. This has been recognized for centuries by some, but many others have not yet faced that reality, even today. If you think government should ‘do something’ about anything that ticks you off, or anything you want and don’t have, then you have made your choice between Utopia and freedom. ~Thomas Sowell, economist.

1.Notice: Sherman County Ambulance Board of Directors Meeting, March 13

Board Meeting Agenda

March 13, 2018


  1. Open Meeting
  2. Approve January 10, 2018 Meeting Minutes
  3. Old Business:

3.1     Removing DEF on Medic 2 update

3.2     AEMT Class update

3.3     EMR Class

3.4     Turnouts for Extrication

3.5     Other Old Business

  1. New Business

4.1     Outside County EMTs

4.2     Hourly Pay

4.3     Other New Business

  1. Next Meeting June 12, 2018 @ 1800hrs.
  2. Adjourn

2. Sherman County Emergency Services February Activity Reports

~Shawn Payne, Sherman County Emergency Services

Sherman County Ambulance

February 2018 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
2-01 10:33 AM Headache Moro
2-03 10:04 AM Diabetic Issue Rufus
2-08 8:58 AM Possible Stroke Grass Valley
2-08 3:59 PM Abdominal Pain and Bleeding Moro
2-11 9:12 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 43
2-16 9:58 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 37
2-18 7:05 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 114
2-19 10:28 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover Lonerock Rd.    Moro
2-21 1:47 PM Possible Fractured Hip Moro
2-22 6:09 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 34
2-22 7:28 PM Motor Vehicle Crash 311 Wallace St.  Rufus
2-23 2:00 PM Abdominal Pain Moro
2-25 11:05 AM Abdominal Pain Rufus
2-25 5:52 PM Fall Injury Moro
2-25 7:05 PM Semi-Truck Rollover US 97  MP# 23
2-26 7:52 AM Abdominal Pain Nausea & Vomiting Grass Valley
2-26 3:27 PM Difficulty Breathing Grass Valley

Moro Fire Department

February 2018 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
2-19 10:30 PM Motor Vehicle Crash with ejection Lonerock Rd in Moro
2-28 4:30 PM Escort Basketball Team Sherman County

North Sherman County RFPD

February 2018 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
2/03 10:04 AM Medical Rufus
2/18 7:05 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 118
2/22 7:28 PM Medical Call Rufus
2/25 7:05 PM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 23

3. Sunshine Week: It’s Your Right to Know

sun.circleCitizens from across the country are now gearing up for this year’s Sunshine Week – March 12-18 – to once again spark a nationwide discussion about the critical importance of access to public information.

You can help make Sunshine Week burn even brighter in 2017. There are endless ways to participate, regardless of whether you’re part of a group or simply an individual who cares about freedom of information.

If you are in the world of journalism, you can highlight the importance of openness through stories, editorials, columns, cartoons or graphics.

If you are part of a civic group, you can organize local forums, sponsor essay contests or press elected officials to pass proclamations on the importance of open access.

If you are an educator, you can use Sunshine Week to teach your students about how government transparency improves our lives and makes our communities stronger.

If you are an elected official, you can pass a resolution supporting openness, introduce legislation improving public access or encourage training of government employees to ensure compliance with existing laws mandating open records and meetings.

If you are a private citizen, you can write a letter to the editor or spread the word to friends through social media.

Sunshine Week was created by the American Society of News Editors and is now coordinated in partnership with the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, but freedom of information isn’t just a press issue. It is a cornerstone of democracy, enlightening and empowering people to play an active role in their government at all levels. It helps keep public officials honest, makes government more efficient and provides a check against abuse of power.

You can make a difference in the continuing battle against unnecessary government secrecy. Join us by participating in Sunshine Week.  ~

4. Think of the Possibilities

Your beliefs are the compass and the maps that guide you toward your goals. Perhaps, we can use them a bit more effectively to help get us where we want to go.

Sometimes, we don’t realize how important our belief truly are. There is no more powerful directing force in human behavior than belief. The people who have changed history – Columbus, Copernicus, Einstein, Mandela, Christ, Mohammed, and others like them – have been the people who have changed our beliefs. In many ways, the power that beliefs have over our lives defies the logical models most of us have. However, it is clear that powerful beliefs can affect us in equally powerful ways.

Studies conducted by Dr. Andrew Weil, a Harvard-educated physician, have shown that the experiences of drug users correspond almost exactly to their expectations. People who were given sedatives, but were told that they were stimulants, behaved as if stimulated. People who were given stimulants, but were told that they were sedatives, behaved as if sedated. This totally contradicted the specific designs of the medications, well beyond the already studied “placebo effect.”

When you were a child, you didn’t have much choice about your beliefs. Now that you are grown, it is a different story. It’s probably time to ask yourself, “What do I choose to believe? Do I choose beliefs that limit or support me? Do my beliefs turn on or shut off possibilities? Do they move me toward failure or success?”

You see, for the most part, we are in charge of our beliefs, and we are in charge of the decisions we make about our beliefs. If you have a belief that you know is not working for you, then it is a weight holding you down and holding you back and it needs to be left behind – or at least revised – if you want to grow closer to who you really want to be. Think of the possibilities! ~The Pacific Institute

5. Equinox Cracks Forming in Earth’s Magnetic Field

Space Weather News for March 11, 2018

EQUINOX CRACKS FORMING IN EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD: The vernal equinox is less than 10 days away. That means one thing: Cracks are opening in Earth’s magnetic field. The seasonal phenomenon is known as the “Russell-McPherron effect,” named after the researchers who first explained it more than 40 years ago. These “equinox cracks” are causing geomagnetic activity and bright auroras around the Arctic Circle even without strong solar activity. Visit today’s edition of for the full story.

6. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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