Sherman County eNews #61


  1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library

  2. Sherman SWCD Tree Sale, March 31

  3. Small Business Development Center at Columbia Gorge Community College

  4. Capital Insider Index: This week in Salem, by the numbers

  5. Self-fulfilling Prophecy

  6. Entire Oregon coast now open for crabbing

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don’t mean to do harm — but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.  -T. S. ELiot

1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library.

moviesSpring Break Movie Nights

–Tuesday, March 27 at 6:00 – Thor Ragnarok

Rated PG-13, run time 2hrs 10min

–Thursday, March 29 at 6:00 – Jumanji

Rated PG-13, run time 1hr 44min

Don’t forget, the library will be on reduced hours over Spring Break. The library will be open Tuesday and Thursday from 11am to 7pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Tapping Techniques. Orice Klaas returns to Sherman County Public/School Library to share EFT (Tapping) techniques. Tapping can change the quality of your life. Orice will demonstrate this simple and powerful healing technique. THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 6:00PM – 7:30PM.

2. Sherman SWCD Tree Sale, March 31

tree1Tree sale Saturday March 31st 8am-12pm. The Sherman Soil & Water Conservation District will be holding a tree sale at the old grade school in Moro. There will be 200 bare root Austrian pines, 100 bare root Siouxland poplars and lots of beautiful large trees to choose from. Contact Scott at the SWCD office to pre order from the catalog, or buy one or five of the many trees and shrubs that will be for sale. (541)565-3551 ex110.

3. Small Business Development Center at Columbia Gorge Community College

On March 21st, America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network will celebrate nearly 40 years of helping aspiring and emerging small business owners achieve the American dream of entrepreneurship.  In 2016, SBDCs across America provided 1.24 million hours of consulting to 188,602 client businesses, resulting in 96,095 jobs created; $6.4 billion in sales growth; $5.16 billion in capital investments; and 17,174 new business start-ups. 

The local Small Business Development Center at Columbia Gorge Community College (CGCC) is one of 19 SBDC service centers in the State of Oregon.  The SBDC at CGCC is dedicated to helping existing and prospective entrepreneurs in the Gorge start, grow and prosper.  According to CGCC-SBDC Director Rick Leibowitz, “The CGCC SBDC provides in-depth guidance.  Our center can help business owners identify solutions to typical challenges small business owners face. These services are confidential and come at no-cost. All of our counselors have previous small business ownership experience and can provide real world perspectives of business best practices that work.  We are also part of a Statewide network with over 200 counselors with different areas of business expertise.” 

Past clients are encourage to share #MySBDCStory with posts on social media. Janice Bell of Arome in Hood River wrote, “The Columbia Gorge SBDC provides an incredible support system for my new business. I started with individual counseling and am now taking the small business course and have found both to be invaluable.”

For more information about the Columbia Gorge Community College Small Business Development Center visit or call 541 506-6121.

4. Capital Insider Index: This (last) week in Salem, by the numbers

Oregon.Flat.poleHere are 10 numbers that illustrate some of this week’s big, and small, Oregon political stories.

  • 9: Candidates competing for the GOP nomination for governor.
  • 3: Candidates competing for the Democratic nomination.
  • 4: Candidates competing for the Independent Party of Oregon nomination.
  • 30: Percentage by which the median price of a home in rural Oregon exceeds the median price of a home in rural America, according to the Office of Economic Analysis
  • 8,506: Shares the state’s pension fund held in Wynn Resorts, Ltd., valued at $1.3 million as of Nov. 30. The state sued the board of Wynn Resorts and “gambling mogul” Steve Wynn, alleging breaches of fiduciary duty, this week.
  • 13: Percentage the value of the shares dropped in January in the wake of news revealing sexual harassment allegations against Wynn, according to the state treasury
  • 27: Length, in days, of the 2018 short legislative session.
  • 910: Oregon schools enrolled in SafeOregon, a statewide tip line for people to report safety issues at their schools run by the Oregon State Police
  • 691: Tips received since the program started last year.
  • 1971: Year in which Apollo 14 astronaut Stuart Roosa planted a Douglas Fir tree using a seed he’d brought to the moon and back. The tree still stands near the Oregon State Capital.

~Oregon Capital Insider

5. Self-fulfilling Prophecy

Do you ever catch yourself saying things like, “Nothing ever goes right for me?” If so, pay close attention to today’s subject matter.

Do you think that nothing ever goes right for you? Do you believe that you are just an unlucky person? That no matter what you do, you will probably fail? Well, you are right, but not for the reason you think. We’ve been talking about beliefs for a while now. You have probably surmised that each one of us has a set of beliefs, and we act in accordance with those beliefs.

Now, perhaps you had a few setbacks that you were taught to interpret as failures. Next thing you know, you have a belief about yourself that says, “I just can’t succeed, no matter what.”

Then, in order to make life match up with your belief (which is important for your personal sanity), you begin to act in ways that reinforce your belief. You may even unconsciously sabotage things, so that you will fail. But you will be acting like you know yourself to be, which is what all of us do. You create what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, if you want to change your life, what you need to do is first change your beliefs. And yes, this is possible. Anything that was learned – and our beliefs are learned – can be unlearned. Then, you will continue to act like yourself, but you will see yourself differently, so your behavior will be different. And when you change your behavior, you change the results.

“Change the way you think, and you change the way you run your life,” said Lou Tice, and he was not wrong. ~The Pacific Institute

6. Entire Oregon coast now open for crabbing

crab2SALEM, Ore.—The Oregon Department of Agriculture and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife announce that recreational and commercial crabbing is now open from Cape Blanco, north of Port Orford, to the California border. Crab samples taken from the area indicate that levels of the marine biotoxin domoic acid have dropped below the alert level. As a result, the entire Oregon coast is now open for recreational and commercial crabbing, free of restrictions.

For commercial crabbing, ODA and ODFW have lifted the requirement that all crab harvested from Cape Blanco to the California border be eviscerated (gutted).

It is still always recommended that crab be eviscerated and the guts or butter discarded prior to cooking. When whole crab are cooked in liquid, domoic acid may leach into the cooking liquid. It is recommended to discard the cooking liquid, and do not use it in other dishes, such as sauces, broths, soups, roux, etc. The consumption of crab viscera is also not recommended.

ODA and ODFW will continue monitoring marine toxins in crab and shellfish to ensure that the concentrations remain below the alert level.

For more information, call ODA’s shellfish safety information hotline at (800) 448-2474 or visit the ODA shellfish closures web page at

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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