Sherman County eNews #18


  1. Silent Auction at the Crab Feed to Benefit Sherman County Scholarship Association

  2. Cassie Strege, Long-time Wasco City Clerk is Retiring, Jan. 31

  3. Sherman County Emergency Services December Activity Report

  4. So, What Do I Want?

  5. AARP Tax Aide Sites Open Statewide February 1

  6. Grants Available for Historic Properties and Archaeology Projects

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

 1. Silent Auction at the Crab Feed to Benefit Sherman County Scholarship Association 














2. Cassie Strege, Long-time Wasco City Clerk is Retiring, Jan. 31 Strege, long time Wasco city clerk, is retiring! Please come in to Wasco City Hall on Wednesday, January 31st between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. and wish her Happy Trails.

She will be missed, but she has certainly earned her retirement. She has helped on many city committees and events and served as secretary for the rural fire board. She has always greeted the public with a smile on her face and gentle personality. HAPPYRETIREMENT, CASSIE! ~Carol MacKenzie, Mayor

3. Sherman County Emergency Services December Activity Report

~Shawn Payne, Director, Sherman County Emergency Services

Sherman County Ambulance

December 2017 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
12-01 5:28 PM Possible Broken Hip Grass Valley
12-02 6:27 AM Unknown Illness Wasco
12-05 9:26 AM Headache Moro
12-05 6:45 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 32
12-06 5:10 AM Motor Vehicle Crash – Roller I-84  MP# 110
12-08 8:55 AM Semi-Truck Crash US 97  MP# 31
12-08 7:04 PM Fall Injury Moro
12-09 1:17 PM Nausea & Vomiting Moro
12-12 10:38 PM Breathing Problem Moro
12-13 7:44 AM Weakness Rufus
12-16 10:03 PM Diabetic Problem Wasco
12-17 9:36 AM Unknown Medical US 97  MP# 9
12-18 9:37 AM Abdominal Pain Wasco
12-22 12:11 AM Nausea and Vomiting Moro
12-23 8:16 AM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 33
12-23 12:13 PM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 19
12-23 12:54 PM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 105
12-23 1:35 PM Motor Vehicle Crash – Rollover US 97  MP# 23


North Sherman County RFPD

December 2017 Activity Report

Date Time Incident Location
12-06 5:15 AM Motor Vehicle Crash I-84  MP# 110
12-16 10:13 PM Medical Assist Wasco
12-17 9:36 AM Medical Assist Wasco
12-23 8:33 AM Multiple Motor Vehicle Crashes I-84 MP 102.5 – 101 East Bound
12-23 12:15 PM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 4.5
12-23 12:54 PM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97    MP#4
12-26 11:11 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 12
12-27 10:21 AM Motor Vehicle Crash US 97  MP# 13

4. So, What Do I Want?

Let’s go back a bit, and build upon the themes that have been introduced since the New Year. You are going to walk through a process of vision-setting and goal-setting that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. And when we are done, New Year’s resolutions will seem like an old-fashioned parlor game.

Ask yourself the question, “Where am I going?” For most of us, that is a question upon which we spend far too little time. And when we do, it is usually because of some out-of-the-ordinary situation that has happened, forcing us to take a look. Well, let’s take the “have to” out of it, and really spend a few (or several) moments honestly observing where we are going. (Honesty is a key piece in this.)

You might want to write down your thoughts and observations. Journaling will provide you with more insights and “ah ha!” moments than you can imagine. Once you see these thoughts on paper, you will see patterns start to emerge – patterns that may not have been obvious while they were locked inside your brain.

Once you have honestly figured out where you are going, it’s time to decide if this is what you “want.” Let’s face it, sometimes life gets in the way, and we lose contact with those things that we know will fulfill us. Not material things, but letting loose of those talents and abilities that have been locked up inside us.

So, when you have a few moments of quiet, let your mind “out for a walk” and spend some time thinking about what it is you really want – want to have, want to be, want to do. Hang out a sign that says, “No Restrictions” on your musings, just let your mind wander. Write down what you are thinking about. Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the next step in the process. ~The Pacific Institute

 5. AARP Tax Aide Sites Open Statewide February 1

dollar.blwh(Clackamas, OR) — Beginning February 1 and continuing through April 17, AARP Foundation is providing free tax assistance and preparation through its Tax-Aide program. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, celebrating its 50th year, is the nation’s largest free tax assistance and preparation service. Since its inception, the program has served more than 50 million taxpayers.

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide started in 1968 with just four volunteers working at one site. Today, nearly 35,000 volunteers serve low- to moderate-income taxpayers at 5,000 locations in neighborhood libraries, malls, banks, community centers and senior centers nationwide. There’s no fee, no age requirement, and AARP membership is not required.

“The work of the 1,180 AARP Foundation Tax Aide Volunteers in Oregon brings substantial funds to our state,” said AARP Oregon Tax Aide Volunteer Coordinator Bob Bruce. At 135 Tax Aide sites around the state, volunteers helped 72,978 Oregonians file taxes bringing back more than $52 million on refund in 2017. On top of that, Tax Aide volunteers were able to help tax payers file for Earned Income Tax Credits with $13,767,559 being returned to tax payers.

“Getting help through Tax Aide is not limited to older adults,” said AARP Oregon Communications Director Joyce De Monnin. “We welcome older adults, families and even college students,” she said, if they are low to moderate income.

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers are trained and IRS-certified each year to ensure they know about and understand the latest changes to the U.S. Tax Code. In 2017, the program’s volunteers helped 2.5 million people navigate complicated tax codes, ensure proper credits and deductions, and file their federal and state tax returns. Taxpayers who used AARP Foundation Tax-Aide received $1.37 billion in income tax refunds and more than $222 million in Earned Income Tax Credits (EITCs). They also avoided any tax preparation fees and pitches for high-interest tax credit or refund loans.

To find an AARP Foundation Tax-Aide site or more information, including which documents to bring to the tax site, visit or call 1-888-AARPNOW (1-888-227-7669). AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is offered in conjunction with the IRS.

About AARP Foundation
AARP Foundation works to ensure that low-income older adults have nutritious food, affordable housing, a steady income, and strong and sustaining bonds. We collaborate with individuals and organizations who share our commitment to innovation and our passion for problem-solving. Supported by vigorous legal advocacy, we create and advance effective solutions that help struggling older adults transform their lives. AARP Foundation is the affiliated charity of AARP.

6. Grants Available for Historic Properties and Archaeology Projects

The State Historic Preservation Office is offering grants for work on historic properties and for archaeology projects. The annual grants fund up to $20,000 in matching funds for preservation projects.

The Preserving Oregon Grants fund preservation of historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Work may include non-maintenance preservation like window repair, roof work, foundation projects, and plumbing and electrical needs. Recently funded projects include preservation of the IOOF cabins at Paulina Lake, the Floed-Lane House in Roseburg, and Gaiety Hollow in Salem. The program also funds significant work contributing toward identifying, preserving and interpreting archaeological sites. Archaeology projects were funded in Douglas and Lincoln Counties and along the coast.

The Diamonds in the Rough Grants help restore or reconstruct the facades of buildings that have been heavily altered over the years. These grant return buildings to their historic appearance and potentially qualify them for historic register designation (local or national). Façade projects in Astoria, Baker City, Burns and Cave Junction were funded in the last cycle.

Preservation office staff is happy to talk with applicants about potential grant projects, review applications and assist with the online grant system. Free grant workshops on project planning and grant writing and using the online grant application will be available. Workshops will be in Salem on March 8 and 13. Webinar workshops will be available on March 15 and 22.

 To learn more about the grants and workshops visit or contact Kuri Gill at or 503-986-0685.

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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