Sherman County eNews #15


  1. Found. Samsung Phone in front of the Moro Fire Station

  2. Crafts in Stacks at Sherman County Public/School Library, Jan. 27

  3. Sherman County Public/School Library Book Club Meeting, Feb. 22

  4. Film Review: Darkest Hour

  5. Past, Present and Future

  6. Frontier TeleNet Approved Board Meeting Minutes, Dec. 15

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

Freedom can only last if you and I choose to act as people of character. ~Larry P. Arnn

1. Found. Samsung Phone in front of the Moro Fire Station

Pretty squished!

Call Shawn for more info.  541-980-9476

2. Crafts in Stacks at Sherman County Public/School Library, Jan. 27

Logo.ShermanPub.School.Library2017Crafts in Stacks – Peg People
Saturday, January 27 at 2pm.
Paint fun peg people to represent your family in miniature, your favorite book or movie characters, even your pets!
No previous skill required!
Ages 12 and up.
Give us a call at 541-565-3279 to reserve your spot before January 25, space is limited to the first 15.

3. Sherman County Public/School Library Book Club Meeting, Feb. 22

February’s Book Club book is The Women in the Castle by Jessica Shattuck. Set at the end of World War II, in a crumbling Bavarian castle that once played host to all of German high society, a powerful and propulsive story of three widows whose lives and fates become intertwined. To request a hold, please give us a call at 541-565-3279, email us at or stop by. The next book club meeting will be Thursday, February 22 at 6pm.

4. Film Review: Darkest Hour

Actor Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill in the new film Darkest Hour. Churchill is one of the greatest statesmen in history. Unlike most Churchill films, it’s exciting, and it captures the essence of the man and of his dedication to freedom. It’s a wonderful thing to see. You can see a review and learn more about the film and about Churchill here: ~Larry P. Arnn, President, Hillsdale College

5. Past, Present and Future

Planning for the future is a valuable activity, but living in the future isn’t living at all. Let’s talk about where we spend most of our time.

Our awareness of the future is inseparable from the search for meaning and purpose in our lives. Through our imagination, we create images that allow us to envision our possibilities in time yet to come. These images become a larger framework through which we identify ourselves, and our place in the world.

However, if we spend most of our time in the future, we fail to live because we are always preparing to live. Putting off to tomorrow leaves us with a bunch of “empty yesterdays.”

Many people know much more about making and saving money than about using and enjoying it. Many others are so busy planning for events in the future, which they hope will bring them happiness, that they miss a hundred chances every day to feel joy. In a way, it’s about where we focus our attention.

The same thing is true of living in the past. Human beings have a remarkable and unique ability to time travel in their thoughts. The key is to shift constructively between foresight, hindsight, and a full awareness of current reality.

There is much to be learned from seeing the present in the context of the past, and from imagining the future as we want it to be. Neuroscientist Daniel Schacter of Harvard University argues that our memories are about the future, not the past; that human memory systems in the brain evolved not so we can reminisce about the past, but to use our experiences to boost our future performance.

As long as we remain flexible and not rigidly stuck in either the past, the present, or the future, we can grow enormously and live life fully while making the most of all three. ~The Pacific Institute

6. Frontier TeleNet Approved Board Meeting Minutes, Dec. 15


The regular meeting of the Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman, Judge Steve Shaffer at 10 AM.  This meeting held at the Burnet Building, Sherman County, 6635 Lone Rock Road, Moro, Oregon.

Directors Present:  Judge Steve Shaffer, Judge Gary Thompson and Judge N. Lynn Morley. Also Present:  Will Carey, Tom McCoy, Mac Stinchfield, Brad Lohrey, Rob Meyers, Todd Cox, Ryan LeBlanc, Mike Smith and Jeanne Burch. 

Present by Telephone:  Les Ruark.

Directors’ Changes or Addition to Minutes:  Sheriff Brad Lohrey will make a presentation.

Minutes:  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve November 3, 2017 minutes as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.  A discussion followed concerning sending draft minutes to listserve before said minutes are approved.  It was the consensus of Directors that Frontier TeleNet Minutes will not be sent to listserve until approved.  Tom McCoy suggested that a summary of meetings be sent out after the meetings with the understanding this is not an approved version.  Commissioner McCoy suggested using Sherman County process as an example.  Directors felt this was a good idea.

Financial Report:  Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Gary Thompson to approve November financial report as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.  A consensus of Directors was that the financial statements will not be sent to the list serve until approved.

AOC Assistance Update Report:  The report from Greg Wolf representing Association of Oregon Counties presented.  Steve Shaffer gave a background on this report.  AOC contracted to do a study on Frontier TeleNet and the ORS Structure.  The recommendations in this report were as follows:

–Background:  Establishing how Frontier TeleNet organized.

–Need to Conduct a Systems Audit:  Asset Maps, leases and inventory need to be updated.

–Establish a Vision:  Need to establish ongoing opportunities, technology strategy and need for system upgrades.

–Develop A Business Plan:  Need to develop an asset map and establish a vision and plan for what services are needed.

–Develop A Marketing Plan:  Need to focus on marketing and hiring staff to pursue opportunities.


–Background:  Establishing how Frontier Board of Directors is governed.

–Communication:  Need to have Board of Directors report to their respective County Courts on a regular basis regarding Frontier TeleNet.

–Umbrella ORS 190:  Suggested that a multiple Lower John Day Counties organization might be organized that covered multiple county activities.

–Administration:  Covers duties of Secretary/Treasurer.

–E-Rate Dollars:  Consider specific delegate responsible for collecting E-Rate dollars.

–Consider Hiring a General Manager.

–Transparency of Records: 

–Records Management:  Responsibility for maintaining records.

–Establish Transparency:  Important that transparency is maintained for an informed public.

–Advisory Committee:  Consider creating an advisory committee of stakeholders.

This complete report is on file at the Frontier TeleNet Office and available on request.

The following comments made after reviewing this AOC Documents:

–Mike Smith:  Day Wireless has a complete list of equipment.  Ryan LeBlanc stated this is correct.

–Jeanne Burch has a list of customers who pay monthly or on a regular basis if not monthly.

–Mike stated that it is important to have a planning session early in 2018.  The Board of Directors is essential and mission critical.

–Gary Thompson:  Must be very careful in establishing another ORS 190.

–Mike Smith:  Sherman County is donating office space to Frontier TeleNet and personnel to answer telephones at no cost.

–Will Carey:  Cautioned on pitfalls of an ORS 190 concerning the Communication Industry.

–The consensus of Directors to hold a planning session at the February 16, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting which will be held in Fossil.

TV White Space:  Colin and Zack from Connect America (Hilltop) connected by telephone to make a presentation to Directors regarding TV White Space.  The plan is a partnership of private companies to compliment Satellite, Fiber and utilize space for public use.  Microsoft has eight pilot projects going and eventually will cover the whole country when approval is received by the FCC.   Advantages are Education, Agriculture, TeleMedicine and Small Business and Commerce.  They asked that the Frontier Board of Directors endorse this project.  Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Gary Thompson to approve the TV White Space Support Letter for Hilltop Connection America Now.  Motion carried with all present voting aye. Documents presented for Connect America Now are on file at the Frontier TeleNet Office and available upon request.

Frontier TeleNet Website:  Mike Smith reported many documents have been uploaded and the website structure is being reviewed.  It should be up and running by the next Frontier TeleNet meeting.

Frontier 911-Burns Tribe Update:  Mike Smith reported the contracts have been signed by the Burns Paiute Tribe.  Todd Cox of Day Wireless Systems reported they are waiting for equipment to arrive and will be installed in December as long as equipment arrives on schedule.

Wheeler County Wireless System Project:  Day Wireless is installing licensed equipment at Rancheria, Black Butte and Kahler Basin.  Work is ongoing at North Central ESD and Ashwood Site.  The goal is to complete by the end of the year, weather permitting.

Digital Switch:  There is a potential new user for the Digital Switch.  Steve Wynn and Mike Smith met with two potential counties about using the digital switch.  Gary Thompson asked about revenue from this project and Mike Smith responded that he is working on negotiating revenue.  Also discussed other incentives if new users of digital switch helped sign up additional users.

Sherman County Fiber Optic RFP Update:  Mike Smith reported on the progress of this project and working with Will Carey and Jim Deason.  Back to a plan with a new director at the State of Oregon and working with legal counsel regarding the issue of ownership.

Other Business:

Business Oregon Broadband Summit:  A discussion is going on at this time regarding negotiations with long-haul provider to supply the area.  It was noted it is just a discussion at this time.

Public Input/Comment:  Sheriff Brad Lohrey met with Board of Directors regarding an article he read on a local blog which he felt was not completely accurate. Sheriff Lohrey stated that the Cottonwood Park Project came about when he met with Oregon State Parks about building a tower to facilitate emergency communications at the park. Sheriff Lohrey stated that he took this on as a project even though it did also concern Gilliam and Wheeler Counties.  He noted that money from Oregon State Parks for the project was originally given to Sherman County who turned it over to Frontier TeleNet to build the towers.  The project is undergoing at this time.  Sheriff Lohrey stated that he wanted this in the Frontier TeleNet Minutes as an accurate account of this project.

Next Meeting:  Next TeleNet Meeting will be 10 AM, January 19, 2018, at Gilliam County Courthouse.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 11:35 PM

Respectfully Submitted:

Jeanne E. Burch

Frontier TeleNet Staff

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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