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  1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library This Week.

  2. The Value of Touch in Caring Relationships

  3. Don’t blame the children. Blame those who failed to discipline them.

  4. Sherman County eNews Editorial Policies

  5. Writing an Effective Letter to the Editor

  6. Frontier TeleNet Approved Meeting Minutes, Oct. 20

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“What people don’t realize is that once you make a commitment to something, then Providence moves and things begin to happen that you otherwise couldn’t imagine.” ~Goethe

1. What’s Happening at Sherman County Public/School Library This Week.

Logo.ShermanPub.School.Library2017Book Club – Big Sky by A.B. Guthrie
Thursday, November 16 at 6 p.m.

Please join us for tea, dessert and discussion of our monthly book. Originally published more than fifty years ago, The Big Sky is the first of A.B. Guthrie Jr.’s epic adventure novels set in the American West. Here he introduces Boone Caudill, Jim Deakins, and Dick Summers: traveling the Missouri River from St. Louis to the Rockies, these frontiersmen live as trappers, traders, guides, and explorers. The story centers on Caudill, a young Kentuckian driven by a raging hunger for life and a longing for the blue sky and brown earth of big, wild places. Caught up in the freedom and savagery of the wilderness, Caudill becomes an untamed mountain man, whom only the beautiful daughter of a Blackfoot chief dares to love.

2. The Value of Touch in Caring Relationships

Have you hugged your kids today? This isn’t just “bumper sticker” philosophy. Today, let’s talk about the importance of affectionate touch to “kids” of every age.

Let’s be clear from the get-go. We are talking about affection and love here, directed at those close to us, not the unwanted advances from individuals who refuse to believe the word “NO” is meant for them. Those situations are not about affection, and definitely not about love. They are about power and its abuse, sometimes about anger, and the inner need to make everyone else smaller than these individuals know they are.

From what we know these days, a child’s experience with touch is crucial to his or her ability to relate affectionately later in life. Now, it’s certainly true that no one would expect a mother, for example, to indulge in as much physical behavior with an adolescent as she would with an infant. Our needs for affection change in degree and kind, at different times in our lives.

However, demonstrated honest and true love and affection is important to our mental and physical health at every age. Did you know that our actual body chemistry changes when we are physically close to another? It is true. Many studies have now conclusively demonstrated that touch, especially caring touch, can boost the strength of our immune system, increase the oxygen carrying hemoglobin in our blood, and in general, make us happier and healthier human beings.

If you’ve never felt comfortable affectionately touching those you love – and let’s face it, it’s a bit of a minefield lately –  maybe you’d like to think about how you might go about gradually changing things and the benefits that might accrue.

Keep in mind that physical closeness is only one way of expressing love, but it is a vital element in most caring relationships. ~The Pacific Institute

3. Don’t blame the children. Blame those who failed to discipline them.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed, “Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can.” Although children doubtless do not recognize it at the time, they crave discipline, particularly during their formative years. Discipline defines boundaries for them, provides security, and is an active expression of a parent’s love. Most important, it prepares them for the challenges of adulthood. If your childhood was less than perfect, you are in good company. Most of us have experienced difficulties at one time or another, and we all make mistakes from time to time. The good news is that while your environment as a child will have a profound influence upon the person you become, it is not the sole determinant. The person you choose to be is entirely up to you. Only you can decide who and what you will become in life. ~Napoleon Hill

4. Sherman County eNews Editorial Policies 

  • Friday Classifieds. Please submit classified ads by using the Submit News page! Sherman County eNews publishes free Classifieds on Fridays, deadline Wednesday at 5. Include who, what, where, when, how, why… and, the final Friday date for posting your ad (shown by date at the end of the ad), contact information, under 50 words if possible, and limited to Sherman County. Links are welcome. Use Friday Classifieds for thank you, commendation and congratulatory notes and advertising.
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  • Letters to the Editor.
    • Please submit Letters to the Editor by using the Submit News page!
    • Keep it short, no longer than 350
    • Keep it simple with one or two clear points. No attachments.
    • Keep it fresh with no more than one letter per writer per month.
    • Keep it civilized, in good taste and free from libel.
    • Keep it relevant with focus on a local event, previous letter or issues of general concern – not personalities.
    • Letters must be signed, name and town. Anonymous letters will not be posted.
    • Letters posted in Sherman County eNews are posted for the exchange of ideas and opinions of its readers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editor.
    • Sherman County eNews reserves the right to change our policies at any time and to reject or edit any Letter to the Editor.

·       Spiritual Matters for Sherman County Churches and Faith Groups (updated July 2016).  A Friday column, Spiritual Matters is intended to welcome, inform and inspire. 

First: Recognized/organized churches and faith groups in Sherman County are invited to participate. 

Second: The Current Rotation

  • 1st Friday: Wasco Church of Christ, Christian & Moro Community Presbyterian
  • 2nd Friday: Grass Valley Baptist & Wasco Catholic
  • 3rd Friday: Baha’i & Kent Baptist
  • 4th Friday: Wasco United Methodist, Rufus Baptist & Grass Valley Catholic
  • 5th Friday [to be determined by the Editor or proposed by a participant]

Third: Articles must be submitted by 5 p.m. Wednesday for Friday publication. Please limit messages to 300 words or less.

Fourth: Attacks on another faith, a previous Spiritual Matters article or author will not be published. 

Fifth:   The subject matter should be spiritual and inspirational, calling people to faith, and may include doctrinal understandings. 

Sixth:   The editor reserves the right to decline to publish articles.

Seventh: Please let us know if your group wishes to participate in this rotation.

5. Writing an Effective Letter to the Editor

pencil.spiralLetters to the Editor are timely, provocative and brief essays that express an opinion on an important issue, typically in response to a previous article in the newspaper or a current event.

They can be a powerful and cost-effective way to get your message out to your community and to policymakers. Most policymakers or their staff read Letters to the Editor as a way to track issues important to their constituents.

What makes for a good letter? Here are some tips:

  • Be brief.  Most publications post their desired word limits, usually between 150-200 words for letters to the editor; 700 words is a good target for an op-ed.  Do the research on your target publication before you submit.
  • Plan your message. Pick one point and make it clearly.  Avoid jargon.
  • Have a hook. Make it timely and relevant to the publication’s audience. Use a recent article or editorial as a hook or piggyback on a current issue, pending legislation or event.
  • Identify yourself. For example, “I am a mother as well as a teacher in the public school system.” Or “I am a young person with first-hand experience of this issue.”
  • Use examples. Real life stories engage readers and can often make a point in far fewer words than a page of statistics.
  • Have a clear call to action. Make a specific recommendation or call to action that you want readers to do.
  • Be accurate. Check all of your facts and numbers before you submit. Briefly included sources wherever possible.
  • Do your homework. Read the publication’s editorial and “letters” section(s) before you submit to get a sense of what they are looking for. ~

6. Frontier TeleNet Approved Meeting Minutes, Oct. 20



OCTOBER 20, 2017


The Regular meeting of Frontier TeleNet Board of Directors was called to order by Chairman Judge Steve Shaffer at 10:03 AM.  This meeting held in the Lower Conference Room of the Gilliam County Courthouse in Condon, Oregon.

Directors Present:  Judge Steve Shaffer, Judge Gary Thompson and Judge N. Lynn Morley.

Also Present:  Ryan LeBlanc, Steve Wynn and Todd Cox of Day Wireless System; Will Carey, Legal Counsel; Mac Stinchfield, Times- Journal Newspaper; Lori Anderson, Columbia Basin Electric; and Rob Myers, Mike Smith and Jeanne Burch, Frontier TeleNet.

Public Input/Comment-None

Directors’ Changes or Additions to Agenda:  None

Minutes:  A correction was noted in the spelling of Ron Spencer’s name is the September 15, 2017 minutes.  Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Lynn Morley to approve September 15, 2017 meeting minutes as corrected.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Financial Statement:  Financial Statement for September 2017 reviewed by Directors.  Moved by Lynn Morley, seconded by Gary Thompson to approve September 2017 Financial Statement as presented.  Motion carried with all present voting aye.

Old Business:

Cottonwood Park Update:  Mike Smith reported on the Cottonwood Park Tower Project.  A permit is in place.  Day Wireless is still waiting for Region 43 to send the license paper that has been approved.  Motorola and waiting to start production and the project is within budget.  The lease is in place and a cell phone company is showing some interest.  Oregon State Parks is planning on breaking ground soon.

Day Wireless Contract with Frontier Digitial Network and Frontier TeleNet.  Day Wireless presented a new contract that takes into account the merger of Frontier Digitial Network and Frontier TeleNet.  Legal Counsel will review this document and it will be dealt with at the next meeting.

Wheeler County Wireless Project:  Legal Counsel Will Carey clarified sections of the agreement between Wheeler County and Frontier TeleNet for the construction of the Wheeler County Wireless Project.  Will Carey discussed Sections 3.2, A, B and C.  There are certain requirements when funds may be disbursed.  Language will be changed to agree with the State of Oregon Grant to Wheeler County.  Two changes need to be made, 3.2B stays as is, 32.C is okay until the second line and needs to say County shall disburse to Frontier TeleNet. All disbursements are subject to the State of Oregon Department of Administrative Services Grant Agreement as described in Attachment A.

Moved by Gary Thompson, seconded by Steve Shaffer to accept the Wheeler County Broadband  Agreement with corrections.  Motion carried with Steve Shaffer and Gary Thompson voting aye and Lynn Morley abstaining due to a conflict of interest. 

A discussion followed regarding the need to run a Supplemental Budget for Frontier TeleNet to accommodate the Two Million Dollars for this project.  The consensus of Directors to authorize finance department to run the supplemental budget for Two Million.

AOC Assistance Update:  Steve Shaffer had not met with Greg Wolf.  He knows that Greg Wolf intended to meet with the founders of Frontier TeleNet and a report should be available for the November meeting.

Frontier TeleNet Website Update:  Mike Smith reported he has met with Matt Seckora and the project is progressing.  A detailed conversation was held regarding Frontier TeleNet email account and the preference of .com, .net, or .org.  Consensus of Directors to have .com.  Samples of a logo were handed out and the color choice will be red, white and blue.  Also a one-page description of “What Is Frontier TeleNet” was given to the directors.  All agreed that this is an important document, as quite often the public does not understand what this organization does.

Sherman County Fiber Optic RFP Wasco to Rufus Update:  Mike Smith reported on meetings on this project and that Centurylink had attended, Centurylink stated they are updating their equipment.  Mike is working with the State of Oregon on authorizing the funds for this project and is very optimistic.

Frontier 911 Burns (Paiute) Tribe Update:  Steve Wynn reported that Day Wireless will be having a conference with Motorola on this project and will have a contract to sign.   This contract will be brought back to the Board.  Steve Shaffer asked about the Harney County system and Todd Cox reported he has been attending meetings on this project. 

Other Items for Good of the Order:  Steve Shaffer reported on the Gilliam County Project and said that everyone is working together on the fiber-build project for the area.

Public Input/Comment-None

Next Meeting:  November 3, 2017 at the Jeanne E. Burch Building in Fossil, Oregon at 10 AM. There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:35 AM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jeanne E. Burch, Staff.

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