Sherman County eNews #327


  1. Time to order Lions’ Wonderful Grapefruit and Oranges by Thursday, Nov. 9

  2. Critical Shortage of Basketball Referees!

  3. Group Starting to Support Women in STEM, Nov. 9 

  4. The Mindset of Is

  5. Congressman Greg Walden on Reforming Our Tax Code 

1. Time to order Lions’ Wonderful Grapefruit and Oranges by Thursday, Nov. 9

food.orangesMUST BE ORDERED THIS WEEK BY THURSDAY: Lion Nell Melzer  541-565-3517

TEXAS RUBY RED GRAPEFRUIT;    #20 box for $20

NAVEL ORANGES (no seeds)         #20 box!

Or half and half for the same $20!

Please No orders after Thursday!

PLAN TO PICK UP AT THE Bazaar Dec.2 the High school around noon!

2. Critical Shortage of Basketball Referees! 

sport-basketballBASKETBALL REFEREES. Seriously! In case you missed them, articles describing the critical shortage of referees for school athletics were published in The Dalles Chronicle and The Times-Journal last week: “The number of referees available to preside over basketball games in five counties has declined to the point that it could soon adversely affect the ability of young athletes to compete. … more officials are needed to take a neutral point of view and make spot decisions that enforce the rules of the game for students from fifth grade through high school. There are currently 37 referees but 50 are needed to make sure there are two on the floor at every competition…”  Read the full story here:  See the related story in The Times-Journal last week.

3. Group Starting to Support Women in STEM, Nov. 9

The Gorge Tech Alliance (GTA) is helping support a new initiative for women working in science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) fields in the Gorge. As a result of increasing interest in such a group, the GTA had a soft launch networking event in October and is planning a larger event for November 9, 6pm at Springhouse Cellar Winery (13 Railroad Ave., Hood River). Everyone interested in learning more is welcome – women and men alike, and children are allowed.

The Nov. 9 event includes time for networking and a presentation from Megan Bigelow, President and Co-Founder of PDX Women in Tech. Since 2012, PDX Women in Tech has been working to “strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities.” Megan will share the history of the group, their work and lessons learned as food-for-thought for the budding initiative in the Gorge.  Come meet others, learn and provide thoughts on how a group in the Gorge could support our women STEM professionals. The event is free to attend with refreshments provided and a no-host bar.

The GTA is the regional tech industry association that supports, connects and develops the technology community of the Columbia River Gorge with networking and educational events, business support and promotion, workforce development and STEM education. Contact Jessica Metta, Executive Director, at 541-296-2266, or learn more at 

4. The Mindset of Is

Have you ever heard of the concept of “is-ness?” “Is-ness” is not a term that you are likely to see in a textbook. (There are a bunch of references if you Google Is-ness.) But, it is an idea that has a profound effect on who we are and how we behave. Let’s look at some examples.

A person who believes that he or she “is” an optimist will naturally tend to look on the bright side as a day-in, day-out experience. But someone who simply feels optimistic right now may be very well feel pessimistic tomorrow. You see, an optimist “is” not who they are. It just happens to be something they are passing through today.

A person who believes he or she “is” a drug addict will tend to behave like an addict no matter what, and recovery may be very difficult. On the other hand, someone who thinks that they have developed a dependency on drugs doesn’t have to alter their most central self-image in order to kick the habit. This difference in framing may seem slight on the surface, but it goes to the very core of the mindset shift that allows successful recovery to happen.

We behave in ways that are consistent with the person we believe ourselves to be. That is “is-ness” in a nutshell. So, you can see why it is important to know what you believe about yourself. And, yes, that will involve a little introspection. Most of us devote little time to honest introspection, because, let’s face it, there are so many more fun things to do. However, introspection nearly always leads to insights, and insights are the initial stepping stones to becoming “more” than we were yesterday.

If there are things you’d like to change, first change how you think and talk about them. Instead of saying, “I am in financial trouble,” say, “I have some debts right now, but I am taking action to resolve them.” Replace “I am a cancer victim,” with “I’ve developed cancer, but I am basically healthy and strong.”

Get the idea?  Your actions will follow your thoughts and words – but the beliefs, those thoughts and words, need to come first. ~The Pacific Institute

5. Congressman Greg Walden on Reforming Our Tax Code

American flag2For too long, hardworking taxpayers have struggled with an outdated tax code that is too complicated and takes away too much of your money for the government to spend.  It penalizes success and is filled with lobbyist loopholes and special breaks for special interests.

It’s time to change all of that to a code that respects and rewards hard work, makes everyone play by the same rules, and lets you keep more of your hard-earned tax dollars.  You shouldn’t need an army of lawyers and accountants to make sense of the law.

I have included a couple of links with more details about the proposal that was unveiled last week.  The Ways and Means Committee in the House is working this week on the legislation that will come to the House floor before Thanksgiving.

While reform is never easy, and always subject to partisan hyperbole, we do know two important facts about this draft plan courtesy of the nonpartisan Tax Foundation analysis:

  1. Annual, after-tax income for the middle class will rise in every state
  2. The U.S. economy will grow by four percent and create 975,000 new jobs as a result.

Here are the links to the specifics of the draft plan.

  • To read the policy highlights in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, please click here:

~ Greg Walden
U.S. Representative
Oregon’s Second District