Sherman County eNews #309


  1. Collection of Children’s Clothing Offered

  2. Sherman High School Volleyball Schedule Update, Oct. 19

  3. Appraisal Clinic at Maryhill Museum of Art, Oct. 21

  4. Gilliam, Sherman & Wheeler County Courts to Meet in Moro, Oct. 25

  5. South Sherman Fire & Rescue Annual Awards Banquet

  6. Jealousy

  7. Cascade Youth Choir Begins Rehearsals, Oct. 19

  8. Hood River CORE Pesticide Training, Nov. 15

  9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

“Nothing is more essential to the establishment of manners in a State than that all persons employed in places of power and trust must be men of unexceptionable characters.” —Samuel Adams (1775)

1. Collection of Children’s Clothing Offered

book.girl.readSherman County has gathered an assortment of children’s clothing through non-profit efforts, and are hoping to find a local home for them! The sizes range from 0-6 years old, some random items, and several warm winter jackets. This collection will be available Monday, October 23rd until the 27th, then it is headed to donation in The Dalles. Please contact Amber DeGrange at 541-565-3461 to make arrangements to browse. All are welcome and it’s free – first come, first serve!

2. Sherman High School Volleyball Schedule Update, Oct. 19

Sherman High School Volleyball

Thursday, October 19th, 2017 – Sherman will compete at the League Playoffs in Condon starting at 5:00, bus departs at 3:00, class dismissal at 2:50.

3. Appraisal Clinic at Maryhill Museum of Art, Oct. 21

Saturday, October 21 | 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (break for lunch)

Learn more about objects you love, from family heirlooms to garage sale treasures, as leading regional art dealers and appraisers donate their time and expertise in the areas of American Indian art, jewelry, fine and decorative arts. The opinions and appraisals are informal but always educational. Cost: $10.00 for the first item; $25.00 for three (includes free museum admission). Proceeds support Maryhill Museum of Art.

4. Gilliam, Sherman & Wheeler County Courts to Meet in Moro, Oct. 25

Gilliam, Sherman & Wheeler County Courts

October 25, 2017

10:00 a.m.

OSU Extension/Experiment Station

66365 Lonerock Road

Moro, OR 97039

Agenda topics include Debbie McCuin, Program Analyst for Area Agency on Aging, Department of Human Services; Mark Long & Shane Sumption of Building Codes Division; Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Support; Restructuring of Association of Oregon Counties; and Frontier TeleNet.

5. South Sherman Fire & Rescue Annual Awards Banquet

South Sherman Fire and Rescue’s annual banquet was held on October 14th at the Grass Valley Pavilion with 30 people in attendance, including volunteers and their families. Chief Fluhr and Bob Harmon handed out awards.

Years of Service award: 
Ann Berry- 3 years 
John Goleman- 4 years 
Zack Fluhr- 7 years 
Amber Kuettel- 7 years 
Bert Norris- 9 years 
Loren Renhard- 10 years 
Jim Liddicoat- 10 years 
Chuck Baker- 13 years 
Warren Fluhr- 15 years.

Distinguished Service awards: 
JR Herlocker- Officer of the year 
Amber Kuettel- Top Responder of the year 
Bert Norris- Firefighter of the year 
Jeff Whitworth- Paramedic of the year 
Zack Fluhr- Rescue Technician of the year for his actions in February when he worked diligently to extricate two victims from a car involved in a head on collision with a semi truck. 
Zack Fluhr- Distinguished Service award for his actions August 12th during the Finnegan Road Fire where he single-handedly saved a residence while faced with wind driven flames and no other fire units in the area.

Stuart VonBorstel received an award thanking him for 20 years of service on South Sherman Fire and Rescue’s Board of Directors.

Loren Renhard received a special award for Excellence in developing a training program that benefited several firefighting agencies

South Sherman Fire and Rescue received this unit Citation for their work on the multi-vehicle accident on January 7th. The unit Citation award was issued by Oregon Health Authority in recognition of South Sherman Fire and Rescue’s organization and expert first responders in providing emergency pre-hospital care under extreme circumstances.

South Sherman is committed to providing top notch medical services to the citizens of our fire district and those who pass through.
Amber L. Kuettel, Administrative Assistant

South Sherman Fire & Rescue, 109 SW 2nd Street, P.O. Box 116, Grass Valley, Oregon 97029 |  541-705-7180

6. Jealousy

Do you ever feel jealous? Most of us do every so often, but it is jealous behavior, not feelings, that cause us trouble. The feeling of jealousy in a relationship is normal, but the behavior that can result is often irrational and destructive.  If you want to avoid the trouble jealousy can cause, you can start by accepting responsibility for it.

Blaming others, for what they feel, is a mistake, because jealousy is most often a product of our own insecurity and low self-esteem. It happens because we see ourselves as having less to give than the object of our jealousy.

Soon, we become unable to see our own strengths and good points, which leads to feeling devalued, depressed and worthless. The tendency to “act out” in our behaviors becomes too easy to give in to, and others suffer. We forget the simple fact that because another person may not choose or be able to meet the conditions that have been agreed to in our relationship, our inner value as a person is not lessened, nor is theirs.

Jealously ceases to be a problem only when we regain a feeling of worth and self-respect, and when we remember that loyalty in relationships can only be offered, never demanded. (When we demand loyalty, it becomes a “have to” situation, and humans automatically push back, when we feel we are being pushed.)

Learning to let go of demands in any relationship, when we believe that love or affection is based on “holding on to,” is difficult but extremely worthwhile. When we conquer the extremes of jealousy, we emerge as better, stronger, happier people and our relationships inevitably improve. And it all starts with taking accountability for our own view of relationships. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Cascade Youth Choir Begins Rehearsals, Oct. 19

music.notes (2)Cascade Youth Choir begins rehearsals on Thursday, October 19, 3:30 to 4:30, at First United Methodist Church, 305 E 11th St. in The Dalles.

Eight to eighteen is the age range of Cascade Youth Choir.  All voices are welcome, unchanged, changing, changed, male and female.  Music activities are planned to accommodate every vocal range in young choristers, children through young adults.

Cascade Youth Choir will sing American national and folk songs, traditional rounds canons, partner and part songs, including 4-part harmony,  songs from around the world,  including different languages,  original songs, and songs from the pop world that have made their way into the “Standards” of American popular culture.

Cascade Youth Choir will collaborate with Cascade Singers Community Choir to present a series of programs throughout the year, including a winter holiday program, a St. Patrick’s Day program, and a Spring Sing program.

Requirements for the group are to fall in the 8 to 18 age range, like to sing, and like to share music with other people.  There are no fees to be a member of Cascade Youth Choir.  The group is directed by Lloyd Walworth.

For more information, contact Walworth at 541-340-9858, or

8. Hood River CORE Pesticide Training, Nov. 15

On Wednesday, November 15th from 1-5 pm, OSU Hood River Extension Service will offer a Core Pesticide Training session for $10.

Preregistration is required. Sign up by calling the Hood River office at 541-386-3343.

Four hours of Oregon and Washington recertification credits will be available for the training session. Participants must be present for the entire training to receive credit. 

Oregon State University Extension Service offers programs to all without discrimination.  Reasonable accommodations will be provided to persons with disabilities.  To request accommodations for any of these programs, contact me ( by November 6, 2017.

9. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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