Sherman County eNews #294


  1. Editorial: It’s not enough to like the idea!

  2. Sherman County Organizations

 1. Editorial: It’s not enough to like the idea!

It’s not enough to like the idea!

4-H & Scouts

Athletic programs & referees

Grass Valley Pavilion

Local businesses

Parent Teacher Association

Sherman Booster Club

Sherman County Athletic Foundation

Sherman County Fair

Sherman County Historical Museum

Sherman County Lions

Sherman County Scholarship Association

Wasco School Events Center

… and our 2 child care facilities, 8 churches and 9 cemeteries.

There aren’t very many of us, you know.

Our shrinking population and volunteer pool may not be enough.

Our participation is required!

Being informed!

Our time, goods, services & money.

Showing up!


Keeping things going requires our on-going support!

Being a dues-paying member.

Being informed: knowing when you are needed and why.

Buying something.

Contributing your time, services and money.

Every little bit counts!

Ask how you can help!

Make things happen.

2. Sherman County Organizations

Sherman County Organizations

A look at the engagement, responsibilities and participation required for our 1,750 citizens to provide organized services and activities—local, regional and state. Participants include elected, employed and volunteer personnel, boards, committees, councils and commissions, regional and county.

October 2017 update: Please send corrections to

First compiled by Sherry Kaseberg about 2001 with 144 entities.

  1.              Alcoholics Anonymous – AA – 24-Hour Hot Line
  2.              Area Commission on Transportation
  3.              Association of Oregon Counties, District 3
  4.              Babe Ruth Association
  5.              Biggs Service District
  6.              Biggs Service District Budget Committee
  7.              Central & Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Council
  8.              Church – Baha’i Faith
  9.              Church – Biggs
  10.           Church – Catholic Parish Council – Wasco and Grass Valley
  11.           Church – Grass Valley Baptist
  12.           Church — Kent Baptist
  13.           Church – Moro Presbyterian
  14.           Church – Rufus Baptist
  15.           Church – Wasco Church of Christ, Christian
  16.           Church – Wasco United Methodist
  17.           City of Grass Valley
  18.           City of Grass Valley Budget Committee
  19.           City of Grass Valley Cemetery
  20.           City of Moro
  21.           City of Moro Budget Committee
  22.           City of Moro Cemetery
  23.           City of Rufus
  24.           City of Rufus Budget Committee
  25.           City of Wasco 
  26.           City of Wasco Budget Committee
  27.           Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
  28.           Deschutes Basin Water Management
  29.           Eastern Oregon Rural Alliance
  30.           Family Care Resource & Referral, Lifespan Respite Care

for Gilliam, Sherman and Wheeler counties

  31.           Frontier TeleNet
  32.           Frontier Regional 9-1-1 Agency
  33.           Healthy Start
  34.           Kent Cemetery
  35.           Kent Water District
  36.           Little League
  37.           Little Wheats Daycare
  38.           Local Public Safety Coordinating Council per ORS 423.560
  39.           Lower Deschutes Water Quality Management Planning Team
  40.           Lower John Day Regional Ag & Natural Resources Enhancement Board
  41.           Lower John Day Regional Partnership
  42.           Lower John Day Water Quality Management Team, Sherman & Gilliam
  43.           Michigan Cemetery
  44.           Mid-Columbia Center for Living / Mental Health
  45.           Mid-Columbia Community Action Council
  46.           Mid-Columbia Council of Governments

Workforce/Job Training

  47.           Mid-Columbia Council of Governments, Area Agency on Aging: Senior Advisory Council
  48.           Mid-Columbia Economic Development District
  49.           Mid-Columbia Housing Authority / Cascade Housing [Sage Wind]
  50.           Mid-Columbia Producers, a cooperative
  51.           Hazardous Waste Advisory Committee
  52.           Moro Cemetery
  53.           Moro Rural Fire Protection District
  54.           North Central Education Service District [NCESD]
  55.           North Central Public Health District
  56.           North Central Livestock Association
  57.           North Sherman Rural Fire Protection District
  58.           Northern Oregon Regional Corrections/NORCOR
  59.           NORCOR Budget Committee
  60.           Oregon Consortium, The
  61.           Oregon Grains Commission
  62.           Oregon Wheat Growers League
  63.           Oregon Wheat Growers League, Sherman County Chapter
  64.           OSU Extension – Sherman County 4-H Leaders Association
  65.           OSU Extension Service Advisory Committee
  66.           Pioneer Potlatch
  67.           Rose Hill Cemetery
  68.           Rufus Pioneer Cemetery
  69.           Sherman County Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco Prevention Coalition
  70.           Sherman County Ambulance
  71.           Sherman County Athletic Foundation
  72.           Sherman County Board of Property Tax Appeals
  73.           Sherman County Budget Committee
  74.           Sherman County Childcare Foundation /ABC Huskies Day Care
  75.           Sherman County Court [Sherman County is one of four counties in which the Judge has juvenile and probate judicial responsibilities.]
  76.           Sherman County Elected Officials, Departments & Committees [see > Government]
  77.           Sherman County Cultural Coalition/Oregon Cultural Trust
  78.           Sherman County Democratic Committee: Precinct Committee Persons
  79.           Sherman County Emergency Services Advisory Committee
  80.           Sherman County Fair Board
  81.           Sherman County Farm Bureau
  82.           Sherman County Food Bank
  83.           Sherman County Health District
  84.           Sherman County Historical Society/Museum
  85.           Sherman County Junior Hoops
  86.           Sherman County Lions Club
  87.           Sherman County OSU Experiment Station Advisory Committee
  88.           Sherman County Planning Commission
  89.           Sherman County Public Safety Coordinating Council
  90.           Sherman County Public/School Library Board
  91.           Sherman County Republican Committee – Precinct Committee Persons
  92.           Sherman County Rural Road Advisory Committee
  93.           Sherman County Scholarship Association
  94.           Sherman County School District
  95.           Sherman County School District Budget Committee
  96.           Sherman County Senior & Community Center Advisory Committee
  97.           Sherman County Soil & Water Conservation District
  98.           Sherman County Watershed Council (combined)
  99.           Sherman Development League

(a private, nonprofit, community development corporation)

  100.        Sherman Experiment Station Foundation
  101.        Sherman High School Booster Club
  102.        Sherman High School Vocational Ag Advisory Committee
  103.        The Observer Farm Cemetery
104.        Tri-County Community Corrections
105.        USDA/Farm Services Agency County Committee
106.        USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
107.        Wasco Cemetery Association / Sun Rise Cemetery
108.        Wasco Electric Cooperative, Inc.
109.        Wasco Memorial Day Committee
110.        Wasco Methodist Cemetery
111.        Wasco School Event Center