Sherman County eNews #264


  1. Replacing the Negative

  2. All County Prayer Meeting, Sept. 6

  3. Sherman County Lions Meeting, Sept. 11

  4. The College Student’s Spending Survival Guide

  5. Oregon Medal of Honor Highway House Bill Signing in Bend, Sept. 8

  6. Op-Ed: Consumption Driven Society

Can it be possible that all human sympathies can thrive, and all human powers be exercised, and all human joys increase, if we live with all our might with the thirty or forty people next to us, telegraphing kindly to all other people, to be sure? ~ E.E. Hale

1. Replacing the Negative

Are you worried about losing your job? Or maybe you’ve already lost a job and worry that you won’t find another. When you lose your job, for whatever reason, you can be thrown for a loop.

If your skills and experience are in great demand it might not bother you much. However, if you work in an industry that is having hard times, or going through tremendous change, you may wonder how you are going to survive.

In fact, you may spend a lot of time imagining all the terrible things that could happen to you and your family if you don’t find work soon. And if you can’t imagine these things, then you can simply turn on the television news and you can see it in glorious, living color.

It is important to know that those things you are imagining, over and over again in your mind – those negative pictures of poverty, doom and gloom – have a great deal of power. Neuroscience research points out that negativity has a stronger influence on our perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and memories. Our negative vocabulary is even more richly descriptive that our positive vocabulary. All of this affects the decisions we make. It is easy to see how we inevitably move toward and become like what we think about.

So, avoid dwelling on the disastrous possibilities of unemployment. Instead, put your mental energy into imagining not what you don’t want, but what you do want. See yourself energetically and confidently moving into a new work situation. Affirm yourself as a valuable employee with transferable skills and an excellent “can do” attitude.

See your family growing closer as you support each other to success. Train yourself to stop the negative thoughts before they can get a toe-hold, and create a dominant picture that is positive. You will automatically behave in ways that will bring about success.  Have confidence in the fact that this is how your brain is made, and use this as a springboard for your future. ~The Pacific Institute

2. All County Prayer Meeting, Sept. 6

church.family1The All County Prayer Meeting will be Wednesday, September 6th @ the Moro Community Presbyterian Church. Fellowship starts at 6:30 PM, Pray time starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM. Everyone is welcome to come and join the meeting; come join in when you can get there.

3. Sherman County Lions Meeting, Sept. 11

LionsInternationalLogoLion Geremy Shull reports that the Sherman County Lions will be meeting Monday September 11th at the Sherman County Community & Senior Center in Moro at noon. Topics will include ticket taking for Sherman Fall Sports, Legacy Project update (Little League fields) and membership.  All welcome to attend! Bring a friend!

4. The College Student’s Spending Survival Guide

dollars.coinsTIGARD, OR. — If you’re starting college this fall, you’re on your own for the first time. That’s exciting but it also brings responsibilities you may not have had before. Whether you’re living on checks from your parents, a student loan, financial aid, or a part-time job, there is a limit to how much you’ll have to spend.

Oregon’s credit unions have some tips for you:
* Set up a spending plan, and stick to it. This may sound basic but it’s really important. List your monthly income and the costs of your necessities such as food, transportation, and housing. Track your spending so you’ll know how much you may have left for entertainment.
* Take advantage of your credit union’s mobile app. Not only will that help you to track your spending, but it will also alert you to the potential of fraud or suspicious activity with your account.
* You’re going to get bombarded with credit card offers. Be careful! Know that as not-for-profit cooperatives, credit unions offer lower interest rates on their credit cards than you may be getting from other financial service providers. If you do have a credit card on campus, try to be disciplined and pay the balance off every month.
* Leverage discounts for college students. Many computer manufacturers offer student discounts. Your campus may have a card entitling you to discounts at on campus stores and restaurants. Keep your eyes open for free on campus entertainment such as concerts or art shows.
* Don’t be the life of the party! If you’re going out with friends, agree ahead of time that you’re each paying for your own food and drinks.
* If you’re a credit union member, chances are you can avoid paying annoying ATM fees when you need to withdraw some of your money. Most credit unions network their AMTs so they’re surcharge-free.

The Northwest Credit Union Association is the not-for-profit trade association representing over 180 credit unions in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, and their 6.2 million consumer members. Northwest Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives, owned by their members. Credit unions help members achieve their financial goals. All earnings in excess of operating expenses and required reserves are returned to members in the form of lower loan rates, fewer fees and higher interest paid on savings. For information on how to join a credit union, please visit

5. Oregon Medal of Honor Highway House Bill Signing in Bend, Sept. 8

Oregon.Flat.poleOregon Governor Kate Brown will visit Bend on Friday, Sept. 8 to sign House Bill 2100 designating all 451 miles of US Highway 20 in Oregon as the Oregon Medal of Honor Highway. The highway will honor all of Oregon’s 26 Medal of Honor recipients who served during 8 major wars in 10 countries over 108 years from the Civil War to Vietnam. A mock up the new highway sign will be unveiled.

These “Bravest of the Brave” veterans are connected with 12 Oregon cities including Bend, home of America’s oldest living Medal of Honor recipient 96 year young Robert D. “Bob” Maxwell. Mr. Maxwell is the only Medal of Honor recipient living in Oregon and is the honored guest at the ceremony. September 7, the day before the ceremony marks the 73rd anniversary of Mr. Maxwell’s heroism during WWII in Besancon, France which resulted in the award of the Medal of Honor, a second Silver Star, a second Purple Heart, French Croix de Guerre and French Legion of Honor.

In companion legislation (House Concurrent Resolution 1), the Oregon legislature designated 12 Oregon cities as Medal of Honor City or Community to which the 26 recipients are connected: Agness, Bend, Corvallis, Eugene, Hood River, Jordan Valley, Medford, Oakridge, Portland, Richland, Salem and The Dalles.

Both honors are a first in the nation.

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded to an individual for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty during combat at the risk to one’s life while saving others. Thirty five hundred (3,500)  awards have been made since President Lincoln signed legislation for the award 154 years ago. Only 72 Medal of Honor recipients of all wars (4 WWII, 68 post WWII) are living in our nation today.

The non-profit Bend Heroes Foundation drafted and requested both pieces of legislation and is deeply indebted to the Oregon House of Representatives and Senate for their unanimous “Aye” votes during the last session and Governor Kate Brown’s signing the highway bill into law. Representative John Huffman, Representative Gene Whisnant,  Representative Mike McLane, Senator Tim Knopp and Senator Betsy Johnson were the chief sponsors. The new laws compliment the Foundation’s recently completed 9 year campaign to honor Oregon’s 479,800 wartime veterans with 67 honorific signs on 5 border to border Oregon highways and the Oregon Medal of Honor Exhibit at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville.

The Foundation is raising funds to pay the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to fabricate and install 12 “Oregon Medal of Honor Highway” signs along US 20 between Newport and the Oregon/Idaho border near Nyssa. The Foundation and ODOT are scheduling installation of highway signs beginning in Deschutes County next month to coincide with Mr. Maxwell’s 97th birthday on October 26. The Foundation is also raising funds to install plaques in each of the 12 Medal of Honor cities. Donations can be made on the Bend Heroes Foundation web site:

The Governor’s ceremonial bill signing ceremony will take place on Friday, September 8 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM in the Deschutes County Service Building (Barnes and Sawyer Conference Room) located at 1300 NW Wall St., Bend. The Deschutes Board of County Commissioners is kindly hosting the ceremony. The ceremony is open to the public and is free of charge.

PLEASE RSVP contacting Dick Tobiason at

Dick Tobiason, Chairman, Bend Heroes Foundation

6. Op-Ed: Consumption Driven Society

pencil.spiral99 percent of the people you talk to will tell you that the US is oil independent. This is an example of ignorance that is wide spread in the population. This also applies to those who deny the contribution of civilization to climate change. The reason we are ignorant in regards to both of these phenomena is because the science and data are consciously hidden and distorted. The reality is not conducive with the fantasy of limitless growth of the capitalist economic myth. We are rapidly reaching the limits of several of the cornerstones of our present civilization. The stark reality is this. Even if we could manage to stabilize our consumption driven society at the present level, it is too late to avoid a collapse. This phenomena is called “overshoot.” Oil is our economy. We are a very clever species, but that doesn’t mean we have acted wisely the last few centuries. We have more faith in new technology, that we haven’t discovered yet, than we do in God. At this point I’m fairly convinced that neither will save us from a very uncomfortable transition to a different way of life if we continue to have life at all. The timing of a collapse event is tricky due to several magnitudes of random happenings that can have an effect on the velocity and trajectory of the path we are headed down, but the math and science indicate it will be sooner than we might think. The old saying that “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. At the risk of sounding like a nihilist my advice would be to…. PARTY ON DUDE!….because there is nothing we can do to change the ultimate outcome anyway……WAIT!!  Maybe if we have a total collapse of the world economy…very soon….that takes us back to hunting and gathering for the very few that survive, we could avoid an abrupt climate change and and the complete extinction of the human race. Perhaps then we could start a new journey as true homo sapiens (WISE apes) verses clever apes.

Have I turned to the dark side? Maybe, but I’m still hoping that there is an error in the calculations. I continue to do what I do every day in order to project the image of legitimacy in relation to the rest of society. I’m fairly pessimistic that there will be any major change of behavior, as a society, in time to effect a positive outcome.

I was attending a funeral the other day, when the Baptist minister looked up into the pews, pointed at the attendants there and very sternly shouted the proclamation, “NONE OF YOU HAVE ANY HOPE !!” I suddenly thought….has he been reading the same stuff I have?! He soon qualified that statement by adding “unless you accept Christ as your savior.” I’m kind of hedging my bets on the invisible man in the sky, but I do like a lot of the philosophy on how to live your life in regards to how we relate to our fellow humans. So, I’m going to try to live my life each day like it might be my last, and treat other homo sapiens as I would like them to treat me. We are all going to die, but the good news is….we get to live until then!  Some say that the odds of humans even existing are astronomical, like winning the lottery every day for a hundred years. WOW, we have all hit the biggest jackpot of all time!

Fred Justesen

Grass Valley