Sherman County eNews #246


  1. Sherman County Public/School Library – Out of Free Eclipse Glasses

  2. Space Weather: New Predictions for the Solar Eclipse, Aug. 21

  3. Solar Eclipse: AMR to Deploy 23 Ambulances to Cities & Counties across Oregon

  4. Find Your Purpose for Living

  5. Gov. Kate Brown Signed Progressive Reproductive Health Equity Act

  6. CGCC board, president reach mutually-acceptable separation agreement

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

 “History is not easily compartmentalized. It isn’t simply right versus wrong, black versus white, or blue versus gray. But there’s an entire crowd of folks who want to do just that because they believe it is all those things, and most egregiously, they believe there is an individual right for all to go through life unoffended.” ~The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, August 2017

1. Sherman County Public/School Library – Out of Free Eclipse Glasses

The library has given away all of our free eclipse glasses. We will have glasses available for attendees of our eclipse viewing program that begins at 9:30am the day of the eclipse. [The Museum Store may still have eclipse glasses.]

2. Space Weather: New Predictions for the Solar Eclipse, Aug. 21

NEW PREDICTIONS FOR THE SOLAR ECLIPSE: Next Monday, Aug. 21st, the Moon will pass directly in front of the sun producing an historic solar eclipse over the USA.  Millions of people inside the path of totality will catch a glimpse of the sun’s gossamer outer atmosphere, the corona. In centuries past, the appearance of the corona was unpredictable from one eclipse to the next. But now researchers have developed supercomputer codes to forecast its shape. New predictions for the “Great American Solar Eclipse” are highlighted on today’s edition of .

3. Solar Eclipse: AMR Will Deploy 23 Ambulances to Cities and Counties across Oregon

ambulance.back(Portland, Oregon) — Oregon residents and visitors are in for a stellar show as the earth, sun and moon align perfectly on August 21, 2017 to temporarily darken much of the state. This will be the first time since 1918 that the lunar shadow will move across the entire United States. For months American Medical Response (AMR) has worked with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon EMS and Trauma Systems Section, and a host of other agencies and communities to help ensure that thousands of Oregonians, and visitors to the state, have a positive and safe experience during the total solar eclipse.

Residents of many Oregon cities are among those who will see a full solar eclipse. These areas will provide prime viewing of the eclipse in the path of totality.

Since Oregon expects a million or more increase in number of visitors to the state, the Governor declared a state of emergency that enabled Oregon to bring additional ambulances and attendant personnel into the state to respond as needed during the eclipse event.
OHA requested AMR to provide ambulance services in many counties and cities across the state to prepare for the onslaught of visitors.

AMR will deploy 23 ambulances and 46 Paramedics and EMTs to work with local jurisdictions to provide emergency services to the following:
–Huntington Fire Department, Huntington, Oregon
–Unity Service Center, Unity Oregon
–Town of Mitchell, Mitchell, Oregon
–Town of Spray, Spray, Oregon
–Maupin Fire Department, Maupin, Oregon
–Cow Canyon Rest Area, South of Hwy 197 at Hwy 97
–Bear Springs, at Junction of Hwy 216 and Hwy 26
–Main Fire Station, Warm Springs- 3 ambulances
–Blue Mountain Hospital, John Day, Oregon

AMR will also provide additional ambulances and personnel to the communities of: Jefferson – 3 ambulances, Suttle Lodge – 1 ambulance, Detroit Lake – 2 ambulances, Lake Billy Chinook – 1 ambulance. The deployment also includes a mechanic with a truck and trailer full of tools, replacement parts, and medical supplies –to be stationed in Madras to handle any restocking or vehicle issues.

“As our country’s national disaster ambulance provider through FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency), we are well-practiced in responding to disasters on many levels. Many of AMR’s local leaders act as the Incident Management Team on disasters such as hurricanes, and are able to apply that experience and knowledge locally here in Oregon,” states Randy Lauer, Regional Director for AMR Oregon.

As in deployment for FEMA, the staffing configuration for the eclipse ambulances will be one paramedic and one emergency medical technician (EMT). Most will go into service beginning Friday, August 18 through Tuesday, August 22nd. AMR Operations across the region will provide the following number of ambulances.
–AMR Multnomah and Clackamas Counties, OR – 7 units
–AMR Josephine County, OR — 1 unit
–AMR Pierce County, WA — 4 units
–AMR SW Washington (Clark and Cowlitz Counties) – 2 Units
–AMR Spokane County, WA – 3 units
–AMR Sonoma County, CA – 2 Units

Note: Currently there are 44 AMR Paramedics and EMTs deployed on actively burning wildland fires. Fire certified Paramedics and EMT’s are assigned to fires at Crater Lake, Burns, La Grande, and Medford areas and the Jefferson Wilderness. AMR’s first Wildland Fire Response Team deployment this year was August 7th.
See for more fire incident details.

Before, during and after the eclipse be prepared for traffic delays with extra food and water.
Tips for safe driving and viewing:
* Do not slow down while driving
* Do not park on the shoulder of the road
* Exit the road to find a safe viewing location
* Do not take photographs while driving
* Do not wear opaque eclipse glasses while operating a vehicle
* Turn your headlights on — do not rely on your automatic headlights
* Watch for pedestrians along roads and yield to emergency vehicles

American Medical Response, Inc., is America’s leading provider of medical transportation, provides services in 40 states and the District of Columbia. More than 25,000 AMR paramedics, EMTs, and RNs work together to transport more than 4.4 million patients nationwide each year in critical, emergency and non-emergency situations. AMR, a subsidiary of Envision Healthcare Corporation, is headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colo. For more information about AMR, visit Locally, AMR NW provides 9-1-1 ambulance services in Multnomah, Clackamas and Clark Counties and non-emergency medical transportation throughout the Portland Metro area. AMR and its predecessor companies have served Portland area communities since 1913.  For more information about AMR, visit and follow @AMR_Social on Twitter.

4. Find Your Purpose for Living

Do you believe that having a purpose in life is important?  Having a purpose contributes a great deal to the quality of our lives. Not surprisingly, having a purpose can actually prolong your life. 

Several years ago, a study done by Judith Roden of Harvard followed two groups of patients in a convalescent home. Members of one group were asked to care for a potted plant during that time. Members of the other group had no such purpose. Those who were plant caretakers lived, on average, twice as long as the others did. You see, a sense of purpose fosters hope, self-motivation and positive feelings about oneself and others.

Viktor Frankl, in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning,” found this same result during his time in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. Purpose, or goals if you will, provided the will to live.

How many examples can we see, when purpose is absent or taken away, that life ceases. Veteran broadcaster Andy Rooney passed away one month after leaving CBS’ “60 Minutes” program. Bear Bryant, iconic coach of Alabama’s football team for 24 years, passed a mere 28 days after retiring. Retiring from something and not to something may have been the catalyst.

Now it is important to remember that, if it’s going to be truly meaningful, your life’s purpose must be something that is chosen freely by you, not something that is chosen for you. And it may have nothing whatever to do with what you do for a living, although, if it does that would be ideal. 

Have you thought about what your purpose is? Have you tried to put it into words? If not, take the time to do so, and then use that purpose as a compass to guide your activities.  You will be surprised at how much energy and clarity you’ll feel.

By the way, age has nothing to do with finding purpose in your life; and if you are wondering when you can start – well, today will do just fine! ~The Pacific Institute

5. Gov. Kate Brown Signed Progressive Reproductive Health Equity Act

~ Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon & Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon
Governor Kate Brown today signed the nation’s most progressive reproductive health policy into law. The Reproductive Health Equity Act (House Bill 3391) is the first legislation in the United States to comprehensively address systemic barriers to accessing reproductive health care, expanding coverage to thousands of Oregonians throughout the state – regardless of income, citizenship status or gender identity.
         Developed by the Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon with input from legislative champions, the new law makes Oregon the first state to establish comprehensive, state-funded reproductive health coverage for women categorically excluded from Medicaid based on citizenship status; the first to codify no-cost abortion coverage in state statute; and the first to stand up to the Trump administration and congressional Republicans by putting the entire list of women’s health services covered without cost-sharing under the Affordable Care Act into state statute. The legislation also bans discrimination against those who identify as transgender or gender-nonconforming so that all people who can become pregnant have access to reproductive health care.
         The Reproductive Health Equity Act, which goes into effect immediately, will significantly benefit thousands of Oregonians:
* 900,000: Oregonians covered by private insurance who now have expanded reproductive health coverage.
* 360,000: Oregon women who now have protected access to copay-free preventive healthcare services under the Affordable Care Act.
* 48,000: Low-income mothers in Oregon whose coverage now extends past delivery to include follow-up visits during the postpartum period.
* 43,000: Oregon women of reproductive age with high-deductible policies who now have abortion coverage at no out-of-pocket cost.
* 18,600: Oregon women of reproductive age whose insurance plans now cannot charge them a co-pay or other out-of-pocket costs for preventive health services, including contraception.

Reproductive Health Equity Act summary:
Reproductive Health Equity Act fact sheet:
The Pro-Choice Coalition of Oregon is a diverse, statewide coalition that is working to create a world where access to reproductive health care doesn’t depend on who you are, where you live or how much you earn – where every Oregonian who can become pregnant has the opportunity to choose their own path to a healthy and meaningful life. The coalition consists of American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon, Family Forward Oregon, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, Oregon Latino Health Coalition, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and Western States Center.

6. CGCC board, president reach mutually-acceptable separation agreement

Columbia Gorge Community College president Dr. Frank Toda and the college Board of Education have reached a mutually acceptable separation agreement. The board unanimously approved the agreement at a special board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 15.

Under terms of the agreement, Dr. Toda will officially wrap up 16 years of service to the college on Sept. 29. The board will begin an immediate search for an interim president while it recruits nationally for the college’s next chief executive.

“We want to thank Dr. Toda for his many contributions to the college,” said Board Chair Stu Watson. “The board wishes him well in future endeavors as it pursues initiatives to strengthen the college and expand access to education for our entire community.”

Dr. Toda, after a successful career with the U.S. Air Force, took office as president in July 2001. Four months later, voters approved annexation of central and eastern Hood River County to the existing district, which included most of Wasco County.

During Dr. Toda’s tenure, the college greatly expanded its physical footprint.  It added a building to house its respected health sciences program. By contributing land on the campus, the college secured additional classroom space inside the Fort Dalles Readiness Center, which opened in April 2014. The college shares the facility with the Oregon National Guard.

With bonding support in Hood River County, the college during Dr. Toda’s tenure purchased property on the Heights where it added a new classroom building in 2008.

During Dr. Toda’s time as president, the college added nursing, renewable energy (now electro-mechanical technology) and computer science programs. The college also enhanced agreements enabling students to complete four-year college degrees remotely.

After 36 years operating under the auspices of Portland Community College, in 2013 CGCC achieved independent accreditation during Toda’s tenure, and in the spring of 2017 was selected an Hispanic Serving Institution. This past spring, with Dr. Toda’s support, the college board declared sanctuary status. More than 30 percent of CGCC students are of Latino ancestry.

“Going forward, the college board fully intends to build upon the successes achieved during Dr. Toda’s tenure,” Watson added. “In this on-going journey, we look forward to the continuing contributions of a talented staff and faculty. Of greatest importance is the trust placed in this institution by our students and community. We will endeavor every day to validate that trust.”

In a parting statement at Tuesday’s board meeting, Dr. Toda recognized past and present board members, and identified the college’s achievement of independent accreditation as one of the proudest accomplishments of his presidency.

Citing the college’s mission statement, Dr. Toda concluded, “Let’s continue to build dreams and transform lives.”

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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