Sherman County eNews #236


  1. Letter to the Editor: Thankful for Community Support in the Loss of Our Business

  2. Sherman County School District to Celebrate 2017 Hall of Honor Inductees, Sept. 22

  3. Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Terrific Speech

  4. Sherman County Fair Flower Chair or Wheelbarrow Contest, Aug. 22-27

  5. Hey! Get your hay & grain ready for the Sherman County Fair!

  6. Relax! Loosen Up!

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Letter to the Editor: Thankful for Community Support in the Loss of Our Business

 pencil.spiralWe would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire community for the support and words of encouragement over the past few days. Losing our business to a fire is a big loss not only to us, but also to the town of Wasco and all of Sherman County.

There are so many individuals who stepped in and helped. A big thank you goes to the volunteer fire fighters who came from all over the county, without whose hard work and skills, the entire block of businesses could have been lost to the fire. Thank you also to the EMS crews who stood by ready to assist if needed. Thanks to everyone who helped remove items from the buildings, provided cold water and food, and provided words of encouragement and support. It is incredible how in times of crisis, our community comes together; another reason living in Sherman County is a blessing.

At this time, we are just trying to come to terms with the fire and loss of the business, which could drag on for some time. We appreciate all the offers of help for when the time comes to clean up and remove the debris. At this time we are not thinking beyond this point, but will keep everyone posted.

A great way to show support is through becoming a volunteer in our community. There are many opportunities to volunteer, especially with the emergency services, ie. fire fighters and EMTs. If you would like to become involved, please contact the North Sherman Fire District or the South Sherman Fire District. Jeff Holliday of the NSFD will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about becoming a volunteer. He can be reached at 541-705-5640.

Again, thank you for all the support and assistance during this devastating time.

Megan Jensen, Second Hand Made
Gail Macnab & Patti Moore, Giggles & Schitz


2. Sherman County School District to Celebrate 2017 Hall of Honor Inductees, Sept. 22

Logo.Sherman High SchoolThe Sherman County School District will celebrate the induction of four individuals and one team into the Sherman County School District Hall of Honor during half-time of the September 22, 2017 home football game against Ione High School.

The 2017 inductees include Author, Legislator and Journalist, Giles French (posthumously); former School District Board Member, County Commissioner, Historian and Sherman County eNews creator, Sherry Kaseberg; former Student Athlete/Olympian, Amy (Martin) Shaffer; long-time dedicated Employee/Coach Gary Shelton; and the 2001 State Championship Women’s Basketball Team.

The purpose of the Hall of Honor is to formally recognize outstanding contributions to the heritage and tradition of the Sherman County School District.  It is the intent of this Hall of Honor to recognize and preserve the memory of students, teachers, athletes, teams, coaches, boosters, and others whose achievements and support have brought recognition and honor to the Sherman County School District. 

For information regarding the Hall of Honor or to nominate a candidate for future induction, please visit and click on the Hall of Honor tab.  For questions, call Wes Owens at 541-565-3500.

3. Letter to the Editor: Trump’s Terrific Speech

pencil.sharpPresident Trump shrugged off the latest development in the Russia investigation and delivered a terrific speech Thursday night in Huntington, West Virginia, as reported in The Patriot Post, and excerpted here. He had two great themes in his remarks. The first was a tremendous pro-American vision. The second was an aggressive indictment of the Left for its lack of a serious agenda. The president began with a bold defense of our American values, saying:

“The change you voted for is happening every single day. Everyone in this great arena is united by shared values. We believe in God. We believe in family. We believe in country…

“We support the Constitution of the United States of America. We cherish and defend the Second Amendment. We believe schools should teach students to love our country, to have pride in our history and to respect our great American flag…

“We stand with the incredible men and women of law enforcement. Thank you! We believe strongly that a nation must defend and protect its borders. And above all else, we believe that we must take care of our own citizens and put America first!

“The reason why Democrats only talk about the totally made up Russia story is because they have no message, no agenda and no vision. They don’t talk about the all-time-high stock market. They don’t talk about reforms to the VA or about manufacturing jobs we’re bringing back to America… They don’t talk about the Keystone pipeline … or the Dakota Access pipeline…

“The Russia story is a total fabrication. It is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of American politics… What the prosecutor should be looking at are Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 deleted e-mails…

“We didn’t win because of Russia. We won because of you… We won because millions of patriotic Americans voted to take back their country…

They are trying to cheat you out of the future that you want. They are trying to cheat you out of the leadership that you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and, most importantly, demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution.”

Kenton Mathewson


4. Sherman County Fair Flower Chair or Wheelbarrow Contest, Aug. 22-27


Flower Contest >> Chair or Wheelbarrow

Wheat, Wind & Waves!

flower.geraniumThis Contest is now in its fourth year.  How it works is very simple. Find a chair, old or not, add a flower pot or two, whatever you like. Same goes for the wheelbarrow; you add some flowers and then the week of our County Fair (8-21 to 8-27) your chair or wheelbarrow will be placed at the fairgrounds for everyone to enjoy!  Mark your calendar, please, to enter our contest.   This helps out our fairgrounds by adding some very pretty flower arrangements to our grounds and then the community gets to enjoy your special talents as well.  Cash Premiums will be paid.

  ** No Entry fee to enter

  ** Deliver chairs or wheelbarrow to the fairgrounds by 2:00 p.m. on Wed.       August 23, 2017  by 2:00 pm

  ** Entries for this contest will be taken at the fair office.

  ** Cash Premiums for each category

         1st Place   $ 25.00                      

         2nd Place   $ 20.00

         3rd Place   $ 15.00

   ** Please pick up your entry and winnings at the fair office on Sunday,        August 27, 2017.  Pick up time will be posted on entry day at the fair office

Thank you for entering and helping us decorate the fairgrounds!  Questions? Please call Beth at 541-980-1821. See

5. Hey! Get your hay & grain ready for the Sherman County Fair!

Harvest is underway! Take a gallon bag to catch some grain to enter at the fair!  Wheat, Wind & Waves!

wheat.heads2SHERMAN COUNTY FAIR 2017


Read carefully the entire general rules in the front of the Premium Book and on our web page.

Entry Fees:

  1. No Entry fees for this division

Entries Accepted:

  1. Entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm on Wednesday August 23, 2017
  2. Entries for the Grains Division are made in the Open Class building, located under the main grandstands.
  3. Entry form follows this section and can also be found on our website on the forms tab.

Release of Grain Exhibits:

Exhibits will be released on Sunday August 27, at 1:00 p.m. this time is subject to change and will be posted in the Open Class Pavilion and announced during the fair week.

Specific Rules:

  1. Read carefully all the general rules in the front of the Premium Book.
  2. All exhibits of grain must have been grown during the last 12 months.
  3. Exhibits in sheaf must be at least 2” in diameter at butt.
  4. All exhibits of threshed grain must be shown in a one gallon plastic bag which will be from the Superintendent at pavilion.
  5. All exhibits will be disposed by Superintendent unless claimed by end of Fair. (Read general rules for exhibits to be picked up).
  6. If less than 10 entries, there will be no champion ribbon. If more than 10 entries, champion will be given.

Special premiums for hay & grain

1st place   $ 25.00

2nd place   $ 20.00

3rd Place   $ 15.00


Class #

1800   Wheat, Soft white winter

1801   Wheat, Club

1802   Wheat, Soft White spring

1803   Wheat, Hard Red winter

1804   Wheat, Hard Red spring

1805   Wheat, Hard white

1806   Wheat, Other


Class #

1807   Barley, 6 row winter

1808   Barley, 6 row spring

1809   Barley, 2 row spring

1810   Barley, Malting

1811   Barley, Other

Other Crops

Class #

1812   Other, Triticale

1813   Other, Canola

1814   Other, Mustard

1815   Other

Sheaves of Grain — 2” or more at butt

Class #

1816   Sheaf of club wheat

1817   Sheaf of non–‐bearded common white

1818   Sheaf of bearded common white

1819   Sheaf of barley

1820   Sheaf of oats

1821   Sheaf of Hard Red Spring


Class #

1822   Crested wheat grass sheaf

1823   1 gallon Crested Wheat grass

1824   Big Blue grass sheaf

1825   1 gallon big blue grass

1826   Pubescent Wheat grass sheaf

1827   1 gallon Pubescent Wheat grass

1828   Other


Class #

1829   Oats, 1 gallon any variety


Please have exhibits clean, and bring in plastic bag.  (One good, large flake)

Class #

1830   Hay, Alfalfa

1831   Hay, Grass

1832   Hay, Triticale

1833   Hay, Grain hay

6. Relax! Loosen Up!

BeeHow often do you find yourself feeling irritated by things that other people do? If it is more often than you’d like, read on.

People who are easily irritated usually blame others for it. But to find the reason – and we are not talking about blame – they need to look inside themselves, instead of at those around them. Of course, irritability can have many causes, but one of the most common is having too many restrictive zones. In other words, too many rigid ideas and rules about right and wrong behavior.

These folks believe there is a right way to squeeze the toothpaste tube, a right way to load the dishwasher, a right way to do just about everything, and they have all the so-called “facts” to back them up. Now, the problem is not so much that they feel compelled to follow these restrictive and unnecessary rules themselves, but they have the same compulsion about other people following the “rules” as well!

Sometimes others go along with them, just to keep the peace. Often others will deliberately or unconsciously break these needless rules, just to drive the compulsive folks at bit “around the bend.” It is important to become aware of the self-imposed rules we live by and get rid of those that keep us rigidly confined, for no important reason. It is also important that we not impose our personal standards on others.

Why spend your days stressed out and irritated, wondering why your relationships don’t work? Relax! Loosen up a little! It’s a near-guarantee everyone will feel better for it. ~The Pacific Institute

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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