Sherman County eNews #227


  1. US 30 Closure at Chenoweth Creek Bridge

  2. All County Prayer Meeting, Aug. 2

  3. Eclipse Highway Shoulder Parking Illegal and Dangerous

  4. OSHA Reminds Employers & Workers to Prevent Heat Illness

  5. Sherman County Senior & Community Center August Meal Menu

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1. US 30 Closure at Chenoweth Creek Bridge

sign.cautionThe Dalles— Beginning Friday, August 4th, drivers can expect a complete closure of US 30 at the Chenoweth Creek Bridge located approximately ¼ mile west of the Dalles city limits. The bridge will be closed for a three week period while crews from Wildish Standard Paving replace the failing bridge. The bridge is expected to open on August 25th.

This work is being done in conjunction with additional repairs to the Mosier Creek and Dry Canyon Creek bridges on the Historic Columbia River Highway (US 30) between Mosier and The Dalles. The $7.4 million project is awarded to Wildish Standard Paving, under contract with the Oregon Department of Transportation.

During the closure, motorized traffic will be detoured via Exit 76, Rowena. Bicyclists and pedestrians should follow signed detour routes to The Dalles Waterfront Path. Please be aware of these delays and plan accordingly.

2. All County Prayer Meeting, Aug. 2

All County Prayer Meeting is Wednesday August 2 @ the Rufus Baptist Church,

Fellowship starts at 6:30 PM, Praying starts at 7:00 PM and ends at 8:30 PM.

Everyone is welcome to come and join the meeting as we pray for our county.

3. Eclipse Highway Shoulder Parking Illegal and Dangerous

sign.cautionBEND – Motorists who consider parking on Oregon highway shoulders during the eclipse may risk a fine, put others in jeopardy, contribute to congestion and worst case, may possibly see their vehicle towed away.

With thousands of eclipse-seekers hitting the State’s highways to catch a view of the celestial event, ODOT expects that many will want to pull off to the highway shoulder to watch.

That could be a risky move.

  1. You could start a fire…August is high fire season in Oregon, especially Central and Eastern Oregon. (70% of wildfires are caused by people.)
  2. On narrow highways, this will contribute to the extreme congestion that’s already expected.
  3. Others who see you do this may do the same….and on and on.
  4. You might put your own life at risk and the lives of others.

ODOT wants you to travel safely and enjoy this natural phenomenon. Be aware of your impact on the highway and on the other motorists hoping to do the same thing.

4. OSHA Reminds Employers & Workers to Prevent Heat Illness

thermometer.degreesWith the temperatures in Oregon expected to reach triple digits this week, Oregon OSHA reminds employers and workers in construction, agriculture, and other labor-intensive activities to learn the signs of heat illness and focus on prevention.

“Employers and workers in Oregon need to be especially aware of the dangers of working in high heat,” said Penny Wolf-McCormick, health enforcement manager for Oregon OSHA. “That’s because workers here tend to be used to working in mild weather and are frequently not acclimated to this type of heat.”

“The focus should be on prevention,” added Wolf-McCormick. “Employers need to provide drinking water, offer shaded places for workers to take breaks, and to watch for signs of trouble.”

Those signs of trouble include headaches, cramps, dizziness, fatigue, or nausea.

Here are some tips for preventing a heat-related illness:
* Perform the heaviest, most labor-intensive work during the coolest part of the day.
* Use the buddy system (work in pairs) to monitor the heat.
* Drink plenty of cool water (one small cup every 15 to 20 minutes).
* Wear light, loose-fitting, and breathable clothing (such as cotton).
* Take frequent short breaks in cool, shaded areas — allow your body to cool down.
* Avoid eating large meals before working in hot environments.
* Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages (these make the body lose water and increase the risk of heat illnesses).

To help those suffering from heat exhaustion:
* Move them to a cool, shaded area. Do not leave them alone.
* Loosen and remove heavy clothing.
* Provide cool water to drink (a small cup every 15 minutes) if they are not feeling sick to their stomach.
* Try to cool them by fanning them. Cool the skin with a spray mist of cold water or a wet cloth.
* If they do not feel better in a few minutes, call 911 for emergency help.

Certain medications, wearing personal protective equipment while on the job, and a past case of heat stress create a higher risk for heat illness. Heat stroke is a more severe condition than heat exhaustion and can result in death. Immediately call for emergency help if you think the person is suffering from heat stroke.

Employers can calculate the heat index for their worksite with the federal OSHA heat stress app for mobile phones. The tool is available at A number of other tools are available at

Oregon OSHA has a booklet available in both English and Spanish with tips for working in the heat: (English version), (Spanish version).

Oregon OSHA also offers a pocket-sized heat stress card — available in both English and Spanish — that includes information about the risks of exposure to high temperature and high humidity: (English version), (Spanish version).

5. Sherman County Senior & Community Center August Meal Menu

Sherman County Senior & Community Center

Meal Menu

August 2017

We serve lunch at 12:00 noon sharp.  First come, first served.

If you have a group of 2 or more, please let the Kitchen staff know at 541-565-3191 the day before to ensure that we make enough food!

MEAL PRICING: Under 60 Yrs. $7.00 ~~ 60 Yrs. & Up $4.00 suggested donation!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  1 2 3 4
BBQ Pulled Pork Oven Fried Chicken Baked Fish Chicken Caesar Wrap
Potato Wedges & Veggies Mashed Potatoes/Gravy Potato Casserole Veggies
Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
7 8 9 10 11
Taco Bar w/all the fixings Chicken Stir Fry Pork Chops w/Shroom Sauce Egg Salad or BLT Sandwich Kabobs
Veggies Rice & Veggies Rotini & Veggies Chips & Veggies Potato Wedges & Veggies
Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Ice Cream
14 15 16 17 18
Sloppy Joes on a Bun Chicken & Swiss Quiche Swedish Meatballs Hot Turkey Sandwich Chicken Oriental
Tater Tots & Veggies Dinner Rolls & Veggies Rotini & Veggies Mashed Potatoes/Gravy Rice Pilaf & Veggies
Salad & Dessert Green Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert
21 22  Sherman Co. Fair 23  Sherman Co. Fair 24  Sherman Co. Fair 25  Sherman Co. Fair
Cheeseburgers Chicken Ranch Wrap Kielbasa or BBQ Riblet/Bun Baked Ham Pizza loaded w/meat
Oven Fries & Veggies Veggies Potato Wedges & Veggies Au Gratin Potatoes Veggies
Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Salad & Dessert Veggies, Salad & Fruit Salad & Ice Cream
28 29 30 31  
Chicken Fried Steak Beef & Bean Burrito Meatloaf Shrimp & Crab Sliders
Mashed Potatoes/Gravy Tortilla Chips Roasted Red Potatoes Tater Tots & Veggies
Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit Green Salad & Dessert Salad & Fruit

Menu subject to change due to availability

ATTENTION:  For those who have food allergies, be aware that a large variety of foods are prepared in the kitchen.  Therefore, meals may be prepared with ingredients and food service equipment may come in contact with ingredients to which you may have an allergic reaction, such as nuts.