Sherman County eNews #221


  1. Country Music Festival in Antelope, Aug. 6

  2. 108 Years of Community Support at the Sherman County Fair

  3. Sherman County Fair Cake & Pie Contests

  4. Celebration of Life: Bill Vann & Tillie Geiser Vann, Aug. 19

  5. Sherman County Seeks Art Work for Display in Courthouse Addition

  6. Condon’s Eclipse Party, Aug. 20

  7. You Get the Picture

  8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Country Music Festival in Antelope, Aug. 6

Country Music Festival

music.notes (2)

Sunday, August 6th

on the lawn of the

Antelope Community Church

in Antelope, Oregon


Joni Harms at 1 p.m.,

Paradise Rose Chuckwagon BBQ at 2 p.m.,

Mud Springs Gospel Band at 3 p.m.


Susie McEntire at 3:45 p.m.

2. 108 Years of Community Support at the Sherman County Fair

“To Patrons & Exhibitors:

         “We are happy to present to you, this 35th edition of the premium list for your Sherman County Fair.  The loyal support and cooperation with which the fair has been received in the past years gives us confidence that we will have continued support this year.  While the fair board is charged with the duties of caring for the property and holding a fair, we realize that we can succeed only with your continued help and cooperation.  We ask for your continued assistance in making this year’s fair an outstanding success.

         “We are looking forward to seeing our former exhibitors return with more and better exhibits this year and we ask our help in encouraging new exhibitors to participate and attend.  All working together, we can make this 1952 Fair an outstanding achievement.“

         “Very Truly Yours,

         “Harold Eakin, President   & Mary Coons, Secretary”


This message from the 1952 County Fair premium book holds true as the board prepares for the 108th Annual Sherman County Fair!

This year’s theme is “Wheat, Wind and Waves!” Queen Lexi Grenvik and the board invite you to join us to visit with old and new friends, enter a special contest, enjoy the 4-H contests and 4-H and FFA livestock show, attend the bull riding, dance to the Countryfied band or watch the Demolition Car/Truck Derby.

The Fair Board will be cooking up some awesome burgers and hotdogs with all the trimmings on Wednesday evening during the car show. Remember to check the schedule for new event times or dates. 

This year’s fair is going to be a special one, and you don’t want to miss out! The fair board lined up exciting entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Nashville recording artist Susie McEntire will sing the national anthem at our Bull Riding event on Saturday evening and return Sunday morning for Cowboy Church.  New to the Challenge of Champions Bull Riding Tour event this year is the Free Style Bull Fighting section.  These bull fights are fun to watch!  Freddie Prez is returning with large money Bingo and Frisbee toss games along with his many other crazy contests and his special cannon.   The Demolition Car & Truck Derby has some added money to the final heat pots for the drivers. 

Mark your calendars and join Queen Lexi Grenvik and the fair board August 22nd thru August 27th in Moro Oregon. early and save some money! Get your Bull Riding event tickets early at the pre-sale price of $12 for each adult. At the gate they will be $15.  Kids 10 and under are free! Go to to buy your tickets now.


See you at the fair!

Fair Secretary Beth McCurdy

3. Sherman County Fair Cake & Pie Contests

Sherman County Cake Contest: Class #3138. This is open to Sherman County residents only.  Use your favorite Chocolate Cake recipe (no box mixes). Cakes will be judged on appearance and taste by the Sherman County Fair Board members and/or other special guests. 1st place $40, 2nd place $20. There is no entry fee and entry day is Wednesday, August 23, 2017. 

food.pie.hotSherman County Pie Contest:  Class #329. This is open to Sherman County residents only. You choose the flavor! Pies will be judged by the Sherman County Fair Board on taste and appearance. 1st place $50, 2nd place $25. There is no entry fee and entry day is Wednesday, August 23, 2017. 

4. Celebration of Life: Bill Vann & Tillie Geiser Vann, Aug. 19



The Discovery Center Cafeteria near The Dalles

August 19, 2017

1:00 PM for Bill Vann

3:00 PM for Tillie Geiser Vann

Formerly of Sherman County, Tillie was born on January 4, 1928 and is survived by her daughter Gloria Geiser of Portland, brother Will Loeken of Bellevue, sisters Jan and Joan Loeken of Seattle, Irene Hays of Palm Springs, and Marion Dobbins of Oro Valley, Arizona.

This event will be catered, with some time between events.  The bridge will be closed, so people will need to go to Rowena and take Highway 30 to the Discovery Center.

5. Sherman County Seeks Art Work for Display in Courthouse Addition

ShermanCoLogoThe Sherman County Project Team is actively seeking Sherman County-themed art work for display in the courthouse addition currently under construction. The team is interested in any two-dimensional media (drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, etc) for display inside the addition. Deadline for submittal is August 31. For the initial screening, please provide an 8″ by 10″ color photograph or digital image of the proposed article. Include the dimensions of the actual article, if the size is fixed, along with a description of how the article relates to Sherman County and any relationship between the contributor and Sherman County.

If the project team is interested in directly inspecting the article, arrangements will be made with the contributor to do so. We know there are several talented local artists and photographers out there and encourage each one to contribute. There is no restriction upon the number of articles that can be submitted for consideration. Sherman County will offer a stipend, the amount of which is to be determined, for each piece of art work acquired. Submittals can be made by mail to PO Box 282, Moro, OR 97039 or by email to Questions may be directed to the same email address.

6. Condon’s Eclipse Party, Aug. 20

An Eclipse Party


Sunday, August 20th 7-10 p.m.

Condon City Park


Music by Brewer’s Grade,

beer & wine garden,


Paradise Rose Chuckwagon Catering. 

7. You Get the Picture

pencil.spiralLet’s delve a little deeper into how to change negative behavior in ourselves or another. We have talked before about how well the process works with a child. The good news is it works with adults, too.

As parents, we know that nagging our kids to stop doing something doesn’t really work. They either argue back, make like they are paying attention but continue with the action or behavior, or ignore us altogether. Whichever the response, the result is the same: No change. We do the same thing to ourselves, when we “nag” at ourselves to lose weight, quit smoking, whatever. So, how do we go about changing negative behaviors that could be holding us back?

First thing to remember is that, as human beings, we think in pictures. (While you read words on a page, or hear words, your mind is translating them into pictures, immediately.) How we interpret those pictures is reflected in our beliefs, and our beliefs are stored in our subconscious – forever. Ultimately, we act or behave based on those beliefs. So, if we want to change behavior, we need to change the beliefs – and we do that by changing the pictures.

Now, to change a behavior, the current behavior needs to be recognized and called out. Then we need to halt it with, “Stop it. I am (or You are) better than that.” Getting the behavior stopped is only part of the answer, because the current belief/picture that you want to change is still dominant in the subconscious. We need to provide a replacement picture of what we do want.

So, it’s “Stop it. I’m better than that,” and then you provide the replacement picture. “The next time,” and you go on to describe what that next time looks like. “The next time, I will remain calm when somebody cuts me off while I’m driving.”  “The next time, I will order salad instead of a hamburger.”  “The next time” provides the replacement picture of what you want.

The challenge is you need to really mean it. And you create those effective replacement pictures with dynamic affirmations. “I am a defensive driver, and remain calm during stressful traffic situations.”  You get the picture. ~The Pacific Institute

8. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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