Sherman County eNews #219


  1. Sherman County Fair Flower Chair or Wheelbarrow Contest

  2. Hey! Get your hay & grain ready for the Sherman County Fair!

  3. Sherman County Fair Horse Division: Attention, Horse Owners!

  4. 2-Man Ranch Advanced Sorting Clinic with Kristi Siebert, Aug. 12-13

  5. Kicking the Worry Habit

  6. Attend well to your character, and your reputation will look out for itself.

  7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

1. Sherman County Fair Flower Chair or Wheelbarrow Contest, Aug. 22-27

flower.geraniumSHERMAN COUNTY FAIR 2017

Flower Contest >>  Chair or Wheelbarrow

Wheat, Wind & Waves!

This Contest is now in its fourth year.  How it works is very simple. Find a chair, old or not, add a flower pot or two, whatever you like. Same goes for the wheelbarrow; you add some flowers and then the week of our County Fair (8-21 to 8-27) your chair or wheelbarrow will be placed at the fairgrounds for everyone to enjoy!  Mark your calendar, please, to enter our contest.   This helps out our fairgrounds by adding some very pretty flower arrangements to our grounds and then the community gets to enjoy your special talents as well.  Cash Premiums will be paid.

  ** No Entry fee to enter

  ** Deliver chairs or wheelbarrow to the fairgrounds by 2:00 p.m. on Wed.       August 23, 2017  by 2:00 pm

  ** Entries for this contest will be taken at the fair office.

  ** Cash Premiums for each category

         1st Place   $ 25.00                      

         2nd Place   $ 20.00

         3rd Place   $ 15.00

   ** Please pick up your entry and winnings at the fair office on Sunday,        August 27, 2017.  Pick up time will be posted on entry day at the fair office

Thank you for entering and helping us decorate the fairgrounds!  Questions? Please call Beth at 541-980-1821. See

2. Hey! Get your hay & grain ready for the Sherman County Fair!  

Wheat.SheavesHarvest is underway! Take a gallon bag to catch some grain to enter at the fair!  Wheat, Wind & Waves!



Read carefully the entire general rules in the front of the Premium Book and on our web page.

Entry Fees:

  1. No Entry fees for this division

Entries Accepted:

  1. Entries will be accepted until 6:00 pm on Wednesday August 23, 2017
  2. Entries for the Grains Division are made in the Open Class building, located under the main grandstands.
  3. Entry form follows this section and can also be found on our website on the forms tab.

Release of Grain Exhibits:

              Exhibits will be released on Sunday August 27, at 1:00 p.m. this time is subject to change and will be posted in the Open Class Pavilion and announced during the fair week.

Specific Rules:

  1. Read carefully all the general rules in the front of the Premium Book.
  2. All exhibits of grain must have been grown during the last 12 months.
  3. Exhibits in sheaf must be at least 2” in diameter at butt.
  4. All exhibits of threshed grain must be shown in a one gallon plastic bag which will be from the Superintendent at pavilion.
  5. All exhibits will be disposed by Superintendent unless claimed by end of Fair. (Read general rules for exhibits to be picked up).
  6. If less than 10 entries, there will be no champion ribbon. If more than 10 entries, champion will be given.

Special premiums for hay & grain

1st place   $ 25.00

2nd place   $ 20.00

3rd Place   $ 15.00


Class #

1800    Wheat, Soft white winter

1801    Wheat, Club

1802    Wheat, Soft White spring

1803    Wheat, Hard Red winter

1804    Wheat, Hard Red spring

1805    Wheat, Hard white

1806    Wheat, Other


Class #

1807    Barley, 6 row winter

1808    Barley, 6 row spring

1809    Barley, 2 row spring

1810    Barley, Malting

1811    Barley, Other

Other Crops

Class #

1812    Other, Triticale

1813    Other, Canola

1814    Other, Mustard

1815    Other

Sheaves of Grain — 2” or more at butt

Class #

1816    Sheaf of club wheat

1817    Sheaf of non–‐bearded common white

1818    Sheaf of bearded common white

1819    Sheaf of barley

1820    Sheaf of oats

1821    Sheaf of Hard Red Spring


Class #

1822    Crested wheat grass sheaf

1823    1 gallon Crested Wheat grass

1824    Big Blue grass sheaf

1825    1 gallon big blue grass

1826    Pubescent Wheat grass sheaf

1827    1 gallon Pubescent Wheat grass

1828    Other


Class #

1829    Oats, 1 gallon any variety


Please have exhibits clean, and bring in plastic bag.  (One good, large flake)

Class #

1830    Hay, Alfalfa

1831    Hay, Grass

1832    Hay, Triticale

1833    Hay, Grain hay

3. Sherman County Fair Horse Division: Attention, Horse Owners!

cowboy.bootAttention Horse owners, please read the Sherman County Fair Horse Division rules carefully! Classes have changed and the day of the event has changed!


Wheat, Wind & Waves!


Read carefully the entire general rules in the front of the Premium Book and on our web page

Entry Fees:

  1. $5.00 PER CLASS, early sign up is encouraged. Call the fair office 541-565-3510 TO GET SIGNED UP. 
  2. Stalls are available in the horse barns, the fee is $5.00 per stall, Open Class horse exhibitors are not required to keep horses on the fairgrounds the entire week of fair (4-H horse exhibitors please visit with your leader on your horse requirements for staying)

Entries Accepted:

  1. Entries for Open Class Horse games are made in the fair office. Early sign up is encouraged.
  2. Entries will be accepted until the start of the event.
  3. Entry form follows this section and can also be found on our website on the forms tab.
  4. The show will start at 6:30 p.m. promptly. Wednesday evening, August 23, 2017 There MUST be 3 entries to have a class. If less than 3 entries, classes maybe combined.

Specific Rules:

  1. Exhibitor is responsible for providing their own feed and containers for feed and water.
  2. Stalls will be cleaned by the exhibitor and done by 8:00 a.m. daily.
  3. Bedding for stalls is provided by the Sherman County Fair Board.
  4. Premium pay out times and days will be announced during fair week.
  5. Fair board decisions are final.
  6. Games are timed only, no judge
  7. Games are Non-sanctioned
  8. Animals must be owned by exhibitor to be eligible.
  9. Age of rider computed as of August 1st of current year.
  10. Riders must have control of their horse. Please use proper equipment for your horse to ensure your safety and the safety of others.  If the fair board or horse superintendent deem a horse and or a rider unsafe, they will be asked to leave the arena.
  11. A stall fee of $5.00 per head is required and is non–refundable on all open class horse stalls. Stalls must be cleaned after exhibit is removed on Sunday and signed off by the barn superintendent. If stalls are left unclean, premiums will be forfeited and a cleaning fee maybe charged by the fair board.
  12. Open Class Horse exhibitors are not required to keep horses on the fairgrounds the entire week of fair.

Premiums for Open Class  Horses games

Premiums will be jackpotted per class

(Age is the rider/exhibitor)          


1114     Pole Bending 14 yrs. & under

1115     Pole Bending 15 yrs. and over                                            

1116     Key Hole Race 14 yrs. & under                                                                        

1117     Key Hole Race 15 yrs. and over

1118     Barrel Racing 14 yrs. & under 

1119     Barrel Racing 15 yrs. and over

1120     Egg Race 14 yrs. & under

1121     Egg Race 15 years sand over   

Special Games for 5 years and under  (NO entry fee)

  (everyone will receive a prize)

1122     Stick horse race

1123     Boot/shoe scramble

4. 2-Man Ranch Advanced Sorting Clinic with Kristi Siebert, Aug. 12-13

A couple of spots opened up for this clinic!  Great tune up opportunity!

cowboy6Equine Mania, LLC presents

2-Man Ranch Advanced Sorting Clinic

August 12 & 13, 2017 at Wheatacres Ranch, Wasco, Oregon

$250 for the 2-day clinic.

Deposit of $100 required by Aug 1.

Limited to 12 riders.

Dry camping & pens available.

For entry forms or information contact

Equine Mania, LLC, Carrie Kaseberg, 69358 Wheatacres Road, Wasco, Oregon 97065


Kristi Siebert is a full time horse trainer on a family run ranch in beautiful Goldendale, Washington. Rafter 2S Ranch is where she, her husband and two sons, Logan and Lane, run a breeding facility, raise, and train their own horses. She has a history in many disciplines from cutting, ranch horse versatility, sorting, to colt starting and much more. She teaches fundamental horsemanship, and believes that you can build a foundation that can stand firm in any discipline, and that a horse is only as strong and disciplined as their rider. 

5. Kicking the Worry Habit

Do you know what it means to “ruminate?” Cows do it all the time. You see, when cows ruminate, they are chewing their cud over and over, in a repetitive process that is necessary to a cow’s well-being. However, if you are a human being, rumination on the negative can hurt instead of help you.

When you ruminate, you are preoccupied with rehashing perceived or real problems, over and over again. You don’t really resolve anything, but you become an expert at working yourself into a state of high stress that can sometimes lead to a downward spiral. After a while, you find yourself worrying not about the original problem, but about all of the images you have created while chewing on the problem – and you may have ranged far afield from the original challenge.

Despite this vicious cycle, the human mind has a built-in potential for flexibility. Something inside whispers, “There must be a better way.” If you pay attention and look for insight, there is a good chance you will find what you need.

Remember, human beings think in pictures. We are drawn to what we are thinking about. So, if we continue to ruminate and worry over the negative, we will be drawn to the negative. The opposite is also true: ruminate on the positive, on the solutions – even if you don’t know what they are yet – and you will be drawn to discovering the solution you are looking for.

The ability to take charge of your thoughts is not something most of us learn in school. However, it is an essential skill if you want to kick the worry habit and accomplish worthwhile goals. You can learn to substitute images of solutions instead of endlessly ruminating about problems, and you can affirm your ability to deal effectively and calmly with all challenges instead of worrying about possible failure.

Does changing your thinking really affect the outcomes and results you get? Absolutely! It has been proven time and time again. Why not try it for yourself and see? ~The Pacific Institute

6. Attend well to your character, and your reputation will look out for itself.

Most of us at one time or another have been misunderstood by those who are important to us. They thought we planned to take an action they disliked when in truth our intentions were to proceed in an entirely different direction. Such misunderstandings are usually quickly righted and life goes on. The same is true with character and reputation.

If your reputation is for some reason misaligned with your character, it will soon quickly right itself when others discover for themselves that you are not at all the kind of person they had assumed you were. If your foundation is strong, you never need to be concerned about such misunderstandings. Others will learn soon enough what kind of person you really are. Spend your time and energy in constant self-inspection and self-improvement, building strong character, and you will never have to worry about what others think of you. ~Napoleon Hill

7. Links: Things to Think About & Things to Do

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